Confessions of a Male Nurse: Jamal’s Enema


Confessions of a Male Nurse: Jamal’s Enema

People sometimes think that because I see so many naked bodies working as a male nurse, my cock must be in a constant state of excitement. But I tell them most of the people I see are fat, old, and ugly. In six years as a nurse, I’ve never I’ve never been attracted to a patient. Except once…

“Mr. Landreth,” I said, walking into the hospital room. I smiled at him but it was the smile I’d been trained to give. I hated giving enemas. No matter how much prep work you did they always made a mess.

“Can you call me Jamal?” he asked, his voice as deep and dark as the rest of him. He looked nervously towards me with deep brown eyes. He was twenty years old and his skin was black as night. It shined richly beneath the green hospital gown he wore.

“Sure. Jamal. Got it. I’m Grant. I’ll be doing your enema today.”

He winced when I said the word “enema,” as if I’d just stuck him with a fork or something.

“Now then, it’s not nearly as unpleasant as it sounds.” I was lying through my teeth. I’d never had one, but if all the mess and miserable moans from past patients were any indication, they were far from pleasant.

“I changed my mind,” he said suddenly, sliding his ebony legs off the table he’d been sitting on. His bare feet landed on the floor with a hard thump and I couldn’t help but notice the wide chest and beefy body that stood hulking before me. He was six feet six inches tall and every inch of him was pure muscle. This was the kind of jock that cheerleaders liked to fuck behind the bleachers before a big game.

“I’m just gonna go now,” Jamal said, taking one great stride towards the door, still in his gown.

“Jamal,” I said, reaching for his arm. I grabbed hold of him and was shocked to discover just how tight the muscles beneath his skin were. My alabaster hand lay atop his molasses colored bicep. It made a striking picture, his skin against mine. I took a breath and got myself under control. I’d encountered many kinds of patients, but none quite so hot as young black men.

“Do you play basketball?” I asked.

He nodded suspiciously. “How’d you know?”

“Just a guess. I looked at your chart before coming in here. It seems as though you have a rather bad case of Crohn’s disease, is that correct?” He nodded, still cautious. “And you’re scheduled later today for elective colorectal surgery, is that also correct?”

“Yeah, but I changed my mind. I’m getting out of here.” He easily pulled his arm free from my hand and made once more for the door.

“Imagine how debilitating Crohn’s disease can be on the basketball court.” He paused midstride and slowly turned back to me. His tongue slid between his thick pink lips, moistening them to a shiny twinkle.

“I know, but…”

“If you want to play ball then you’ll have the procedure.”

Reluctantly, he returned to the table.

“This shouldn’t take more than ten minutes. It’s a pretty standard soapsuds enema. We only use pure castile soap so it’s perfectly safe.” He nodded, licking those thick, pink lips again as his limbs quivered. I licked my lips too.

“Now, I’m going to place this incontinence pad here on the table. Then, I need you to get back up on it and kneel with your ass facing up and out.”

“Up and out,” he repeated, eyeing the incontinence pad as though it was made of poison.

He heaved his shoulders heavily as he climbed onto the table and kneeled there, his forehead touching the hospital bed while his ass stuck out into the open air. It was a rich chocolate color, darker than most black men I’d seen before, and I couldn’t help but be curious as to whether or not his cock was as dark as the rest of him.

“Perhaps we should take your gown off first,” I said as it ruffled under him, touching the table and obstructing my view of his face. I was already reaching for it when he slammed his ass back onto the table and pulled the gown to him like a life preserver.

“I wanna keep my gown,” he said. His voice was deep for a twenty-year-old. The gown was riding up his thighs, revealing the shiny dark skin that ran from his feet all the way to his groin.  

“If any of the enema fluid gets on the gown it could compromise the sterility of the procedure.”

He grudgingly let go of it, handing it to me as I took in the size of his cock. It was impossible to miss. It hung thick and low between his tight brown thighs, the tip of it teasing me with its dark rose color. Black curly hair rose over the base of his shaft, so light and fluffy they looked like they’d been blow-dried. His shaft was massive. The expanse of it alone was enough to fill the space between his thighs but it also hung several inches towards the ground, a rich nighttime color I had never seen before. My heart thumped once in my chest as he moved and his massive cock moved with him.

“Now resume your posture,” I said, a little breathless. I tried to focus on the work before me.

My cart was already set with everything I needed. “I’m just going to take this pitcher to the bathroom and fill it with water.” Jamal took that to mean he could continue sitting on his ass with his legs spread. I was tempted to let him. In the bathroom, I turned the warm water on and filled the pitcher, placing it back on the cart when I was done.

“N-now what?” he asked, trembling. I looked into his face and realized for the first time how young he looked. He may have had more muscles than any man I’d laid eyes on, but his face was all boy.

“Now I’m going to fill the enema bag with this water and add the castile soap. Then I’ll raise the bag, release the clamp, and let the solution flow just until it fills the tubing.”

He shuddered violently when I held up the long plastic tube that would connect him to his enema bag. “Don’t worry, I’ll use a water soluble lubricant on both you and the tube before insertion. In fact, why don’t we do that now?”

I placed a glove over my hand before taking the jar of lubricant and squirting it onto the tip of my index finger. “Ass up, please,” I said. He sat staring at me, his whole body shaking. I suddenly thought that it might help if I sounded more like his coach than his nurse. I lowered my voice and opened my mouth wide like I was a drill sergeant instead of a nurse. “Landreth! Ass up and out! Now!”

It worked. Something in his brain clicked over into an automaton mode and he kneeled on the bed with his ass up and out, as directed. The dark hole at the center of his ass was hidden between his buttocks. Slowly, I spread him wide open. My heart fluttered at the sight of his dark purple hole. I felt my cock growing hard in my pants as I moved my finger steadily towards him, barely touching him before he quivered against me. I inserted the tip of my index finger slowly, making sure the lube worked its way inside him.

His ass grew wet and soon my finger was sliding in and out of him easily. I took the enema tube and applied more lube to that, then, slowly, I began the insertion. His back stiffened as the tube made it’s way into his rectum. I pulled my glove off and set it aside.

“The hard part’s over now,” I told him, gently stroking my hand over the lower half of his back, trying to comfort him. His back muscles were hard and I began massaging them, slowly working my way around his waist until my hand touched the tip of his massive cock as it dangled thickly between his thighs. He jumped when I touched him and the tube fell out of his ass.

“Dammit!” I shouted, taking a deep breath. “I forgot to tell you that you can’t move at all during the procedure or it can fuck things up.” I took the tube up off the floor and opened a new one.

“What were you doing there?”

“I’m giving you a new tube because that one is no longer sterilized.”

“I mean with your hand. It seemed…” His eyes darkened, looking intently at me. “It seemed like you were trying to feel me up or something.”

I sighed. “I was only checking to see how you were responding to the treatment. Sometimes an enema can have strange effects on your penis.”

His cheeks glowed a bright red even under his chocolate skin. “Like what?”

“Like… oh… anything. Your cock could get too hard and then you’ll be stuck in a four hour long erection. Does that sound pleasant to you?”

He shook his head violently back and forth, his eyes widening. “That can happen from an enema?”

“Yes. Now let’s try this again and this time let me do my job.”

He bounced back into position, more eager to do as instructed now that he knew the consequences. His sweet, dark ass wiggled before me as he swayed slightly on his knees. I attached the new tube to the enema bag and once again spread his cheeks. His dark purple opening wasn’t quite as purple as I’d originally thought. Now I saw that it glowed a light pink beneath the purple, like a sunset. I layered my bare finger with lubricant and circled his opening as he groaned softly to himself. I smiled, knowing that he was enjoying this. Slowly, I inserted the tube after lubing it up for him. It slipped inside him easily. One inch… two inches… three inches. I wondered how far it could go into this hulking body.

“There we go,” I said and felt my cock start to shift inside my pants, pressing tightly against them. I took deep breaths and tried to forget about the mass of muscles lurking just inches from me. His skin was hot and as I began massaging his lower back again my hand couldn’t help but wind its way around to his front. I gripped his cock loosely in my hand and felt it stiffen as I slowly stroked him.

“Does that hurt?” I asked.


“Good. That’s a good sign. I just need to feel your balls a bit.” I squeezed one of them and his cock stiffened and swung out sideways, smacking against my hand like a baseball bat with a mind of its own. I jumped slightly, startled, and that startled him. He shifted on the bed and the tube fell out of his ass once again.

“Jamal!” I cried out.

“I’m sorry,” he said, blushing furiously. His chest was dark and the muscles that rippled over it when he breathed had my body working into a frenzy. It was like looking at a mountain range at midnight.

“I don’t have an endless supply of enema tubes,” I told him. “We haven’t even gotten halfway through the procedure yet. I need the soapsuds to get into you before you expel anything. Once that happens, you’ll have about two minutes before you feel the need to expel.”

“Sorry,” he said again, and I was again reminded of his youth.

“It’s okay,” I said, stroking his broad shoulders with my creamy white hands. “Third time’s the charm. This time, don’t move. No matter what.”

I opened a new tube, lubricated it, and then inserted it into that beautiful sunset colored hole that laid so sweetly between his two juicy ass cheeks. Finally, I made it to the point where I could flip the switch and let the water flow through his tubing.

“How long do I have to kneel here?” he asked as I traced his spine up and down his back with the index finger I’d just had inside him.

“Not long,” I said, smiling. When he sneezed and the tube came out again, I thought I was going to lose my shit. I needed him to stay still for a bit so I could… thoroughly examine him.

“I’m so, so sorry,” Jamal said, sitting on his ass.

“You need something to take your mind off of what’s going on,” I told him. “I’m going to try something different this time. Alright?”

He nodded excitedly, happy that I had a plan. I reached under him, between his tight, sunburned thighs, and grabbed a firm hold of his cock. I stroked it slowly up and down, up and down, until I felt it tighten into a solid muscle.

“Feel what I’m doing?” I asked.

“Yes,” he breathed.

“Can you do that now, to yourself? While I do this?”

“I’ll try.”

Jamal was strong. Even propped up on his elbows with his ass in the air he was easily able to balance himself as he began to slowly jerk himself off. My cock was buzzing with excitement between my own tight thighs and I couldn’t help myself. I pushed my pants to my knees and let my cock spring free. It was hard and white, the exact opposite color of Jamal’s. I moved my hand eagerly over it, but I was more anxious for someone else to touch it. I couldn’t risk the tube falling out again, so I stepped back and watched Jamal’s large, black hands steadily jerk the massive cock hanging solidly between his thighs.

My own cock was a brick wall and as I moved my hand swiftly over it I felt the erotic exhilaration that only deep arousal can bring. “Jamal,” I cried, “look at me.” I stepped beside the bed so he could turn his head and watch my thick white cock, while he stroked his thick black cock in his muscular hands. He didn’t say anything, he just kept stroking himself faster and faster. My cock was throbbing now. I didn’t think I could finish the job alone, so when I turned and saw all the fluid had finally run through the enema bag I quickly pulled the tube out of him and let it drop to the floor. I got beside him on the bed as he lowered his ass on the mattress.

“We only have two minutes before you need to expel,” I told him, my words rushed.

I grabbed hold of his massive, black shaft with my left hand, my heart racing as my soft white hand moved quickly up and over his ebony skin. He took my cock into his right hand, stroking me until my cock tingled under his dark muscles. His hands were huge but his fingers were feather light. They stroked me with surprising precision, sending ripples of pleasure up and down my spine.

My milky hand moved over his midnight colored cock faster and faster, precum oozing from his dark rose colored tip as my fingers massaged his balls. His sticky juices shimmered under the hospital lights and my own cock felt hard as nails, growing every minute. He hand fucked me with his delicious onyx colored hands until my masculine juices started to flow.

“Oh,” he suddenly moaned. “I think I need…”

“Hang on. Just a minute.”

I moved my hand up and down his thick, throbbing shaft faster and faster, until finally I saw what I was looking for. Thick, white pearls of cum sizzled out of his perfect pink tip, sliding down my snow white skin as I continued to jerk him until the last drops had been drained. My own cock pulsated faster and harder under his direction. His hand squeezed my cock tightly, dropping to my tennis ball sized testicles and squeezing them too before flying back up my throbbing shaft. Suddenly, I erupted.

Alabaster droplets came spilling out of me, running down his ebony hand and leaving a sheen on it like a snail’s trail. My body released the tension it had been holding. Suddenly, Jamal was up and running for the bathroom.

“Time to expel,” he shouted and slammed the bathroom door.

I lay there a second before pulling my pants back up.

“Jamal?” I asked through the door as I gathered my things.

“I’m good. Thanks for all your help.”

“No problem. I’ll check back on you later. Oh, you may need another enema some time after your colorectal surgery. In fact, regular enemas might help your Crohn’s disease. I’ll just leave my name on the desk and you can schedule an appointment with the receptionist any time you like.”

“Thanks, Grant.”

“Thank you, Jamal,” I said, smiling.

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