An Humiliating Exam – Part 1

by Doctor Jackman

I lay in my hospital bed staring at the ceiling. I hated being here. I hated hospitals, period. A nurse came in to check my vitals as the machine next to me let out a loud beep. She was older than the type of girl I normally liked, maybe thirty, but still kind of pretty in her own way. I studied her as she checked my IV. I hated the needle that was poking out of my arm. More than that, I hated that it made me queasy whenever I looked at it.

I wasn’t the type of guy who got queasy looking at needles. I was an athlete. A trainer. I’d played football in college and now, at thirty, I was still training hard. Muscles rippled up and down my arms. My biceps bulged like melons under my tight, golden skin. I had trouble finding t-shirts that I could fit over my beefy body. Guys like me made fun of guys who got queasy looking at needles.

 “Hey,” I said to the nurse, who was taking my blood pressure now. The cuff was wrapped tightly around my bicep. She almost hadn’t been able to fit it around me. “Let me out of here and I’ll buy you a drink.”

The nurse smiled at me but continued about her business. “Doctor Bryant will be in shortly to check on you, Mr. Mason,” she said. 

“Call me Joshua.”

I could tell she was flattered. And why not? I was probably the hottest guy she would talk to all day. And I was lying here in this skimpy hospital gown. If she looked hard enough she could see my cock resting gently between my thighs under the shear blue fabric.

“No chance on blowing this place then?” I asked. 

“Not with a double inguinal hernia,” she said, giving me a stern look before leaving the room. 

I lay back against the pillow, thinking about all the things I was gonna do when I got out of here. They’d initially told me it would be an outpatient procedure, but then they’d discovered the problem was bigger than they’d originally thought. Nothing to worry about, they said, but they wanted to keep me the day before and the day after the surgery. I thought it was all bullshit, but I didn’t know enough about it to argue the point. At least I wasn’t stuck with a roommate.

A man’s voice sounded clearly from outside my room. It was deep and husky. The type of voice most women swooned over. He was talking loudly and sounded sort of pompous. “Now we will check in with Mr. Mason,” the voice said. “I expect you all to pay attention on this one. Everyone should take notes.” 

Suddenly, the room was filled with people. Men and women with clipboards gathered around my hospital bed, staring at me in my gown. There were at least a dozen of them, and they were all in their twenties. I jolted up to a sitting position and felt my groin muscles tighten and pull, causing a deep ache in my genital area. I grimaced and tried to relax again. The last thing I needed was to make things any worse than they already were. 

“Hello, Mr. Mason,” the doctor in charge said, stepping through the crowd. He was a little older than myself. Early forties with dark, windswept hair and piercing blue eyes. At six feet four inches tall, he towered over most of the others in the room. He was the type of man most women would have characterized as handsome. A young Sean Connery. He wore a white lab coat and had a stethoscope around his neck. “I’m Dr. John Bryant. We haven’t formally met yet, but I’ll be the one doing your procedure in the morning.”

“Hey, Doc,” I said, shooting the room my ladykiller smile. I wasn’t about to let these people see how uncomfortable I really was. Athletes like me didn’t show pain and discomfort. They worked through the pain with a smile on their face.

“I’m making the rounds with our first year residents today,” Dr. Bryant said. “You don’t mind if there are a few extra people in here while I examine you, do you? These students have to learn somehow, you know.” He lifted his eyebrows and put one large hand against my forehead, checking my temperature like my mom used to do. The doctor’s hand was warm and I was surprised to find that I liked the way it felt against my skin. “Good then, I’ll just get started.”

Dr. Bryant talked so fast he hardly gave me any time to answer. I was not at all certain I was comfortable having a roomful of med students staring at me and taking notes, but I wasn’t sure what to do about it. So I decided to just roll with it and hope that the doctor got through this quickly.

Dr. Bryant turned to his students. “Now, who can tell me what condition Mr. Mason is suffering from?”

A dozen hands shot into the air at once. “Allison,” Dr. Bryant said, calling on a pretty twenty-five-year-old with blonde ringlets. 

“Inguinal hernia,” she promptly responded.

“Good. And who can tell me how inguinal hernias differ from femoral hernias.”

The same dozen hands shot into the air. 


A man with shaggy blonde hair and alabaster skin began to recite something that he had clearly memorized from a book. “Femoral hernias are more common in women. They usually occur after childbirth. Inguinal hernias are the most common type of hernia and are more common in men.”

“Good,” Dr. Bryant said. A dozen eyes lowered to their clipboards as the students wrote down everything Mark had said. “Who can elaborate?”

Half as many hands shot into the air this time. 

“Richard,” Dr. Bryant said. The man he called on was slightly younger than the rest of the group, with acne across his forehead and greasy hair that showed he hadn’t showered in days. He started reciting things like he was a talking text book.

“Inguinal hernias develop in the groin area when fatty or intestinal tissues push through the inguinal canal.”

“Good,” Dr. Bryant said. The students went back to their clipboards and I tried to act as if I didn’t care they were here. My legs were muscular and poked out from under my hospital gown. I was fine with them seeing that much of me, but I wasn’t wearing any underwear. I had some doubts about showing off my cock and balls to these kids, some of whom looked like they were just out of high school. 

“Where is the inguinal canal?” Dr. Bryant asked the group. This time, only three hands rose into the air. “Thomas.” He called on a good looking jock with skin almost as tan as Dr. Bryant’s.

“The inguinal canal resides at the base of the abdomen,” Thomas promptly said, nodding his head as though he were reassuring himself.

 “Good. Now, I’m going to show you where exactly the canal is,” Dr. Bryant said, turning back to me. He smiled at me and I felt my body tense. “Now then,” Dr. Bryant continued, “you don’t mind if I show the students here your inguinal canal, do you?”

“Uh…” I said, suddenly flustered. “I… I guess not.”

“Good,” Dr. Bryant said, and promptly lifted the bottom half of my gown. My face flushed. I felt a dozen pairs of eyes staring at my cock. This was exactly what I hadn’t wanted.

 “Now, look here,” Dr. Bryant said, moving my testicles aside. His hand was large and warm and I tried to ignore the tingling sensation creeping into me as Dr. Bryant’s thick fingers traced a path from my cock to my lower abdomen. “This is where the bulge is located. There is also a smaller one on his left side, but it is the right side where the bulge is most dominant.”

“I don’t see anything,” the med student named Thomas said. 

“You can’t always see the bulge, even with a double hernia. Sometimes it’s easier if you feel it. Come up here, Thomas.”

Thomas approached the hospital bed.

“Now touch Mr. Mason. Right here.”

“Uh…” I said. “I’m not so sure about this.” Dr. Bryant ignored me. He was so focused on teaching Thomas and the others where my inguinal canal was that I wasn’t sure he was even aware that my skin was starting to prick up in goosebumps. 

Thomas reached out his hand and touched me with feather light fingers. Slowly, he moved them up and down my skin, feeling for my bulge. My prick began to tingle along with the rest of me. A shot of excitement surged through my blood.

“Now the rest of you come up,” Dr. Bryant said. One by one, the med students all came up and touched my lower abdomen, just above the base of my cock. My cheeks burned and I began to sweat. I was distinctly aware that I was the only naked person in the room. Everyone else was fully clothed. More than that, they were wearing multiple layers of clothing with their white lab coats. 

I felt like a specimen as their hands all stroked my skin, pressing gently against me. Some pressed harder than others. Dull pain pulsed in the back of my abdomen, but I was too distracted to care about it. I was both nervous and excited at the same time. I wanted them to stop, yet their hands were so warm. There was something arousing about being the only naked person in the room. I was glad they were all fully dressed. It made me feel special. Like I had their undivided attention.

“In men,” Dr. Bryant continued, now that everyone had taken their turn with me. He pulled my hospital gown back down to cover me. I licked my lips, wondering what the hell was wrong with me. I didn’t want strangers looking at me. Yet now that their eyes were back on their clipboards instead of on me, I felt a pang of disappointment. I was no longer the center of their attention.

 “In men, the testes generally descend through the inguinal canal before the woman gives birth,” Dr. Bryant said. “Usually the bulge that results in this area when one has an inguinal hernia is much more painful than Mr. Mason seems to be demonstrating for us. Especially when a double hernia is involved.”

 He turned back to me suddenly, his blue eyes so intense that I blushed once more under his gaze. “Are you sure you’re not in more pain?” he asked me.

“I… I don’t think so.” The hair on the back of my neck stood on end. I was both frightened and excited at what Dr. Bryant might do next.

Suddenly, he lifted my gown again and began to press his hands to me. I felt a swift thrill as my cock was revealed once more to its audience. Only a sliver of embarrassment lingered in the back of my brain. It was much more thrilling to feel their eyes on me, knowing that I was once again the focal point of a dozen med students, studying me… watching me with a centralized concentration that made my body throb with electric fire.

“What about when I press here?” Dr. Bryant asked, pushing against my abdomen again. 

“Yes,” I told him. “I feel it, I guess, but the pain’s not that bad.”

“Interesting,” he murmured, sliding his hands further down my abdomen so that they were resting at the base of my cock now. “What about here?”

“The same,” I said. I felt the blush creep back into my cheeks as Dr. Bryant lowered his hands even further. His fingers brushed against my pubic hair, thick, dark curls against his perfectly tanned skin. 

“Any change?” he asked. I shook my head.

“Is this normal?” one of the students asked. “Shouldn’t that hurt him?”

“Yes,” Dr. Bryant said. “It may be that he’s grown so used to the pain that it’s become imperceptible to him. If his penis were withered or unnatural looking in some way, I would be more concerned. But look here.” He pushed my gown further up my body, stopping just before my nipples. 

“You see how chiseled his abs are,” Dr. Bryant said. He placed one hand on my stomach and gave a hard push. The harder he pushed, the more my prick buzzed with energy. Part of me wanted the students to turn away, to stop looking, but the bigger part of me was too turned on by it all. My heart started beating faster. 

“You see how sculpted Mr. Mason’s form is. His abs are clearly defined. His skin is tight and robust. He clearly works out.” The med students all nodded. They were focused intently on me. 

One of them turned his clipboard slightly and on his paper was a sketch of my cock and balls. I couldn’t believe how seriously these students were taking my body. It was making me hot. My cock began to throb. I willed it to stay down. It was one thing to feel the pulse of erotic energy coursing through me, but it would be another to get a fucking hard on in front of all these people. My cheeks were still red and I didn’t need to make them any redder.

“How often do you work out, Mr. Mason?” Dr. Bryant asked me. 

“Oh, um… five times a week. Before this happened.” I tried to smile but my lips felt frozen. It was strange having so many eyes focused on me. I fought the urge to cover myself back up. I was raised to have some humility. To know which boundaries should and shouldn’t be crossed. 

If my parents were here now, they definitely would not approve of this teaching exercise. My father would have shit himself if so many people saw him naked. The guys at the gym were a little more casual. We were used to showering together, but still, even then, you didn’t look. Not really. A quick peek sideways, maybe, but that was it.

“Dr. Bryant?” Mark, the attractive man with the shaggy blonde hair, asked. “I’m not sure I understand what a double hernia means.”

“It’s simple,” Dr. Bryant said. He slid his hand to my left side and touched my lower abdomen there now. “A double hernia simply means that he has a hernia on both the right and left side. It’s usually more common in older men, which clearly is not the case here, is it?” he asked me, smiling as if he’d paid me a compliment. I guess he had, but I was getting so distracted now by the way his hands felt on my skin that I wasn’t thinking quite clearly.

Mark jotted something down on his clipboard. “Can I feel?” he asked. 

“Yes, come up here.” Mark stepped towards me and pressed against me with his surprisingly soft hands. He was concentrating so hard that his eyes narrowed and a thick line formed across his brow. 

“I still don’t feel it,” Mark said. 

“Move your hand lower,” Dr. Bryant told him, taking Mark’s hand and guiding it down so that he was at the base of my shaft now. “Trace this line here, from the top of his shaft to his lower abdomen.” Mark’s thick fingers moved up and down my body, back and forth between my lower abdomen to the top of my shaft. My prick began to rise as he did so. It was a small movement at first. I hoped no one would notice, but I saw Mark blush and his hand pulled quickly away. I felt like an idiot.

“Sorry,” I murmured. 

“It’s alright,” Dr. Bryant said, shooing Mark away. “It’s perfectly natural.” He turned back to the group of students. “Write that down,” he said. “Often, when you are examining a patient’s testicular region, you will get an effect such as Mr. Mason is now illustrating for us.”

“You mean he gets a hard on?” one of the guys in the group said, snickering. My cheeks burned a bright red. They thought this was funny.

“Yes,” Dr. Bryant said, sounding rather stern. “That is correct and it is nothing to be embarrassed about. Remember that. It is your job to ease the patient’s discomfort should such a situation arise.”

The students all laughed when Dr. Bryant said “arise.” He ignored them and continued his exam of me, not heeding his own words to the group regarding easing the patient’s discomfort. Despite my hardening shaft, I was too self-conscious to derive any real pleasure from it. Especially now that the students were laughing at me.

“Hey, Dr. Bryant,” Allison, the girl with blonde ringlets said. “What was it you were saying before about a withered penis?”

“Oh yes, thank you for reminding me, Allison.” He turned back to me and his elbow brushed against my gown, shoving it into my face. “You know, I think this exam will go easier if we just take this gown off for now. You don’t mind, do you?” he asked me, then removed my gown without waiting for a reply. Dr. Bryant handed my gown to one of the students who set it aside on a dresser.

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