Confessions of a Male Nurse: Sponge Bath

A male nurse gives a very reluctant male patient a sponge bath that quickly escalates into an even hotter encounter.

Confessions of a Male Nurse: Sponge Bath
by Nurse Jack

My morning rounds at the hospital were going great, for once. No catheters, no anal speculums, just simple stuff, like drawing blood and administering medications. It was a rare treat for me. In my almost four years as a male nurse, I’d never had it so good. I was determined to make it last. I should have known that was impossible in a hospital this large.

“Good morning, Mr. Donovan,” I said cheerily as I entered room 220. I pushed my cart inside and the sun glinted off the two stainless steel pails of water that I had set on top of it. He was in the bed closest to the windows, both of his broken legs propped up on several pillows.

Mr. Donovan looked up at me from his hospital bed and smiled. It was one of those million-watt smiles that turned all the girls’ panties wet. Sun-colored highlights streaked through his otherwise dark brown hair. His skin was a shadowy bronze that made him look half surfer-stoner, half sports hero.  He was in his late twenties and I knew it must’ve been killing him to be stuck in here.

“Mr. Donovan—”

“Call me Ethan.”

“Ethan,” I said, starting over. “I’m Grant. I’m here to give you your sponge bath.”

He stared blankly at me for a minute before responding. “You… are here… what? You? I thought it would be a woman.”

I shook my head as I wheeled my cart beside him and began placing towels under his body. “Sorry, not today.”

“Yeah, but… you’re a guy. A mean, I can’t… oh no. No no no.” He tried to push my hand away as I maneuvered him onto his side, spreading a towel directly beneath his ass so that I wouldn’t get his bed wet. A sliver of his gown opened up and I saw his ass peek through, a creamy golden color, like peanut butter.

“No way,” he said, slapping at my hands with his. I caught one of them and held it tightly in mine. His hands were large and clearly muscular, but he’d also been in a recent car accident so he wasn’t quite as strong as I’m sure he normally was. My muscles worked to control his movements. He stopping trying to slap me and started squirming his body instead. He stopped when he accidentally jerked his legs and a sharp pain shot through him.

“Now listen to me,” I said, trying to keep my voice light and airy. His bright blue eyes stared intently back at me. “I’m having a very good day, and nothing is going to ruin that. You get me?” He nodded slowly. “Good, now please remove your gown.”

He shook his head. “I want a girl nurse.”

“I would be happy to get you one, except that they are all busy right now. What do you say you and I give this a shot? I promise I don’t bite.” I smiled reassuringly at him but he just sat with his arms crossed.

“Look, you can leave your gown on if you want. I’ll start with your feet. Okay?”

“You think by then one of the girl nurses might be available?”

“Maybe,” I lied. My good mood was sinking fast but I was determined not to let it drown.

“Fine, but you have to check when you’re done with my feet.”

I dipped my first towel into the bucket of soapy water I’d set on my cart and moved to the foot of his bed, glad that he’d agreed to anything at this point. I gently placed the towel to the bottom of his foot. Both of his legs were in heavy casts that made it difficult to work. I had checked his chart before coming in and his right femur had been broken, as had his left, in addition to his left tibia. His right cast was situated slightly higher on his leg to cover his thigh, while his left cast covered his entire leg.

I lightly touched the towel to the bottom part of his right foot that peeked out from under the cast. He laughed.

“Does that tickle?” I asked. He nodded, blushing. His foot was smooth and clean and I know this sounds weird, but it was kind of hot. His skin was more deeply colored down here than his face and arms, more like a deep amber than a sun tan. I gently circled the towel over him, making him giggle repeatedly. His leg started to twitch and I finally dropped the towel, afraid he would hurt himself if I didn’t get him to stop laughing.

“Is it the fabric that tickles?” I asked. He nodded, so I picked his foot up with my bare hand, lathering his toes with the soapy water as I ran my hand up his leg as far as it could go, which wasn’t far. His skin was elastic under my fingertips, and the warm water only made him that much more supple. I pressed my palm around his right ankle massaging him gently, before rinsing him and turning to his left foot. The cast there nearly covered it all, so I decided to leave it alone and move on.

“Now, I’m just going to move your gown up.”

His eyes widened and his hands reached protectively out in front of him as I reached for the gown. “What are you doing? You said—”

“I know what I said but I promise you there aren’t any nurses available right now. It’s me or nothing.”

“Then I’ll take nothing.”

“Do you want to get infected?” I asked, trying a new tactic.

He hesitated, his arm muscles settling down for a moment as he thought. “No…”

“Then let me do my job. Infection can settle into every crack and crevice of your body. Do you want your dick to burn when you pee or turn red or fall off?”

His eyes widened with each threat to his cock. I was bullshitting a little. I was pretty sure his cock wouldn’t fall off if he didn’t get his sponge bath, but I was still in a pretty decent mood and wanted to hurry up and get out of here so I could keep it.

“Fine,” he said sullenly and pulled his gown up slightly so that I could see the tip of his cock poking out beneath it. It was a dark purple color that reminded me of Kool-Aid. I wetted my lips, suddenly realizing how thirsty I was.

“Look, I have to do all of you, so it’ll go that much faster if you just take the whole gown off.”

He hissed and closed his eyes as though I were flashing some horrible image in front of him, but he didn’t stop me when I pulled his gown, inch by inch, from his body.

His chest was prominently displayed as he arched his back while I wiggled the gown out from under his tight little ass. The golden brown color of his skin saturated every inch of him. He  chest was a mountain of muscle that rose in peaks and fell back into valleys, sculpting his form as though he were made of modeling chocolate. I had a sudden desire for a Hershey’s bar.

“I’ll start with your chest,” I said, taking a fresh towel and dipping it into the soapy water. He had some hair, but nothing that was unsightly. It was just enough to show that he was a man and not a little boy. I began gently cleansing him, moving the soft yet rough fabric of the towel over his taut skin. The lines of his six pack moved slowly in and out as I washed him. I reached out one thick fingertip and touched his bare skin. He tensed as I traced a line from the bottom of his ribcage to just above his navel. I moved slowly around his belly button, filling his innie with my index finger. I pushed it in and out, making sure that every crevice of his body was scrubbed clean. It was slippery inside his hole and I enjoyed the way my finger felt gliding in and out of him.

When I pulled my finger out of his belly button my elbow bumped against this cock, which had risen to a 45-degree angle. His face burned with embarrassment. “It’s okay,” I told him, “as long as it doesn’t get in the way.”

I rinsed his chest off then dipped a third washcloth into the soapy water, turning him gently on his side.

“What are you doing?” he yelped as my rag began to maneuver over his bare ass.

“I need to clean your anus.”

“My what?” he shrieked, trying to get off the bed. He squealed in pain as his legs shifted. He had no choice but to lie there. I placed one firm hand against his back. His muscles were just as defined here as they were in his chest. His ass was tight and golden, his skin shimmering under the lights like a bronze powder.

“You’re only going to hurt yourself more if you don’t cooperate.”

His shoulders slumped forward as defeat set in. He said nothing as I spread his juicy cheeks wide open. His ass was as pliable as the rest of him. The dark pink hole stared back at me as I gently wiped it with the rag. He let out a little moan as I paid extra attention to the skin around his opening.

I stuck the tip of my thumb inside him, washing him from the inside out. I couldn’t leave even the slightest chance of infection. His thighs tightened and his ass tightened with them. He was clenching now but my work was almost done. The dark pink hole tightened around my index finger as I slid it deep inside him and gave one last long stroke.

I rinsed him off with clean water afterwards and allowed him to lay flat once more.

“Now was that so difficult?” I asked. His face had gone from red to pale and he stared at the wall in front of him, refusing to look at me.

I took another rag and dipped it into the water, ready to clean the rest of his front. This time I placed it beneath his navel instead of above it. I began the process over again, wiping his skin as I slowly moved over his undulating muscles. I crept down until my hand was resting at the base of his cock.

His body trembled. “Why can’t I do this part myself?”

“Because you can’t stretch this far right now without further risking injury to your legs. Also, I’ve been trained in how to do this. I know which crevices need to be treated and how to treat them. Do you want to risk infection? You know if your cock gets infected you won’t be able to have sex.”

Ethan blushed. The blush carried down his neck and almost colored his chest. I placed one hand on either side of his chest and gently pushed him back down onto the mattress.

“Oh, man,” he whined. “Fine.”

I redipped my towel and placed it back at the base of his cock. Thick dark curls sprang up in an even patch all around him. His cock stiffened slightly as I moved towards it, rising an inch or two towards the ceiling. I wasn’t expecting Ethan’s hand to reach out and slap his thick, golden shaft, but it did. He actually slapped it, as if trying to knock the hard on out of it. I stared at him for a moment but he only looked at the ceiling. His cheeks were still red, but he said nothing. His cock had gone limp again.

I ran the towel up and down the length of his shaft, taking my time with my work as I slowly stroked him with my thick, muscular hands. His cock moved every so often but I could tell that Ethan was working hard to keep it at bay. I wrapped the towel gently around his left testicle, cradling it carefully as I scrubbed the spongy tissue. The dark curls that grew out of him contrasted nicely with the white of the towel.

As I worked, his balls began to harden. His shaft started growing again. Ethan quickly reached down and slapped his cock, hitting my hand in the process.

“Stop that!” I shouted.

“Sorry,” he said, his crimson face burning as brightly as Rudolph’s nose.

I leaned over his balls again, wanting to make sure that I had gotten inside every crack and crevice before I rinsed him. “Your meatus doesn’t seem soapy enough,” I told him. “I’m just going to clean it a little more before rinsing.”

“My what?” he asked. But I guess when my pinky finger moved towards his opening he figured it out for himself. His body tensed as I slipped the tip of my pinky inside his cock’s opening, lathering it with the antibacterial soap I was using. I moved it slowly in and out, not wanting to scare him. My pinky barely fit, his hole was so snug, but I managed to maneuver it inside just a tad deeper. His cock grew again as I did my work and his hole tightened that much more.

His hand reached down, slapping at his cock and hitting my face instead.

“Mr. Donovan,” I snapped. “Please, not now. We’re almost done.”

“I’m sorry,” he said, and I heard the blush in his voice now too. I took my index finger and made a ring with my thumb, rubbing it up and down his shaft fast and hard trying, trying to create enough friction to form some bubbles. Suddenly, his cock stiffened and reached for the ceiling. His hand reached out to slap at his shaft and got my eyeball instead. I jerked back and stared at him, frustrated and blinking rapidly as my eyes stung from where he’d poked me.

“I told you to quit doing that.”

“I know, but it keeps popping up. I can’t stop it. I don’t know what else to do.”

I heaved a frustrated sigh and bent back over his meatus, determined to get the fuck out of here. My good mood was practically ruined but maybe I could still salvage some of it if I left now. His shaft was thick and hard. He had a full on erection. I couldn’t finish cleaning his opening like this. I touched his cock with the tip of my fingertips and it hardened that much more. He tried to slap the hard on away again and this time I caught his hand. I held it tightly in mine as I slowly stroked my bare hand up and over his long, thick cock.

“What are you doing?” he asked, wide-eyed.

“I can’t finish my job if you’re slapping at yourself every other minute. Just lie back and relax.”

My hand moved slowly over his taut, golden skin. A light pink hue glowed under the surface as his cock became engorged, blood pumping him up quickly and making his skin sizzle. My hand barely fit around him. He was as big as a football and had balls like two juicy apples hanging sweetly down from between his legs. His thighs clenched the faster I worked. A thin film of sweat broke out on his them and I wiped my fingers on it, using his own juices to wet his shaft.

A small groan escaped his mouth and I double checked to make sure I wasn’t hurting his legs. My hand stroked his massive, throbbing cock. His blood pulsed against my skin the quicker I moved my hand up and down.

He was drying up though, and I knew that could be fatal, so I leaned over him and wetted him with my tongue. The thick, pink tissue came out of my mouth and ran up and over the length of his shaft as he groaned. I circled his tip with my tongue before taking him inside me, as far back into my throat as I could. I was trying to swallow him whole. The tip of his cock tickled my tonsils and I began to bob my head, moving it up and down in short, shallow bursts.

Finally, I came up for breath and when I went back down I went for the balls. HIs small curly hairs brushed roughly against my lips as I pulled first his right, then his left testicle into my mouth. I continued stroking him with my hand as I did so until finally, I tasted the sweet precum that drizzled out of him like liquid white chocolate.

I pulled his cock back into my mouth and squeezed his tight little balls with my hand. They were firm yet still malleable. I squeezed them tightly as I teased his cock’s throbbing hole with the tip of my tongue. He exploded into my mouth and I swallowed his juices, tasting the sweet-salty liquid as it ran quickly down my throat.

“There now,” I said, as he lay back, finally relaxed. I took my rag and quickly finished cleaning him the antibacterial soap. By the time I was done, his meatus was so clean it actually squeaked. As I was packing up he asked when his next sponge bath would be.

“Two days,” I told him.

He contemplated that a moment before responding. “Will it be you again?”

“I don’t know just yet. I’ll see if I can get one of the female nurses to assist you that day.”

He smiled sheepishly and averted his eyes as he said, “It’s alright. I guess you could do it again.”

I left the room with my cart and took a deep breath. Ethan had worn me out. And I still had the afternoon shift to finish.

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