Rookie Nurse Threeway

A doctor is tasked with evaluating two sorta dumb but hot rookie nurses in this fun story.

Rookie Nurse Threeway

I hated evaluating new nurses, let alone two of them. At least these guys were both easy to look at, even if they were a little on the dumb side. Terrell, had smooth, dark skin like a Hershey’s bar. His strong, capable muscles were able to lift several hundred pounds at once, and the airy, teal blue scrubs he wore actually looked good on him. His lustrous black skin was intoxicating against the lighter color.

If Terrell was black as night, Aiden was his exact opposite. Whiter than snow and six feet tall, he was a waterboy’s wet dream. He’d played ball in college but torn his ACL his senior year and missed the draft. His body was built like it had been crafted just for the purpose of playing football. Muscles rippled under his arms. I could see each line of his chest muscles, the fabric of his scrubs just sheer enough and tight enough to show them off. Too bad he was dumb as shit.

“I’ll be evaluating you both today as you prep our patient for surgery.”

“Sir?” Terrell asked, clicking his heels together as though this were the army instead of a hospital. His dark pink lips shined under the hospital lights and his ebony skin lay taut over his giant, basketball sized muscles. I couldn’t stop my eyes from looking towards his crotch. If the rest of his muscles were any indication, then I knew his cock must be enormous.

“This isn’t the army, Terrell. I’m just a doctor at a hospital. You needn’t call me Sir. What’s your question?”

“What if we fail the evaluation?”

“Then you’ll need to apply to a different hospital and start over. This is your 90 day evaluation to see what you’ve learned and whether you’re fit to stay on staff. I’m sure you’ll both do fine.”

“Dr. Benjamin?” Aiden asked, raising his hand.

“Aiden, if you have a question just ask it. This isn’t grade school.”

“Oh, uh, okay.” He smiled and ran his thick, tanned fingers through the golden hair that hung low across his forehead. “Uh, I forgot my question,” he said, smiling sheepishly at me as he shrugged his broad shoulders.

He was nearly the same size as Terrell, maybe even bigger. I could see why all the nurses swooned whenever his gold-toned arms flexed their muscles. The scrubs he wore were almost too tight for him. I could see the definition in his abs as the thin fabric of his scrubs pulled taut over his body.

“Alright, let’s check on our patient, shall we? This will also be a good learning opportunity for you both regarding the subtler details of anatomy,” I said, opening a door off the hallway. We walked into the room, expecting to find a man who needed to be prepped for surgery, and found the room empty except for Nurse Maria.

“Just missed him,” she told us.

“What do you mean?”

“The surgical team bumped up his time. I tried paging you but never got an answer, so I went ahead and prepped him myself. Sorry if that screws up your plans.”

“Dammit!” Terrell shouted, hitting the hospital bed with his fist.

“Oh… oh man,” Aiden said. “That’s, like, bad, isn’t it?”

Maria tried not to laugh and shot me a look to let me know she was sorry for me, then exited the room.

“Now, guys, this isn’t exactly the end of the world. There are plenty of other patients—”

“But how are we gonna pass our evaluation? Or learn those subtler details you were talking about? You know, about anatomy?” Aiden looked like he was about to crap his pants. “What if I never get a chance to prep a patient for surgery again?”

I didn’t understand how someone so brawny could be so stupid. His muscles twitched as he twiddled his thumbs, absentmindedly moving his hand to his cock every now and then and stroking the outside of his pants. I guessed it was a nervous habit.

“I assure you,” I told him, “there will be other opportunities.”

Terrell looked as though he were ready to beat himself up. His hand had formed into a fist and he beat it repetitively over his thigh. I walked over to him and took his hand in mine, stopping him. My alabaster skin was like snow against Terrell’s midnight colored hands. His fingers were hot and wet. He was sweating. I could almost taste the salt on my tongue as I wrapped my palm around his fist and told him to stop. Heat simmered from my toes to my cock.

“Now, then,” I said, releasing Terrell’s hand. “We can still use this as a learning opportunity. The patient we were going to prep had scars all over his body resulting from an accident. Have either of you ever been in an accident?”

Terrell nodded. “Yeah, I was out with my girlfriend one night and got shot with a BB Gun.”

Aiden’s blue eyes widened like two beach balls and his shirt tightened that much more around his chest as he sucked in his breath. “You were shot?” he asked, his voice deep and thick with awe. He sounded like a surfer. “Whoa. My girlfriend would kill me if I got shot.”

I wasn’t sure how much more of this banter I could take. “Terrell, did it leave a scar?” He nodded. “Why don’t you show us?”

“Sir? I mean, Dr. Benjamin? You want me to… show you?” His eyes were wide as saucers.

“That’s right.”

He stood motionless, blinking stupidly as his cheeks reddened.

“Dammit, Terrell. Consider this part of your evaluation.”

Terrell took a deep breath, shaking out his ebony hands as though he were an actor trying to shake off his stage fright, then spun around and dropped his pants, exposing his bare ass to me and Aiden.

“Wow,” Aiden said. I wasn’t sure if it was because of the bullet scar on Terrell’s left cheek, or the way that his tight, round ass glimmered at us like it was winking through water.

I slowly approached him. Just the sight of his dark, luscious ass made my cock ache. My arousal hit me hard as I looked at the perfectly curved cheeks, his dark ebony skin wrapping around his entire, flawless body.  I stood behind him as he bent over at his waist, displaying his old wound. His firm, polished thighs stood wide open, showing off his cock and balls as they dangled thickly between his legs.

“That must’ve hurt,” Aiden said.

I reached out one, smooth finger and touched his scar. It was a lighter shade of brown than the rest of him, with minimal scar tissue. Aiden crept closer, curious. I could feel his hot breath blowing against my hand as he studied Terrell’s ass. Circling the scar with my index finger, I traced an invisible line to his ass crack. I licked my lips, my cock pulsing inside my pants.

I had to touch that sweet black ass with my finger. Now. Before inserting it, I brought my finger to my mouth and wet it with my saliva, then I slipped it between his cheeks. Terrell shrieked like a little girl and quickly jumped up, tripping over his scrubs which had pooled around his feet. He scrambled to pull his pants back up, eyeing me wildly.

“What are you doing, Dr. Benjamin?”

“Terrell,” I barked, hoping I sounded more like a lieutenant in the Army than a doctor, right now. My heart raced as the blood rushed to the tip of my cock, making it buzz. The deep ache I felt between my thighs continued to grow, screaming to be released but finding itself confined to the tight space within my pants. “What do you think you’re doing? You said you wanted to pass your evaluation. Was that all bullshit?”

Terrell stared at me, his dark eyes shining as small beads of sweat formed around his sunburnt temples. I could see him thinking.

“No,” he finally said.

I turned to Aiden. “And what about you? Do you want to pass yours?”

“I-I sure do,” Aiden squeaked. His perfect skin looked soft as white velvet as he looked at me with young, innocent eyes. I didn’t think either of them were older than 21 or 22.

“Then you have to learn everything you can about the human body. What if you came across a patient like the one we were supposed to prep today, with scars all over his body that had turned into infection? What if that infection spread somewhere important, like his ass or his cock? How would you two know?”

Terrell and Aiden looked at each other. Aiden’s eyes widened. “You can get an infection in your ass?” he asked, alarmed.

“Of course. You two obviously have no idea what you’re doing. I’m afraid neither of your evaluations are going to be very good.”

“Ohhh,” Aiden moaned. His deep, thick voice was almost as deep as Terrell’s when he spoke, but it maintained a high pitched squeak when he got really nervous. “Please,” Aiden whined. “Give us another chance.”

I eyed them both speculatively. “Fine, if you’re really willing to try, I’ll give it another chance.” They both breathed a sigh of relief. “Aiden, drop your pants.”

Aiden blinked at me. He started to ask a question then thought better of it. Slowly, he unzipped his pants, but instead of dropping them, he held them tightly to his waist. His moist, pink lips trembled as he looked from me to Terrell.

“Dr. Benjamin, I-I don’t know if I can.”

“This is part of your evaluation. Do it or get out.”

He took a deep breath and lowered his pants to his knees, then quickly drew them back up again. I had just enough time to see his sun-kissed cock filling the space between his tight, golden thighs. It was huge, almost as big as Terrell’s.

I sighed. Terrell was standing again with his pants pulled back up as well.

“What you two need is an example.” I unbuckled my pants and dropped them to the floor. My cock sprung out and up, grateful to be free. I put my hands on my hips, rocking them forward ever so slightly so they could take me all in.

“Do you see how large my cock is?” I asked, taking my shaft into my hand. “The thickness of it determines virility. The length determines pleasure.” I began stroking myself, my pink and bronze shaft coming to life under my hand. My fingers moved dexterously over my light purple tip, making my balls harden with excitement. The longer Terrell and Aiden watched, the deeper my arousal became.

“So…” Aiden said, his liquid eyes never leaving my cock as I slowly stroked my shaft up and down. “So in order to know how healthy someone is, we have to know how healthy their cock is?”

“Exactly!” I said. “Why don’t you examine yourself and tell me what you see and feel.”

This time, Aiden let his pants fall to the floor. He stepped out of them, kicking them aside, and cradled his balls delicately in his hand. They were a deep golden color with underlying hues of pink and orange, like a sunset. Slowly, his hand moved to his shaft, stroking it up and down as my own cock began to throb again.

“It feels dry,” he suddenly said, alarmed. “What does that mean?”

I walked to him and kneeled in front of him, reaching out with my fingers to touch his giant cock. “You have a slight case of dehydration.”

“Your cock can become dehydrated?” he asked, his eyes wide.

“Of course. Let me test your… parchment levels.” I pulled his honey colored cock into my mouth, sucking him until the tip of his cock went all the way to the back of my throat. Aiden shivered as I cradled his balls in the palm of my hand, licking his long, thick shaft with my pink tongue.

“Sir?” Terrell asked from nearby. “Is… is my cock dehydrated too?” He actually looked frightened by the idea.

I pulled away from Aiden and turned my head to see Terrell’s massive ebony cock hanging between his thighs, bigger than any cock I’d seen before. His tip glistened, looking as though it were already wet.

“Come here,” I ordered. “Let me examine you.”

Terrell moved slowly forward, his cock swinging steadily as he walked, like the hand of a clock.

“Terrell, your cock is so dried out I’m afraid it might have spread elsewhere in your body.”

“My girlfriend hasn’t said anything,” he said, alarmed.

“A woman wouldn’t noticed this. Only other men can sense this type of… illness.” He stared down at his cock, taking it into his hands as delicately as you would a baby. He stroked his thick, long fingers up and over his ebony shaft, testing it.

“Aiden,” I said, suddenly rising. “This is a good opportunity for you to show me what you’ve learned. Why don’t you kneel here, where I was, and help Terrell?”

Aiden lowered himself to the ground and looked apprehensively at the massive black cock in front of him. “Wh-what do you want me to do?” he asked.

“Suck on him.”

He and Terrell turned to me uncertainly.

“I-I don’t think I can, Dr. Benjamin. I’ve never…”

“If you want to pass your evaluations you’ll both do what I say.

“Okay,” Aiden mumbled. His cheeks glowed pink.

“And you Terrell? Would you rather fail your evaluation or—”

“I want to pass!” he shouted, alarm in his eyes. Without waiting, Terrell rocked his hips towards until his cock bumped against Aiden’s pink lips. Slowly, Aiden took him inside. I could see the uncertainty in his eyes as he bobbed his head up and down, tasting him for the first time.

“He tastes sweet,” Aiden murmured.

“Good. Tell me what else you taste.”

“Honey and… salt.”

I moved behind Terrell, pressing myself against his backside as Aiden sucked him off. Terrell jumped when I slipped my fingers between his ass cheeks, trying once again to get to his perfect, rose colored hole. “I’m just going to check your ass while Aiden helps your cock. You need to know what an anal evaluation feels like so that you can better relate to your patients.”

Terrell stiffened, but when I squirted the KY onto my fingertips and inserted them inside his hole, he didn’t stop me. He licked his perfect, moist lips.

Terrell closed his eyes as Aiden continued to bob his head up and down his thick, ebony shaft. I pressed the tip of my cock to Terrell’s tight opening, feeling it’s snugness as I dipped inside of him. I withdrew, leaving his hole empty for a minute while I worked two thick fingers into his black as night ass. His hole was pink and perfect, darker than the tip of his cock. More of a light tan with pink undertones than a straight rose. My fingers slipped easily into him and when I felt like his hole was ripe I added a third.

With all three fingers inside his ass, I knew he was ready. I smacked his ass once and bumped the head of my cock against him one, twice, three times before slipping slowly into him. It was like entering a warm, wet cave. His shoulders stiffened but I wrapped my arms around his chest to keep him from moving. I felt his chest muscles undulating beneath the fabric and pulled the shirt over his head so that he was fully naked now.

“Aiden, take off your shirt,” I instructed. “It’s important we see how each other’s bodies react to this. And you should be stroking yourself while you suck on Terrell.” Aiden obeyed and removed his shirt so that he was fully naked now too. His creamy skin was tinted with a light rust from the sun. His chest was wider than Terrell’s, his chest and arm muscles pulsing as both his head and hands worked over Terrell’s massive cock.

Aiden took his own cock into his hands while pulling Terrell back inside his mouth. I watched with pleasure as Aiden’s hand moved swiftly up and down his already hard shaft. His skin was creamy and delicate looking except for the enormous size of his cock.

I slipped my cock deeper into Terrell’s tight little hole, keeping it somewhat shallow for the first few thrusts. Then I maneuvered my thick, pulsating shaft deeper into him, aching as his snug hole welcomed me inside. I rocked my hips against his tight, brown ass. Soft at first, then slamming into him. Terrell’s body rocked as I shoved my hips against him again and again, my cock throbbing as my thick, long shaft grew even bigger inside his tight cave. I reached down and felt his hardened balls bouncing against Aiden’s face as Aiden sucked him harder and faster. I gripped Aiden’s hair, pulling it tightly into my fist as my cock throbbed inside of Terrell.

My shaft expanded another inch, filling Terrell’s opening completely. We were making a reverse Oreo sandwich—Terrell was the rich chocolate center and Aiden and I were the vanilla cookies. I pounded harder into Terrell’s ass now, my cock throbbing, my thick long shaft ready to explode as I watched Terrell’s massive black cock move swiftly in and out of Aiden’s mouth. His lips tightened over Terrell’s shaft, the light pink of his moist and shimmering lips contrasted with Terrell’s throbbing coal black cock. Aiden might not have known it, but he was an expert cock sucker.

Finally, my cock couldn’t contain its juices any longer. I slammed into Terrell’s ass with one great thrust just as thick pearls of white erupted out of me. I felt the heat of my body collide with Terrell’s, sending me into the height of my orgasm as my long, thick shaft turned into a supernova inside of Terrell’s sweet little hole. Terrell and Aiden came at the same time. Aiden opened his mouth to moan and ended up swallowing Terrell’s juices. Pearl white cum dripped over his lips as he wiped at his mouth. His hand was covered in his own seed, which made his skin glisten like he was swimming through water.

“So did we pass?” Terrell and Aiden asked nervously as we cleaned up.

I smiled and dried my hands, still smelling Terrell on my fingertips. “With flying colors.”

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