Med Student Model

A homophobic college jock has an embarassing experience when he agrees to model for a medical lecture and gets stripped completely naked in front of the entire class.

Med Student Model
by Matty Schmatty

For most college students, it’s necessary to have a part time job or find some way to bring in a little money just to be able to afford to eat on campus. So when Dr Hussein approached Clay with a simple modeling gig, the starving student found the offer a bit unusual but he was in no position to turn it down. And why would he? Earning a few bucks with very little work required was just the type of gig Clay was seeking. All he had to do was stand in front of a classroom full of students for a one-hour lecture.  According to Dr. Hussein, Clay made the perfect modeling specimen. His broad shoulders and athletic build, kept fit by his obsession with field hockey, featured all of the attributes that Dr. Hussein needed to discuss. When the day finally rolled around, Clay met Dr. Hussein in the professor’s office before the class was set to begin.

“Good morning, Doctor,” Clay said as he walked through the office door.

“Hello, Mr. Moss. Thank you so much for showing up today.”

“My pleasure. What is it you need me to do, exactly?”

“Well, Mr. Moss. Today, I’m going to be lecturing on the human body and all I need you to do is to stand in front of the class while I lecture and use you as an example.”

“Sounds easy enough. Will I get paid before or after?”

“I will pay you once you have made it to the end of my lecture. Just do what I tell you and you should be fine.”

“Um, ok.” Clay didn’t understand what the doctor meant by doing everything he told him to do but Clay needed the money so he decided to not ask many questions.

The doctor walked out of his office and into the lecture room where his class had already taken their seats. “Good morning, class! I have a special treat for us today.” The doctor’s voice resonated through the lecture hall as Clay peeked out of the office and surveyed the room. There were at least 50 pre-med students inside, all listening to the professor with rapt attention.

Clay had done some basic modeling before; his fit, muscular body had made him popular with some of the advertising agencies in town. He liked posing and being in front of a camera. However, he had never modeled in front of so many people before. Luckily, Clay Thought to himself. I get to keep my clothes on.

“Today, we are going to have an in-depth lecture on the human body. I have brought in a special guest who is going to serve as my model for this lecture. I urge you to take excellent notes because this material will be on your final. Let’s go ahead and have our model come in. Mr. Moss, would you please come out here?”

Clay stepped through the office door and immediately felt a nervous tension in his stomach as every eye turned to him. He noticed several of the girls in the front row give him a smile as a couple of the guys in the upper levels whistled at him, causing the crown to giggle.  Clay made his way towards the lectern. Maybe this won’t be so bad, he thought. After all, he did have a way with the ladies. Maybe I can get some of their numbers after this is all said and done, his mind continued as he reached where the professor was standing.

“Hello, Mr. Moss. And thank you again for coming today. Class, say hello to our model.”

“Hellos” filled the room, along with some winks from the same girls who had smiled at him earlier. He couldn’t help but wink back as his found his confidence. Clay had always been a lady’s man, but never overtly flaunted himself around school. Sure, he had his fair share of hookups, but he tried his best to be respectful. However, the confidence boost he was starting to feel was putting him on cloud nine.

As he scanned the faces of the students, he realized neither of them looked familiar. After all, the people he tended to hang out with weren’t the pre-med type; most field hockey players were more interested in hurting people rather than fixing them.

“Mr. Moss is a fine specimen for what we will be discussing today.” Clay smiled at the class. “Let’s start with his height. How tall are you, Mr. Moss?”

“Five feet, eleven inches.”

“Excellent.” Doctor Hussein began to walk around Clay. “Class, what does increased height tell us about an individual?” A male in the back raised his hand. “Yes, Mr. Johnson?”

“That their chances of having a stroke are greatly increased.” Clay noticed the male student who answered and thought he recognized him but wasn’t sure.

“That is right, Mr. Johnson. Because Mr. Moss is over five feet, ten inches tall, studies show that he has an increased likelihood of having a stroke. What else does it tell us?”

“That he has a small penis?” The entire class, including Doctor Hussein let out laugh. Clay nervously laughed in response too, hoping they couldn’t tell how embarrassed he was. However, his body began to work against him as he felt a hint of arousal at the personal nature of the questioning.

“Haha. That has not been proven, though we may get a chance to determine that shortly.” Clay shot the doctor a nervous look, which was only returned with a knowing smile from the professor. “Does anybody know anything else that height can tell us?”

The same hand shot up as before. “Yes, Mr. Johnson.”

“That there is an increased risk of cancer.”

“Yes, especially skin cancer. Simply because the person has more skin, their chances of having skin cancer are raised.” The professor began circling Clay again. “I wonder if our model has the beginning stages of skin cancer.”

“Maybe we should find out, Doctor?” This came from the same person who the doctor called Mr. Johnson. Suddenly, Clay realized where he recognized this student from.

Mr. Johnson was actually Kyle Johnson, a member of a LGBT support group on campus. Just last month, Clay and a group of his friends had disrupted a rally held by the group. Clay remembered, now, that Kyle had been one of the main targets of their insults. Clay looked up at Kyle, who was smiling back as he realized the recognition in Clay’s eyes.

“Ah. That is a very good idea. After all, you are pre-med. What better way to learn than a first-hand examination?”

Clay glared at the professor, wondering what the doctor was going to have him to do. Fortunately, he didn’t have to wait long.

“Mr. Moss, why don’t you remove your jacket. That way we can examine your arms first.”

“Why? It was never part of our deal!”

The doctor leaned in close to Clay’s ear. “You want to get paid, don’t you?”

“Alright, but just my jacket. That’s it.”

“Of course, Mr. Moss. Now would you please remove your jacket so we can examine your skin?”

Clay complied with the doctor’s request, slipping his leather jacket off his left arm and then his right before tossing the jacket across the doctor’s desk. As he pulled the jacket off, he revealed to the class his toned arms, each with exquisitely defined muscles the entire length of his arm. The girls in class again smiled at him while most of the males looked on with disinterest; most except for Kyle.

As Clay pulled the last bit of his jacket off, he could see Kyle out of the corner of his eye. The fag was intently staring at Clay with sly smile on his face. It was a smile that let Clay know that he was going push the doctor for more.

“Very nice, Mr. Moss. We can definitely see that our model works out on a regular basis.”

Suddenly, the feeling of every eye in the class being on him began to excite him. He didn’t know why it was happening but he felt the all-too-familiar twitching in his pants as his cock came to life. He rocked uncomfortably on his heels, hoping the feeling didn’t progress. He tried pushing the of excitement out of his head as tuned his ears back to the doctor.

“Now, let’s examine the upper limbs of our model.” The doctor gently grabbed Clay’s left arm and raised it above his head. He then, ever so slightly, ran his fingers up and down Clay’s arm, as if he were truly giving him an exam. The doctor’s back was to the class so they didn’t see when he smiled and winked at Clay. Clay’s body continued to betray him as his cock continued to twitch. He could feel the growth against his leg as the doctor touched his arm.

“By taking a brief look, I am able to determine that our model does not have any early signs of melanoma.” The doctor turned back to face his class. “Can somebody tell me what some signs of skin cancer may be?”

“Perhaps a mole that has become dark?” The answer came from a female in the front row. Clay took note of how attractive she was, only causing the problem in his pants to become worse.

“Precisely. A darkened mole is one of the main signs of skin cancer. I can tell that our model does not have any moles on his arms.”

“But moles can develop on any part of the body, can’t they doctor?” Kyle chimed in again. It was as if he was pushing the doctor further.

“Ah. True again, Mr. Johnson. What exactly do you suggest?”

“I feel it would only be right to make sure our patient has a thorough examination.”

“Yes. Yes. Well then, Mr. Moss. Let us have you take your shirt off.”

Clay definitely didn’t like where this was going. He was having the hardest time being able to control his body has the thought of showing even more skin to this group of strangers progressed in his mind. He had to get out of this somehow.

“No, Doctor. I refuse to do that and you can’t make me.”

“Aw, Mr. Moss.” Again, he leaned into Clay’s ear. “Do I need to remind you that you agreed to do everything I asked you to?”

“No, sir.” Clay hung his head in embarrassment.

“I don’t like asking twice, Mr. Moss.”

“Yes, sir.” Again, Clay complied with the professor’s request.

Luckily, he was only wearing a t-shirt so it didn’t require muck work. However, it increased his embarrassment because it exposed him more than he was comfortable with. As he lifted the shirt over his head, the class got its first look at the defined chest of their model. An audible gasp crossed the room as Clay dropped his shirt on the floor.

“Very nice, Mr. Moss. I must say, it doesn’t look like you have much fat on your body. That’s a very good thing.”

Clay could only nod at the remarks from the doctor. He had never felt so exposed in all of his life. Nor had he ever felt more aroused. He could see where the line of questioning was going and he feared what was going to be asked of him next.

“Tell me, Mr. Moss. How often do you work out?”

“Um,” Clay looked around him nervously. “Maybe 3 times a week.”

“Really, then how do you stay so fit?” The doctor was running his hands over Clay’s chest and back, still making out as if he were examining him for skin cancer.

“I play field hockey every weekend.” Clay shivered as chills went up his spine and down to his groin, causing more twitching in his cock.

“Nice. Very nice. Tell me, class, by being so fit and in shape, what has Mr. Moss achieved?”

“He will likely not develop diabetes or any disease like it.” This again came from a female in the front row.

“Precisely. Because of the lack of body fat, Mr. Moss’s body is in better shape to fight off most diseases the obese people encounter.”

The doctor continued his exam in silence for several moments, running his fingers up and down the top half of Clay’s body. Though the uneasy feeling of being the object of the gaze of every eye in the room was still present, quickly becoming more prominent was the feeling of arousal at the attention his body was receiving from the professor. The goosebumps across his skin translated into growth in his cock as each gentle touch fell on his body. If Clay didn’t know any better, he would have thought that the doctor was purposefully provoking this response from his body.

“I believe it is safe to say that the top portion of Mr. Moss’s body is free from any traces of skin cancer.” The doctor shot a knowing smile are Clay. “So what would you suggest we do next?”

Unsurprisingly at this point, Kyle’s hand shot up again. “We should continue the exam to his lower extremities.” Kyle had now moved down to the front row as if he were enjoying this more than mere educational purposes.

“I would concur with that statement, Mr. Johnson. After all, skin cancer will often show itself on the lower extremities first. What do you say, Mr. Moss? Let’s have you take your pants off now.”

“But doctor. That is definitely not what I signed up for.” Clay fidgeted with his pants, trying to hide the soon to be unmistakable bulge in his pants. “I don’t have to put up with this.”

“Aw, come on Clay,” Kyle said from the front row. “You’re not scared, are you?”

“Shut the hell up, you faggot!”

“Now, now Mr. Moss. There will be none of that in my classroom. Now are you going to take your pants off or not? Remember, you only get paid if you stay till the end of my lecture.”

“But, Doctor,” Clay tried to object.

“Now, son. I don’t want to ask you again.”

Clay refused to admit defeat with his words. Instead, he reluctantly complied as he unfastened his belt, unzipped his jeans and pushed his pants down. Leaning over with his hand on the ground, he feared what the response would be when he stood up. He was glad he had worn his loose-fitting boxers, today. Perhaps nobody would notice his hardening cock the still laid against his leg.

Standing up, he placed both of his hands in front of his cock in an effort to hide his arousal. The catcalls soon came from the class as they enjoyed the view of Clay standing in front of them with only his red boxers and white socks. Looking around the room, Clay could see that the entire class had started to enjoy themselves at his expense. Especially Kyle, who taunted Clay by licking his lips and winking several times.

“Very good, Mr. Moss, and thank you for your cooperation.” The Doctor knelt down and traced his fingers up and down each leg by placing one hand on the front of his leg and the other on his calf and working his way up.

Since Clay was facing the class, nobody but Clay noticed when the doctor squeezed his firm ass and grasped it for a few seconds before moving to the other leg. “I don’t see any sign on our model’s body of any traces of skin cancer. In fact, Mr. Moss, I believe you to be in excellent health and in pristine condition. Your legs are especially muscular and it’s evident you have excellent bone health. I do, however, want you to do something for me. In order to get a full idea of how fit you are, I need you to extend your arms out from your body.”

Clay definitely didn’t want to comply with this request. He could now feel his dick pressing against his hands as he attempted to conceal his arousal. In fact, he was sure that, if he moved his hands, everyone would know how excited this whole ordeal has made him. Perhaps if Kyle Johnson wasn’t in the class, it may be different.

Clay knew that, if word of his arousal were to spread, he wouldn’t be able to show his face around his friends anymore. His reputation of being a straight manly man would go out the window along with his friends’ willingness to be around him. He couldn’t let that happen; he refused to let the happen.

“No. I don’t need the money that bad. I refuse to do that.”

“Aw, Mr. Moss. Don’t you know that it’s never been about the money? Now, if you fail to comply with my request, I will be forced to turn you into the dean’s office for the abuse towards Mr. Johnson at the hands of you and your friends. If that happens, they will pull your athletic scholarship and you will be expelled from this school. Now, what do you wish to do?”

Clay couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Had he been set up by the doctor and Kyle? Was this whole ordeal an attempt to humiliate him? What was he to do? He couldn’t get kicked out of school; his parents would disown him.

Slowly, his tense arms gave way to relaxation as he moved his hands from his cock. Immediately, his cock bounced up, the thin fabric of his boxers no able to restrain it. Though it was still hidden from direct view, there was no hiding his arousal. Instantly, sounds of gasping and cheers filled the room as the class realized what Clay had been trying to hide.

Perhaps the strongest cheerer was Kyle, himself. His knowingly smiled at Clay. “Nice, Mr. Moss. Very nice indeed. I guess we now know the answer to the earlier question. Being tall does not necessarily mean you have a small penis. Now, I must say. I have not finished my exam of your skin to see if you have skin cancer. There is one last area we must check and I dare say you won’t want to do it.”


As Clay stood there with his arms stretched away from his body, he knew exactly what the doctor meant. I can’t believe this is happening to me, he thought to himself. But realizing that he had no choice, Clay tucked his thumbs in the waist band of his boxers and reluctantly slid them down to the floor.

As he stood, he big cock sprang to life and pointed straight towards the onlooking eyes of Kyle Johnson. Every eye in the room widened at the sight of Clay’s cock, including those of Dr. Hussein. For once, the doctor was speechless as he moved to the front of Clay to get a better look.

“Wow, Mr. Moss. Impressive indeed. I have to be honest, I wasn’t expecting you to be so big. Most guys with your muscle tone usually lack in that department. You on the other hand, are packing a very nice package.”

The doctor quickly walked to his desk, grabbed a chair, and brought it back to Clay. “Here, Mr. Moss. Make yourself comfortable.”

Clay sat without hesitation, thankful for the chair as his legs had become wobbly and unsteady. Clay was speechless and unable to respond as every eye remained glued on his dick. A look of lust had taken over most faces, including Kyle Johnson, who was evidently enjoying the predicament he had put his abuser in.

“Now class, we must remember to always remain professional when you are dealing with your patients. There may come a time when you have to deal with a similar situation in your career and you want to be sure to resist any urges that may come over your body.”

By this time, Dr. Hussein had knelt own on the floor on the side of Clay’s chair, allowing the class to still have an unobstructed view of his subject. “Because of the seriousness of skin cancer, you want to be sure to exam every inch of your patient’s body. When dealing with someone as endowed as Mr. Moss, it may be necessary to move the penis and testicles out of the way. Just be sure to be gentle, especially if your patient has become aroused such as Mr. Moss has.”

The classroom snickered at the last comment by the doctor. The doctor continued his exam, gently grabbing Clay’s cock and moving it back and forth as he examined his groin. Clay could feel the increase in blood flow as his heart pumped blood through the huge veins that wrapped around his shaft as the feeling of the doctor’s soft hands against the sensitive skin of his cock caused his arousal to grow even more.

The doctor seemed be taking more time than necessary to complete his mock exam. Clay’s breathing grew more rapid with each movement of the doctor’s hand against his cock. “In addition, class,” the doctor started again after several moments of silence. “Don’t be afraid to get fully hands on with your patients. Trust me, they will thank you should your exam find any traces of the disease early on.”

Suddenly, Clay felt the doctor’s cold hands against his balls as the doctor lifted them out of his way. “Mr. Moss, your testicles are unlike any others I have ever seen. Your ball sack is huge. Class, what does having big balls relate to when it comes to sexual intercourse?”

“In my experience,” Kyle spoke up, unashamed of his homosexuality, “Guys that have big balls usually produce an enormous amount of cum.”

“Right again, Mr. Johnson,” the doctor proclaimed, his eyes and hands never leaving Clay’s cock and balls. “Men with bigger balls usually produce more semen which translates to them being more fertile. I suspect Mr. Moss, here, won’t have any problems having children when that time comes.”

The doctor released Clay’s cock and balls and stood up, again facing the class. “At this point in our exam, I believe it is safe to say that Mr. Moss is free from any traces of skin cancer. Now, before our time is up, I would like to focus the lecture on some of the parts of the male reproductive system. For this part of the lecture, however, I will need a volunteer.”

Clay couldn’t believe what he was hearing. The doctor’s ploy to humiliate him was definitely working. He was unable to explain the feeling that was coming over his body. In his entire sexual life, he had never experienced arousal so strong and the fact that is was coming from another male was throwing him for a loop.

He tried every trick in the book to keep it from happening but everything he tried was futile. Clay knew who would be the first to volunteer to be the doctor’s assistant. Sure enough, Kyle was the first and only one to raise his hand.

“Mr. Johnson, would you come up here please.”

Like he had rockets on his ass, Kyle jumped out of his seat and practically ran to the front. As he stood near Clay, the contrast of their bodies was evident. While Clay was built and muscular, Kyle was your average geek; pale skin with scrawny muscles.

“Mr. Moss, you may not like this next part but I assure you it is important. What I need you to do is to slouch in the chair and bring your legs up. Mr. Johnson, here, is going to stand behind you and help hold your legs up.” The doctor motioned for Kyle to stand behind Clay. He definitely didn’t need to be asked twice.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment since that day out in the quad,” Kyle whispered in Clay’s ear as he enthusiastically moved behind him. Grabbing each ankle, Kyle lifted Clay’s legs as high as possible without causing the humiliated boy to fall out of his seat. Clay was forced to hold himself on the chair with his arms, causing the muscles in his arms to tighten.

Satisfied that Clay was positioned properly, the doctor began his lecture again. “For those of you that do not know, perhaps the most sensitive spot on a man’s body is the area between his testicles and his anus.” To show the class the area he was referring to, the Doctor grabbed his entire ballsack and cock in one hand and firmly held it out of place.

Using his free hand, the doctor lightly applied pressure to the area he was referring to. “Housed behind the testicles is the entire male reproductive system, including his scrotum and prostate gland. This is perhaps why it is enjoyable for most men to have something penetrate their anus. The penetration applies more pressure to this area, causing a greater orgasm to occur.”

All Clay could do was close his eyes. He fought back the urge to moan as what the doctor was saying was coming true for Clay. Indeed, the pressure in that area was causing feeling unlike he had ever experienced. Instinctively, his cock responded to the sensation by growing harder and harder.

“As you can see, Mr. Moss is in a state of arousal.” The class laughed as the doctor stated the obvious. “If allowed to continue without release, Mr. Moss could potentially face unwanted sexual side effects, such as erectile dysfunction and what is commonly referred to as blue balls. Now, please note that you should not ever do this to one of your patients. However, since Mr. Moss didn’t ask for this today, I feel it only right to help him with his arousal. What do you guys say?”

The classes response was only that of cheers and hollering as they realized what the doctor meant. It finally sank into Clay’s mind what the doctor was referring to when he felt a warm, wet sensation cover his cock.

Looking down, he noticed that the doctor had spat on his cock and was preparing to rub the saliva in with his hands. Before he had a chance to protest, the doctor grasped his aching cock and began to rub his hand up and down his long shaft. Instantly, Clay’s eyes rolled in back of his head as a loud moan escaped his lips. “No, please don’t,” Clay pleaded through his moans.

“Your word’s say no but your moans say yes, Mr. Moss. Trust me, I am doing this purely from a scientific stand point.” He didn’t slow his pace. Rather, as he noticed the response he was getting from Clay, the doctor sped up the movements of his hands.

Occasionally, Clay would peek through his closed eyes and see Kyle standing over him, the look of lust evident on his face. “Now, Mr. Moss. Do you want me to stop?”

“MMMMMMMM,” was all Clay could manage as a reply.

“I didn’t understand you, Mr. Moss. Do you want me to stop?”

Clay only shook his head, refusing to acknowledge audibly his desire for the doctor to continue.

“I need to hear you say it, Mr. Moss, or I’ll be forced to stop.”

“MMMMMMM NO!” he finally moaned, the entire class cheering at Clay giving in. “Please don’t stop.”

“MMMM That’s a good boy, Mr. Moss.” The doctor continued rubbing his hands up and down Clay’s shaft, alternating his speeds as he went.

Meanwhile, Kyle was becoming more aroused and was unable to contain himself. Unbeknownst to Clay, Kyle moved Clay’s right foot towards his mouth and inserted his big toe into his mouth. Feeling the wet sensation on his feet, Clay attempted to jerk his feet away from Kyle’s mouth. However, in his aroused state, his strength failed him as his body was completely focused on getting relieve.

Realizing his ability to overcome his abuser, Kyle stuck Clay’s toe back in his mouth and started sucking as if it were his cock. He snaked his tongue around his toes, weaving it around and between each toe. Kyle moaned as he sucked each toe before switching feet and doing the same thing on the other.

Meanwhile, the heightened sensation on his feet was only causing Clay to be in that much more amount of pleasure. Before long, he started bucking his hips in rhythm with the doctor’s hands. He forced his dick into the experienced hands of the professor, each thrust bringing him that much closer to climax.

“Now, as some of you have no doubt experience, the male’s cock loves the feeling of tightness. That’s why alternating firmness of your grip is key to release the patient’s built up frustration. However, desperate times call for desperate measures.”

Clay couldn’t see as the doctor moved his mouth closer to Clay’s cock. In one fatal swoop, the doctor ceased moving his hands and placed the cock in his mouth. Clay had been on the receiving end of many blowjobs but never from a man and never in front of so many people. This didn’t affect him, though, as the warmness of the doctor’s mouth enveloped the entire length of his cock.

Without having to adjust, the doctor was able to fit Clay’s entire cock in his mouth on the first attempt. Clay could fell as his cock passed the doctors throat entrance and embedded itself deep in his throat. Without gaging, the doctor raised back up and paused briefly, only to lower himself back down.

Every time the doctor lowered his mouth down, he would embed his nose into the pubic hair of his mock patient and move his mouth from side to side, sending a pulsing sensation through Clay’s cock.

Expertly, the doctor continued his onslaught of Clay’s cock until Clay wasn’t able to handle it anymore. Without warning the doctor, Clay allowed the tension in his balls to relax and send wave after wave of cum shooting into the doctor’s mouth.

Though he was caught by surprise, the doctor didn’t waste any time swallowing spurt after spurt of Clay’s cum. He instinctively sucked up and down until the last drop spewed out of the massive cock. It must have taken Clay a full minute to unleash the amount of cum that came from his dick. As the doctor swallowed the last load, he licked one final drop from the purple head of his patient’s cock.

“I guess the proves Mr. Johnson’s claim of bigger balls having more cum.” The class laughed as the doctor stood and faced them. Lustful looks filled the classroom as most of them had just witnessed their first male on male encounter.

Kyle, on the other hand, couldn’t contain his excitement. Almost to joyfully, he lowered him mouth towards Clay’s ear and spoke to where only Clay could hear him. “I promise not to tell you frat buddies. But don’t think for a minute that you are off the hook. I know you enjoyed that. Welcome to the dark side.” Kyle laughed as he released his grip on Clay’s ankles, freeing his abuser from his restraint.

All Clay could do was sit in the chair with his eyes closed, confused and scared of what would happen next. Thankfully, his confusion was interrupted by the bell ringing, signifying the end of the lecture time. He didn’t have to open his eyes to feel every student glaring at him as the exited the class room. Undoubtedly, he life would never be the same again.

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