Doctor Basham Lends a Helping Hand

Doctor Basham goes to extremes to help out a sexy patient in a full body cast in this cock milking story!

Doctor Basham Lends a Helping Hand

As Dr. Basham pulled up to his private practice like he had most mornings for the last 20 years, the parking lot was already full with patients waiting to see him. Since the start of his career, Dr. Basham had dutifully taken care of population of this little town and any medical needs they needed. From minor scrapes and bruises to more life-threatening complications, he took care of them all. Of course, he always found a way to have a little fun on the side as well.

Stepping out of his brand-new Mercedes, he took a deep breath of the crisp morning air, thankful that he had decided to get up early and go to the gym. His daily workouts and active lifestyle allowed him to stay physically fit, even at the age of 48, and this morning’s workout had his blood pumping.

Walking in to his office, his nursing staff was already busy getting the office open and hustling patients back and forth. “Good morning, ladies,” He called out to no one in particular. These ladies devoted kept him feeling young too, each one of them under the age of 30 and full of life. His nurses, he felt, were the reason business had been so good lately; especially when it came to attracting male patients.

“Good morning, Doctor,” came the only sweet reply to his greeting. He could spot that voice out of a crowded room. That voice belonged to none other than Jessica Everret, his newest and perhaps his favorite nurse.

Jessica was your stereotypical, young nurse. She was 25 years old, barely a year out of nursing school, and had started with Dr. Basham right after she graduated. Even now, Dr. Basham remembered every moment of her interview. It wasn’t her good grades or intellect that got her this job, he had to admit, though she was very smart and a skilled nurse. No, this job she got by her looks. What was even better was that she knew it.

The day she interviewed, she walked into his office wearing a sundress that barely managed to keep her tits hidden. He remembered sitting across from her as she uncrossed her legs, even though she wasn’t wearing panties. Perfect! The rest was history. She was hired that same day and had been there since.

“Hello, Jessica,” Dr. Basham replied back, looking around to see if anyone was watching them. Feeling that the coast was clear, he leaned in and gave Jessica a quick kiss on the mouth, which she was all too willing to reciprocate.

They made a good team, the two of them. Though their main priority was the patient’s health, since Jessica came on board, their focus had also become patient’s overall well-being; mainly in a sexual way. And they were open to trying anything imaginable to “take care” of their patients.

They’d done their best to hide it from the other nurses. Dr. Basham even went so far as to install a sound proof exam room and he done so without the others realizing it. This allowed them to take any patient that might need some special attention into the sound proof room to take care of their needs properly.

“What’s on the schedule today, Jessica?”

“Your top priority today is Eric Hogan.”

“Oh, yes. The bodybuilder. What time is that?”

“He’s in the waiting room now, should I go get him?”

“Hmmm. What’s going on with him? He isn’t due in for 3 more weeks.”

“I’m not entirely sure. He just said that he needed to see you and that it was urgent.”

“Ok, then. Let’s get him back here. Let me know when he’s ready.”

“Yes, doctor.”

Dr. Basham watched as Jessica sashayed down the hallway, her plump ass shaking as she walked. Her blue scrubs seemed to cling to all of the right places, giving her that sexy glass-bottle shape.

Jessica opened the waiting room door and called out the patients name then watched as he tried to stand up, a feat made nearly impossible by the almost comical double arm and shoulder cast that Dr Basham had fitted for him three weeks earlier. He continued to struggle to stand up with his arms stretched out and supported away from him body until finally receiving the push he needed from the guy sitting next to him. His agony he was in was evident as he tried to walk forward, hunched over with a noticeable bulge in his sweatpants.

“Good morning, Mr. Hogan,” Jessica greeted him as he shuffled passed her. She gave him enough room to avoid hitting him accidentally.

“Please, call me Eric. Mr. Hogan is my father.” he said, trying to be flirtatious even in his sorry state.

“Ok, Eric. We are headed to room number 3, there on your right.” Jessica watched as the 20-year-old bodybuilder had to turn himself sideways to fit through the door. He looked so uncomfortable.

“SO, how are you feeling,” Jessica asked when he was finally able to sit on the table. Truth be told, she felt sorry for him. She couldn’t even imagine his discomfort. And just looking at him while he was clothed, she could detect the swelling in his groin. If she remembered correctly, his dick was already one of the biggest she had ever seen. Even through his clothes, it still looked like a log, the outline prominently showing through his sweats.

“Nurse. Nurse, are you ok?” She jumped as though someone had scared her. She must have zoned out.

“Yes. I’m sorry. I must have zoned out there for a minute.”

“That’s ok. You were just staring at me with this goofy ass grin on your face. What were you thinking about?”

“Oh, not much. SO, tell me again how you are feeling?”

“Umm. Maybe it’s best for me to just discuss it with Dr Basham” he said, turning a bit red in the face from embarassment. Jessica kindly obliged and let him know the doctor would be in shortly the exited the exam room. She felt his eyes glued to her ass as she made her way out of the door. This made her smile.

Jessica poked her head into Dr Basham’s office. “Doctor. He is ready in number 3 when you are.”

“What are you smiling about?” The doctor noticed the grin, though it wasn’t uncommon for her to be smiling.

“I’m not a doctor, but through my experience, he’s got a severe case of the blue balls.”

“I expected this. He’s how old?” he looked at his chart. “20 years old and hasn’t been able to touch himself in 3 weeks. When I was his age, I jacked off at least twice a day.” They both laughed.

Grabbing his white coat, he headed to examine his patient. If he was honest with himself, these were his favorite types of visits. He rather enjoyed showing these young men what it was like to have a mature man handle their cocks. He felt his own twitch in his pants at the thought of another convert.

“Hello, Eric. How’s it going?”

“I’m good doc. Boy, that nurse sure is cute. I can see why you still come to work every day.”

Dr. Basham smiled. He didn’t know half of it. “I’ve been hearing that a lot, lately. I don’t suppose I’ve noticed it.” He lied. SO tell me, how are you feeling? Much pain?”

“The pain in my arm is bearable with the meds you gave me. My ribs are still causing me some pain, but they’ve gotten better.”

“Tell me, again, how this happened?” The doctor began his exam by looking at his bruised ribs. The bruising has definitely gone down.

“Well. I was on a platform during a lifting competition performing a “clean and jerk” when the damn floor gave away and the 3oo-pounds I had been lifting over my head landed straight on top me. Both of my arms were pinned beneath the actual weights while the bar landed on my chest.”

“Right. Right. You were lucky to not have any worse. Tell me if this hurts.” The doctor put light pressure on his side, causing a gasp of air to escape Eric’s mouth.

“A little.”

The doctor couldn’t help but notice the weightlifter’s toned chest as he examined him. He allowed his fingers to lightly touch his abs as he transitioned to the other side.

“Well, you are definitely a fit young man. That probably has helped you heal faster. So all seems to be going well. What brings you in today?” His eyes instinctively moved down to the obvious bulge in Eric’s sweat pants.

“Well, umm, it’s kind of embarrasing, doc. But it’s my balls. They are swollen and really sore. And I can’t really reach down there to get some, umm, relief. I can barely walk.”

“I see,” he said with a slight smile. “Well let’s take a look.”

“Are you sure, doc? Can’t you just give me a pill or something to help it go away?”

“Don’t worry, son. There isn’t much that I haven’t seen and helped with every kind of problem imaginable.” The doctor gave a subtle wink. “Let me make sure you are healthy.”

Eric, somewhat begrudgingly, stood off the table to let the doctor pull down his pants.

The doctor leaned in close and slipped his glove-covered hands under the waist band of Eric’s sweatpants and slowly pulled them down, boxers and all. He had to lean back as Eric’s hard dick popped out of his boxers, nearly hitting him in the face.

“Oh my,” the doctor exclaimed. “That is massive.” The only response from his patient was a knowing laugh. “Do you have a permit to conceal something like that?” They both laughed at the doctor’s lame joke. If asked, the doctor would have to say this was perhaps the biggest dicks he had seen in all his years of practicing.

Eric felt the cool latex against his cock, making it jump a little. He felt as the doctor moved his cock around, feeling of his groin area. Unexpectedly, he felt more blood moving to his dick making it even larger.

“Are you done, yet? It’s kind of cold in here.”

The doctor could feel the heat move into the base of his patient’s dick and tried to hide his intentions as he prolonged the exam. “Just about. I am noticing something that is rather alarming. Your dick is extremely healthy, as you know. But your testicles are very enlarged. Also, I can’t help but noticing their dark coloration. SO I have to ask, since I am your doctor. Have you been sexually frustrated recently?”

Eric was taken back by the doctor’s question and his infatuation with his dick. “Well, doc. You have me in this damn cast and I can’t touch myself like I normally would. SO it has been awhile since I, um, since I got off.”

“I see. I can see why that would be a problem.” The doctor thought there was more to the story. “But surely a handsome boy like you, that has a penis like you, wouldn’t have any problems getting the ladies to help out.”

Man, this doctor sure is nosy, Eric thought. “Well, doc, that’s part of the problem. You see, there have been a few attempts at helping me, but none were successful. There was always some kind of interruption.”

The doctor sat back on his stool, inviting Eric to go on. “Please do explain. How were they interrupted?” Dr. Basham crossed his legs, going into his psychologist mode.

“Well, there was this girl that I had been messing around with before my injuries; Kim. One night, about a week after it happened, she was at my place, helping me cook dinner. One thing led to another and we ended up in my bed, with her on top of course.” Eric imagined Kim’s blond hair falling across his chest as her head bobbed up and down on his cock. “She was, um, performing oral sex…”

“SO she was giving you a blow job?” Dr. Basham interrupted, trying to make Eric feel more comfortable telling him.

“Um, yes. And a rather good one, I must say. I was on the verge of cumming when her phone rang. It was her work calling her in for an emergency. She didn’t have time to finish me before she had to leave.”

“I see. That was two weeks ago. So haven’t tried again since?”

“Oh, no. I’ve tried. There was another girl, Amanda. She’s a waitress at a diner down the road from my place. I was in there that next day when she sat down to help me eat. Before long, it was almost time to close. Since there were no customers in sight, she decided to close a few minutes early. Before I knew it, she had locked the door and pulled the curtains shut. She walked over to where I was sitting and started kissing me. It wasn’t long before her jeans were off and she was pulling my shorts down. She nearly fainted when she saw me.” He looked down at his cock that was standing straight up. He could feel the pressure in his balls, just aching to be released. “She lubed him up with her spit and then tried to sit down on me. She wasn’t able to fit much in but man did it feel good. She was moaning and screaming while all I could do was watch her go. Suddenly, someone starts knocking on the door, screaming and asking why they had locked the door early. She had to jump off me really quick, just as I was about to bust.”

By now, Eric’s voice sounded more like a little boy that kept losing his toys and less like that of a body builder. Meanwhile, the doctor just sat, listening and nodding his head. He had to put his hands in his lap to hide his own boner and couldn’t help but stare as the blood pumped through the one massive vein on Eric’s dick.

“Have there been any more?”

“Well, just last night.”

“And what happened, then?”

“Well, this time it was Emily. She’s my best friend’s 18-year-old sister. I’ve know she has wanted me for a while but never done anything because of my friend. But last night, I was defenseless and she knew it. When he brother stepped out of the room for a while, she took advantage and started kissing me and rubbing my dick. She even stood up and let me grab her boobs, something I haven’t been able to do in 3 weeks. When she saw my dick, she went crazy. I would have thought I would have busted my load when she slid her tight pussy all the way down my dick the first time. But to my dismay, I lasted longer than normal. She bucked and moaned through at least two orgasms while she was riding me. Her big tits in my face drove me wild as she worked her hips on my dick, trying her damnest to get me to come. But to my disappointment, and hers, we heard her brother heading back towards the door, so she had to jump off. To be honest, doc. Since last night, my balls have felt like they could burst at any time. I’ve never known blue balls were real till last night.”

“I am very concerned for you, my boy.” The doctor stood up and walked towards the door. “If not taken care off immediately, this could lead to a lifetime of pain and inability to perform. For a young man like you, that would be a long life.” He opened the door and stuck his head out. “Jessica,” he called out. “Make sure exam room six is available and then come in here to help Mr. Hogan get in there.”

“Eric,” The doctor turned back to his patient. “Jessica is going to help you get down to another room where we have the proper equipment to help you out. I promise you, by the time you leave here today, you will feel like a new man.” Dr. Basham tried to hide the smile on his face as his mind wondered with the exploits he was about to have. Eric didn’t know it yet, but his balls were going to suffer a little bit more before the pressure was released. Before he was done, Eric would be begging for more.


The look of bewilderment was prominent on Eric’s face as Jessica wheeled him down the hallway to exam room one. Though the idea of getting relief made him excited, he had noticed the weird grin on the doctor’s face as he walked out of the other room. Regardless, Eric was happy that he would soon have relief.

Once in the exam room, Jessica helped him stand up and unexpectedly pulled down his pants again then helped him get up on the table. He couldn’t help but think that her prolonged grip on his ass was intentional. It even felt like she gave it a little squeeze before letting go. This only add to the discomfort he was feeling. The hard surface of the metal table felt cold against his warm ass. He felt his swollen balls slap against it, causing a moment of pain followed by a chilling sensation. Surprisingly, it felt good. He was scared that he might receive a shot but he was resolved to endure whatever it took to get rid of this condition.

Before long, the doctor walked into the exam room and hurriedly ushered Jessica out, thanking her for her help.

“You’re welcome, doc. Mr. Hogan, I mean, Eric, I hope you feel better soon.” She winked as she walked out, closing the door behind her.

“Alright, my boy. Let’s get you laid back so I can examine you further and find the best course of treatment.”

“Alright, doc,” Eric replied as he struggled to lay himself down feeling the strong hands of the doctor support his back in assistance. “Doc, when I’m all healed up, you should come workout with us.”

“I work out several times a week, already. But I will think about that. A change of scenery is always good.”

Once his patient was flat on his back, the doctor walked to the cabinet and grabbed a couple more gloves. Sliding each one on, he glanced at Eric whose eyes were locked on every move the doctor made. He sensed, just from looking at him, that his patient was tense and unsure of what was about to happen. He knew it would take some work, but he needed to get him to relax.

“SO tell me, Eric. I know you are having quite a bit of discomfort in your testicles. It appears you haven’t had any trouble getting an erection?”

“No,” Eric shook his head in response. “I can get an erection almost on demand.”

“Good. Good.” He ran a finger around Eric’s pecs. “My, what I would give to have a body like yours, Eric. When you’re my age, your happy to stay fit.”

Eric smiled as his chest flinched from the touch of the latex against his bare skin. Doctor Basham continued lightly rubbing his index finger down the smooth chest of his patient, taking extra time to encircle each ab. He noticed a stirring under his white coat, knowing at some point he would have to finish himself. But he could wait.

“So, what I’m going to do first is ensure that you are indeed able to hold an erection.”

“How are you going to do that? I was thinking you would just give me a shot for the swelling and we would be good.” asked a nervous Eric.

“Well, my boy. We need to do these test to make sure you are still healthy. We need to make sure there is no long-lasting damage done from the swelling. Now, just lay back and let’s get your feet in these stirrups.”

Eric shot the doctor a confused, stern look. “Umm, why is that necessary, doc? I don’t need those things.”

“You have to trust me, Eric. After all, I am the doctor.” Doctor Basham lifted each leg separately into the stirrups and placed the leather straps around Eric’s ankles. At first, Eric fought against him, but the fighting put too much pressure on his balls that he finally gave in and relaxed his legs. Once the doctor had worked him into submission, he latched the metal buckles ensuring his strong patient could not break free.

“These are going to help keep you safe and firmly in place. This way, you won’t be able to move during the treatment because the slightest movement while I am treating you could cause serious damage.

“Ok, doc,” Eric relented.

“Normally, I would strap your hands down as well but since your injuries prevent that, I’m going to attach this strap across your chest.”

“No, Doc. That’s too much.” Eric tried sitting up to show his disagreement but between his arms being in a cast and his feet strapped in, he wasn’t able to manage it.

“Remember, the more you fight against it, the more pain you’ll be in. Just trust me, son.” Dr. Basham put his hand on Eric’s chest, holding him down to reassure him he was safe. He leaned over Eric, placing his chest against that of his patients as he reached for the strap. Perhaps he stayed that way longer than needed, but the feeling of Eric’s breathing against his chest was near intoxication. “Come on Fred. Get your act together.” he thought to himself.

Dr. Basham forced himself to stand back up and buckled the soft strap against Eric’s chest, making sure it was secured but not tight enough to hurt him. Once the patient was strapped in, he knew he was in complete control.

“Ok, Eric. Now to run a couple tests to see what the course of treatment should be.”

“What kind of tests, doc?”

“Well, like I said earlier, we need to see if you can still hold an erection.” Dr. Basham removed the gloves off of his hands, discarded them in the trash, and rubbed his hands together. “Forgive me if my hands are cold.”

Eric didn’t have much chance to protest before the doctor reached and grabbed his half-hard cock in his soft hands. Eric couldn’t believe how soft the doctor’s hands were; probably from the years of wearing those gloves. “You do have an impressive cock, son.”

Eric shyly smiled, unsure of what his response should be. He watched the doctor’s hands work up and down his shaft. It wasn’t long before the all too familiar feeling came and he cock stood at full attention. Eric chalked it up to the sexual tension that had built up over the last few weeks. Surely it wasn’t the doctor.

Dr. Basham smiled as he felt the massive organ sprung back to life at his touch. His years of experience led him to know exactly what was needed to get this reaction, even from the straightest of patients. He felt as that one one huge vein began to appear, wrapping around his entire shaft. He could feel the blood flowing through it, noting that rise in his patient’s heartbeat.

He looked towards the head of the bed and noticed that Eric’s eyes were closed and his breathing got noticeable faster. He started using both of his hands, alternating each one down the shaft. He heard a soft moan start to escape from Eric’s mouth.

“Ok, Eric. Good news is you have no problems getting an erection. Now, we need to see if you can hold one.”

“MMMM ok doc. I’ll try.”

“Let me know when you are about to have an orgasm.” The doctor then bent down and placed his lips around the large mushroom shaped head of Eric’s cock. The head, itself, was barely able to fit in the doctor’s mouth.

When he felt the warm, wet sensation of the doctor’s mouth on his dick, Eric tried to jerk away but was help down by the straps. “Doc, What the hell are you doing? What kind of treatment is this?”

“Easy, son. You don’t want to further injure yourself. I’m the professional, remember? This is all in good science. I have the medical journals to prove it.”

“I’m not a fag, doc.”

“I didn’t say you were, Eric. It’s either this course of treatment or I have to go get the needle and put it down the head of your dick. Trust me, you don’t want that.”

Throughout Eric’s protests, the doctor never removed his hands off of Eric’s cock. In fact, he tightened his grip, causing more pleasure for his patient. The effect was evident as Eric relaxed again, his eyes rolling to the back of his head.

“Ok, Doc. I trust you.” He was barely able to get those words out through his moans.

Smiling, the doctor leaned down to put his mouth back on the cock. “Remember, let me know before you cum.”

“It won’t be long. I hope.”

The doctor opened his mouth as wide as it would go and inserted Eric’s cock back in. He allowed his tongue to trace the outline of his vein and flick beneath the head of his cock. This sent a jolt of electricity through the cock and into Eric’s hips, causing the involuntary reaction of Eric forcing his hips up, in turn causing his cock to go deeper down the doctor’s throat. The doctor was prepared, able to take most of the cock in his mouth until it hit the back of his throat, literally running out of room.

“I’m about to cum, doc. Please don’t stop.” Eric was begging for more when suddenly, without warning, the doctor released his hold on his cock and took it out of his mouth. “What the hell, Doc? I thought you wanted me to cum!”

“Not quite yet. We need to see if you can hold an erection. And that can’t happen if you cum.”

“Damn, doc. I was so close! I was finally about to cum! That would have cured me!”

“In time, my son. We need to make sure we give you the full workup.”

With that, the doctor stepped towards the end of the bed and turned a lever, causing the stirrups to rise, exposing the hugely swollen balls and the dark pink hole of Eric’s ass. The doctor knew that this was going to be the first time anything had ever been put in to his hole, and Eric didn’t expect a thing.

“Whoa, Doc. What are you doing now?”

“Well, Eric. Now that we know you can still hold an erection, we need to make sure your sphincter is undamaged.”

“Wait. Did you say sphincter? You mean my ass, don’t you?”

“Yes, son. But I’m going to need youto relax.”

Again, Eric tried fighting against the straps, to no avail. “What the hell kind of doctor are you? This is wrong in so many ways.”

“I’m the kind that takes every precaution to ensure my patients are healthy. How long do you think you could manage in your condition?” Dr. Basham pointed at Eric’s engorged balls that had turned a deeper shade since the doctor had begun to tease him.

Satisfied that Eric wasn’t going to fight against the restraints any further, the doctor grabbed another glove out of the cabinet, taking his time putting it on; letting it sink in to Eric what was about to happen.

He noticed some precum oozing out of the still hard cock. He walked over, grabbed his dick with his un-gloved hand, and milked the precum onto his gloved hand. “This will help with lubrication,” Dr. Basham told Eric with a devious smile.

Satisfied that he had enough to lubricate his fingers, he stepped back between Eric’s raised legs. Careful not to cause more pain than needed, he gently cupped the swollen balls in his un-gloved hand and worked his gloved finger around Eric’s virgin hole. “I need you to relax and trust me, Eric. This is going to help you.”

Hoping to help relax his muscles, the doctor took his un-gloved fingers and massaged the area of skin between Eric’s balls and his asshole. Almost instantly, he felt the muscles in his ass relax and he was able to slide a finger in.

“OOOhhhh,” was the only response he got from his patient.

Confident that the treatment was going to work, the doctor decided to pick up the pace. “Remember, Eric. Let me know when you are close to cumming.”

“You got it….doc.”

While still working Eric’s ass with his finger, Dr. Basham took his cock on his free hand, leaned down, and ran his tongue up the length of the massive shaft. After doing that a couple times, he started back at the base of the shaft and gently kissed each of his balls, careful not to add much pressure to them. He allowed his tongue to snake beneath his balls and massaged them with his tongue, causing even more groans and moans to come from his patient.

Then, for added effect, Dr. Basham allowed his tongue to wonder near Eric’s ass hole, where his finger was still going in and out. The feeling of his tongue near Eric’s hole sent shivers down to his own cock. What he wouldn’t give to be able to jump on the table and slam his cock where his fingers are. Don’t want to freak this boy out. Maybe someday he will be ready for that.

Again, as if on cue, Eric started bucking his hips sporadically, causing his cock and balls to slap against the doctor’s face; the doctor didn’t mind.

“I’m going to cum, Doc!” Eric was screaming at this point. “Please don’t stop.”

The doctor did. Much to Eric’s dismay, the doctor immediately stopped working his fingers and tongue and stood straight up.

“What the fuck, doc? What the hell are you trying to do to me??”

Eric’s forehead was covered in sweat and his hair was a matted mess signifying he was truly enjoying himself. “All part of the test, Eric.”

“Doc, I don’t know what you are doing, or who the hell you are, but please help me cum. I’m in so much pain. Please, doc. I’ll do anything if you will help me come.”

Dr Basham couldn’t help but feet a little sorry for Eric. Here he was, a massively built bodybuilder, trapped in a cast for weeks, strapped down naked to an examination table and begging for his doctor to let him cum. “Ok, Eric. I’ve got one more test to run. And then you can cum.”

The doctor walked back to the cabinet, searching for the exact tool he needed. Looking past the stethoscope and the otoscope, he found exactly what he needed. He grabbed a six-inch long metal tube that was curved at the end. Though it looked like a sex toy, he had it specially made to probe his patients.

When Eric caught sight of the tool, he knew what it was for and let out a long sigh. Instead of fighting this time, he readied himself to be violated again, this time by a metal tube. The doctor walked up to Eric’s head and held the tube against his mouth.

“Suck this. We need to lube it up so it won’t hurt you.”

The doctor marveled at the lack of resistance as Eric took the tool into his mouth. Again, his own cock twitched. While Eric kept sucking on the tube, the doctor bent down and took his cock in his hands again. Slowly, he moved his hands up and down Eric’s shaft until Eric started pumping his hips up and down.

Before long, Eric was humping the doctor’s hand. “Please, doc. Please don’t stop!” Eric took the metal tube back in his mouth.

“I won’t, my son. Cum for the nice doctor.”

Having permission now to release himself, Eric went crazy with his hips. It wasn’t long until a loud “Ugh” came from Eric’s mouth and his dick started pulsating. Quickly, the doctor grabbed a glass specimen beaker and pointed Eric’s dick down towards the opening, trying to catch the gooey fluid inside.

“That’s it, my boy. Cum for me!”

Eric let out a loud groan as he came, shot after shot for almost a whole minute while the doctor continued to stroke him, nearly filling up the beaker. Looking up, Eric’s eyes were closed and his whole body was finally relaxed.

“Ooh doc. Thank you! That feels so much better.” He opened his eyes and smiled up at the doctor. He noticed the beaker filled with his sperm and gave the doctor a look of confusion.

“I’ve a collected a specimen from your ejaculation so we can test it for any disease. Rememebr, we want to be thorough.”

“Ok,” Eric said, believing the doctor’s reply. He noticed the metal tube still in the doctor’s hand. “Since you let me cum, what is that for? Why did you have me suck it?”

The doctor smiled, knowing what was about to come. “You didn’t think we were done, did you? This little bit of cum isn’t all that’s in those balls. To completely take care of your situation, I must milk you.”

“Milk me?” Eric’s eyebrows creased in confusion.

“Trust me just a little more, Eric. And I’ll have you out of here before long.”

Doctor Basham set the glass, cum-filled beaker on the counter and turned again toward Eric’s ass. “To milk you, this instrument needs to press against your prostate gland. To get to your prostate gland, we have to go through your ass.”

He didn’t his patient any time to object, quickly inserting hard metal tube into his virgin ass. With such veracity, he pumped the tube in and out, stretching Eric’s tight hole. He fucked him hard with the tool until he heard Eric start moaning audibly. Happy with the results, the doctor deeply inserted the tube one last time and held it there then started expertly twisting the curved end around inside until he found what he was looking for. When the doctor hit the gland, Eric gasped in and held his breath, unable to do anything but bask in the sheer pleasure.

“That would be your prostate gland, my boy. Now I will milk you.” With that, the doctor produced another glass beaker, this one double the size of the other, and held it by the head of Eric’s cock. Again he pumped the tube against the gland and watched. With each pump came another spurt of cum out of Eric’s cock and, with each spurt, came an increasingly louder moan from the patient.

For 5 minutes, the doctor pumped away, watching in astonishment as the swelling in Eric’s balls decreased with each spurt of cum. Satisfied that every drop possible had been milked, he slowly slid the tube out of his patient’s ass, much to the Eric’s dismay.

“Oh doc,” Eric started, trying to breath and talk at the same time. He gasped again and looked down as Dr. Basham licked his tongue across his cum-covered cock.

“MMMMMM. Very tasty.” The doctor smacked his lips. Standing, he grabbed the two beakers that were filled with Eric’s spunk, and walked towards the door. “I’ll have Jessica come in to help you get out of the straps and to get dressed. I’m going to take these for testing. You come back if you need any more help.” With that, he walked out of the door, leaving Eric panting for breath, and knowing full well that he had converted Eric into a loyal customer.

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