An Humiliating Exam – Part 2

by Doctor Jackman

I was fully naked now, and very aware of it. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t cover myself up. My cheeks burned furiously but I refused to give in to embarrassment. I lay there as if nothing were wrong. This was all so awkward for me. The bigger part of me was pleased to know that I was the only naked person in the room, yet another part of me was mortified by it.

 “Now then, let’s continue,” Dr. Bryant said. He took hold of my right testicle, cradling it gently in his giant palm. My body stiffened. My nerves shot up. “Do you all see the vibrancy of his skin tone? The golden brown color that covers every inch of him, from his abdomen to his balls?” 

He lifted my testicle gently, showing it off to the group like it was a trophy. “He almost glows. This is how I know that he is healthy. If he were seriously ill, or if there were some underlying problem with his hernias, we would be able to tell. His skin would be pallid. His balls would not be nearly so firm. Holding his testicle in my hand is like holding a golf ball. Would anyone like to feel?”

Mark stepped timidly forward, as did Thomas.

“Good,” Dr. Bryant said. “Come here, both of you.” He passed my testicle first to Mark, who quickly squeezed it before giving it to Thomas. Thomas took his time with it. He showed no trace of embarrassment. My cock started to rise some more as he delicately rolled my testes between his fingers. His hands were soft and hot and I couldn’t stop my growing excitement.

I sucked in a deep breath, trying to will my erection to go back down, but it was no use.

Dr. Bryant chuckled. “All perfectly natural, just remember that.” I wasn’t sure whether he was talking to me or to the med students. Thomas finally let go of my balls and returned to the group.

“One thing neither of you did,” Dr. Bryant said, looking from Mark to Thomas. “We must always remember to check both the right and left testes. You do not want any abnormalities on either side.” He grabbed my right testicle again, massaging it with his hand as he lectured the group. The back of his hand smacked against my thick, long shaft every time he moved. It was creating a frenzy of arousal deep inside me. My cock throbbed with anticipation.

“His right testes is smooth, with only a hint coarseness. Do you all see the deep pink undercurrent of color beneath his golden skin? That’s healthy. All men’s balls should look like this.”

I blushed at the compliment. I liked hearing that my balls were the epitome of manhood. My growing excitement was impossible to hide now, though I continued to try. I wasn’t yet ready to give in to my arousal. I was a fucking man. I could suck it up and get through this. It was all mind over matter. If I tried hard enough, I could will my prick to go back down. Only it wasn’t helping the way Dr. Bryant kept massaging my balls, and the way the back of his hand kept accidentally stroking my thick, long shaft.

“Now we move on to the left testes. Note its roundness. It matches the right one perfectly.” There were a few giggles from the med students as Dr. Bryant bent closer to my cock, licking his lips. “This is a perfect man, right here. We’re lucky to have him for this exam.”

A tall student with dark, wavy hair raised his hand. “Does size tell us anything?” he asked, trying not to laugh.

“Oh yes,” Dr. Bryant exclaimed, his eyes lighting up. “That’s a great question, Anthony. If we measure his right testicle against his left, we see that they are the same width. But we must be more precise than that.” He went to a cabinet at the side of the room and returned holding something looked like misshapen anal beads.

“Who can tell me what this is?”

No one raised their hand. Dr. Bryant smiled. “It is called an orchidometer. It is used to precisely measure the size of the testes. A size of one to three indicates pre-puberty. Four to twelve indicates puberty. And twelve to twenty-five indicates manhood.”

“What’s the biggest you’ve ever seen?” one of the girls in the group asked.

“Fifteen. No one is ever higher than fifteen.”

He bent back to me and gripped my left testicle again. I felt each eye in the room on me, driving a steady buzz of energy up and down my spine. Whenever Dr. Bryant let go of me it felt like I was lying on ice cubes. The second he touched me again it felt as though I were lying in a warm bath. Heat flooded me and my heart raced. Blood surged and the tip of my cock began to tingle.

“Oh my,” Dr. Bryant said, moving his head closer to my cock again. I could feel his warm breath blowing against my skin, making me quiver. “Impossible.” 

He squeezed my left testes in one hand, then my right, then my left again. His other hand held the orchidometer. There were twelve different sized stones attached to a string. They ranged in size from one to twenty-five. He went through each one, gripping them tightly as he rolled by balls back and forth between his fingers, warming them. Finally, he bent down and licked each of my testes with his tongue, like a cat bathing itself. 

“I’ve never seen anything like it. He’s a perfect twenty-five. Even when I wetted him with my tongue, there was no sign of shrinkage.”

“Maybe you should double check,” someone said. Half of the group snickered, but I could see that the other half was getting turned on. There faces were pink and glowed with excitement. It only made my own excitement harder to control.

“Good point,” Dr. Bryant said.

He lowered himself to me again and I felt the rough edges of his tongue slide over my balls. His broad, pink tongue lapped at me like I was a saucer of milk. He took each ball into his mouth, twirling his tongue around them, applying different amounts of pressure. My body was going crazy now. My erection grew another foot. I couldn’t block out the sensation of all those eyes on me. When Dr. Bryant finally lifted his head and wiped his mouth, disappointment washed through me. My cock was aching to be touched again.

“Do you see that? Even with the moisture from my mouth, nothing can reduce the size of his balls.”

Thomas was looking at me like he wanted to try applying his own tongue to me. 

“Is this the way you normally examine a patient?” Allison asked. I could hear the disapproval in her voice. When I saw her face, my embarrassment suddenly flooded back. She was looking at me like I was some sort of test subject, rather than a man. My prick managed to shrink two inches under her harsh, disapproving stare.

“We must always be as thorough as possible,” Dr. Bryant said. “I don’t typically go to these lengths with every patient, but since you are all here we must make the most of this opportunity.”

“Are there any other questions right now?” Dr. Bryant asked. No one said anything. “Good. We should continue our examination then. I’m going to inspect the rest of his shaft. I want you all to pay particular attention to how healthy it looks, despite the inguinal hernias he’s suffering from.”

Dr. Bryant took my massive shaft in his hand, running his heavy fingers up and over it. His touch was surprisingly light and my back arched slightly as my erection grew another three inches. I heard someone giggle and my whole face turned crimson.

 “I’m sorry,” I murmured. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I can’t seem to control myself.”

“It’s alright,” Dr. Bryant replied, barely looking at me. “Perfectly natural.” He was absorbed with my cock. His gaze burned into me. “This is the thickest, longest shaft I have ever seen,” Dr. Bryant said, turning back to the med students. His eyes were lit up with excitement. “Do you all see how the veins in his shaft run smoothly from the base of his cock to its tip?” He traced his finger up and over my cock to as he spoke, illustrating everything.

“What about the tip?” Thomas asked. “Is his color good?” He licked his lips as he spoke. There was a deep desire in his eyes that made my body ache. My arousal was impossible to hide. My cock throbbed and I didn’t know what I would do if I didn’t get to take care of it soon. I was afraid I’d be left with a painful case of blue balls. 

“Oh yes,” Dr. Bryant said, rubbing the back of his thumb in circles over the tip of my cock. His thumb had a small callous in the center of his thumb pad. The roughness of it against the smoothness of my tip made me tremble with excitement. 

“His tip is a healthy dark pink. It is as smooth and tight as his abs. Look how his cock responds as I rub my thumb over him. His whole cock seems charged with energy now. He continues to grow and widen. His shaft is so thick I can barely wrap my hand around it anymore. This is a healthy, virile man.”

Dr. Bryant’s own golden skin began to blend with mine as he wrapped his whole hand around my aching shaft, so that I was encased in his warm, sweaty palm. He moved his hand up and down my cock, sending ripples of intense pleasure up my spine. 

“Let’s see if he will grow some more for us. I’ve never seen anyone so robust as Mr. Mason.”

A small groan escaped my lips as Dr. Bryant moved his hand faster over me, applying more pressure to my already throbbing shaft.

“I can’t… please stop,” I tried to speak but my body was convulsing with the erotic pleasure from his hand gliding over me. The sweat from his palm acted as a lubricant and made me tingle.

“Dr. Bryant,” Allison said. “I think Mr. Mason wants you to stop. I think he might be, er, uncomfortable.”

“Nonsense,” Dr. Bryant said. “Look how much his shaft has expanded. His cock must be at least eight inches long right now, and it is as hard as a rock. Come up here, Allison, you must feel this. It’s extraordinary. I’ve never felt a cock so hard as Mr. Mason’s.”

“Um, no thanks,” Allison said, blushing. Thomas stepped forward though, so did several others. They approached my bed, each taking a turn touching my cock. Their white lab coats shined under the overhead lights and my eyes began to water with how much pleasure and pain I was experiencing at once. It felt like my cock was going to explode but I didn’t want to cum all over these med students. I forced myself to keep everything in but it hurt to do so.

At least six pairs of hands explored my massive shaft. The hands that touched me were all different. Some were hard and dry, some were soft and warm. They all stroked me once or twice before rejoining the rest of the group. The students who refrained from touching me were all blushing. Some of them looked away. But the ones who had touched me clearly wanted more of me. I felt like I was on a stage under a spotlight, the star of a show. The stimulation was too much for me to handle. 

“Mr. Mason looks a little pale,” Mark said. 

Dr. Bryant bent closer to my face. I could feel his breath blow against my skin. It was sweet like candy and hot like desert air. “Quite right,” he said. “Do you feel alright, Mr. Mason? Is there anything you need?” He took my cock in his palm again and began to check it. “The hardened ribs of his shaft indicate that his cock is fully engorged now. His balls are as firm and large as tennis balls. I believe that Mr. Mason needs to be relieved from the intensity of his erection.”

“Oh,” I moaned as his thumb circled the tip of my cock once more.

 “You see,” Dr. Bryant said triumphantly. “His body has responded in a perfectly natural way to our examination of him, but at the same time it has caused him to become so aroused that he will remain in physical pain if we do not help to ease his excitement.”

“Um, ease it?” Allison asked.

“Yes,” Dr. Bryant replied. “You must never leave a patient in pain when there is a way to help him. Write that down.”

A dozen eyes went to their clipboards and I heard their pens writing on the paper as they jotted down everything Dr. Bryant said.

“Watch how quickly I take care of Mr. Mason’s discomfort. You should all take notes, as you never know when something like this might come up in your career.”

Dr. Bryant turned back to me now. Slowly, he wrapped his large, heavy palm around my cock, wrapping me up with his hand like he was covering me in a blanket. He began to stroke my thick, throbbing shaft. I was rock hard and ready for anything that he might do. My body couldn’t wait for his touch. He stroked me slowly at first, testing me, letting me feel the strength of his hand muscles as he flexed his fingers around me.

 He began to move faster, smiling as he did so. My body began to shake. I knew I should be embarrassed, and part of me was, but the bigger part of me was too caught up in what Dr. Bryant was doing to my body. His right hand continued to stroke me, but his left hand reached out, wanting to play with me too. He grabbed my balls, taking my right testicle into his left hand and cradling it like it was an egg that might shatter if he squeezed too hard.

“Do you like this?” he asked. 

I nodded. 

“Harder or softer?” he asked.

I was embarrassed by the question but didn’t want him to stop. “Harder,” I whispered, and his left hand squeezed my testicle like he was squeezing a grapefruit now instead of an egg. Slowly, he began to massage my balls, taking turns with each one as he continued to stroke me with his other hand. His hands caressed me… manipulated me. My balls were rock hard and I couldn’t believe that I was enjoying this so much. 

“I think he needs more lubrication,” one of the med students said, trying to hide the laughter in his voice.

“I think you’re right,” Dr. Bryant said. He removed his hands from my cock and balls and lowered his headd to my hips. His thick, pink tongue reached out and touched the tip of my cock, swirling it around the opening, making me wet. Slowly, he took me into his mouth. It was like sinking into a warm bath. 

I was amazed he could fit my whole cock inside him and not choke. His lips hit the base of my shaft and slowly he began to move his head up and down. I felt the tip of my cock hit the back of his throat and was excited to know how completely I was inside him. His mouth opened wider as my cock expanded another inch. His lips tightened around me and the pressure they applied made me start to sweat. I’d never felt anything like this before. Every eye in the room was on us. Even the med students who’d been embarrassed were watching now, fascinated. I was the star of the show and they couldn’t take their eyes off me.

Finally, I felt the trickle of precum ooze from my tip and Dr. Bryant pulled away from me, licking each of my balls before replacing his hand over my rock hard cock. Hot electric energy surged through my blood, engorging my cock that much more. 

“Amazing,” I heard Dr. Bryant whisper to himself and knew that he was taking mental notes of my cock and the way it continued to grow and expand. I was flattered that I could impress him so much. His palm gripped my cock firmly now, squeezing it hard as he moved it up and down my shaft. Every few strokes he circled the tip of my cock with his thumb. 

His left hand cradled my balls again, only this time he began to squeeze them like they were a water balloon he was trying to pop. It hurt a little, but it also turned me on. He’d left my cock and balls so wet from his saliva that it felt like my balls were being clasped by a firm, wet sponge. My cock felt like a Slip n’ Slide as his moist palm slid over me faster and faster. My body began to shake. My legs began to quiver. 

“That’s right,” Dr. Bryant murmured. The deep sound of his voice egged me on towards the erotic light at the end of the tunnel. Precum seeped from the tip of my dark pink tip and merged with his saliva, making my cock extra silky and wet. His hand was flying over my rock hard cock now, like a speed boat skipping over the water.

 Suddenly, my back arched. My body tensed. Sweet pearls of snow white cum exploded from my opening. They ran over Dr. Bryant’s tanned, muscular hand, making it glisten. He smiled and stroked me slowly a few more times before pulling his hand away.

“There now,” he said, then turned back to the group. “Mr. Mason is no longer in any discomfort. Could someone hand me a towel please?”

Thomas handed him a white terry cloth towel and Dr. Bryant wiped his hands off before turning to me and cleaning my cock up. The med students were all scribbling furiously on their clipboards. Dr. Bryant went over to the sink and washed his hands off.

“Now then,” he said. “We still have several more rounds to make. Are there any questions before we move on?”

The students looked around at each other. Some of them eyed me speculatively and I wondered if they weren’t a little interested in maybe trying Dr. Bryant’s techniques out on me themselves.

“Good,” Dr. Bryant said when no one said anything. “Then let us continue with our rounds. Mr. Mason, I shall see you in the morning for your surgery. And don’t worry, I assure you that you are in good hands.” He smiled reassuringly before exiting with the students. I lay back on my bed, staring at the ceiling. I wasn’t worried about the surgery tomorrow. I knew from experience that Dr. Bryant’s hands were more than capable of handling my body.

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