My First Prison Group Physical

My First Prison Group Physical
by Doctor Jackman

It was my first time in prison. I’m not a bad guy, I just have a predilection for taking things that don’t belong to me. The first time it was my sister’s bicycle. Then it was a neighbor’s TV. That time it had been a stranger’s car. It had been so pretty though, sitting there all red and shiny, parked against the curb just waiting for me to come by.

Seriously though. What’s a guy supposed to do when some idiot valet leaves the keys to a 2015 Ferrari 458 Spider in the ignition? How does it even count as stealing if the keys are just sitting there? If you asked me, the valet should’ve been the one going to prison. I’d told my lawyer to play that up—the fact that I didn’t have to hot wire it or break a window or anything. But my lawyer was a court appointed idiot.

One year in Stateville. Plus probation. Not exactly the end of the world. But when you’re from a small town like I am, where everyone is poor and white and in bed by nine, I’d be lying if I said that going to prison for even one year wasn’t a little scary.

I’d only started serving my time for a couple of days when it was announced that the prison doctors were coming by for a “general inspection.” Isn’t that a kick? The way they phrased things in there made us sound like an assembly line of car parts. I was a little nervous. I’d never much liked doctors but my cell mate Johnny told me it was pretty standard stuff. Check your vitals, draw some blood, things like that.

Johnny was pretty cool. He was the first black man that I’d ever really known. 6 feet and 200 pounds of lean muscle.

I didn’t much like the idea of being poked and prodded, but I didn’t see that I had much choice. So when the appointed time came, I lined up with the others. There were about 60 of us forming two lines facing each other all the down the dank hallway. I wondered how they planned to get through 3,500 inmates if they were only gonna do 60 at a time.

Johnny and I were standing next to each other when the warden came in with a bunch of guards and a few men dressed in official-looking white lab coats. I was pretty sure all doctors thought those lab coats made them look super smart, but really it just made them look like dork scientists who couldn’t get a girl into bed if they had a million dollars.

I’d never had any trouble in the girl department. I like them and they like me. Since I’d gotten to Stateville though, I’d heard some rumors about Warden Jenson. I wasn’t sure how true they were, but if even half of what I heard was right, Warden Jenson was definitely swinging for the other team.

The guards took their posts and the doctors waited, looking at the warden, like he was about to give a speech. “Alright gentlemen,” Jensen shouted. Some of the guys were goofing around, but I listened up. The quicker we got out of here the better. “The doctors are going to check you out and make sure no one here has anything worth spreading. You will do what they ask without giving any trouble. If you choose to give trouble, it will be 5 days in solitary.”

A rumble of groans rang through the air. Warden Jensen shut it down with a look. He turned to the head doctor, who had a shaved head and looked like he belonged in here with us. “Alright fellas,” he smiled. He almost sounded excited. “Let’s get this over with, shall we? Get undressed.”

I did a double take. Undress? Here? I’d never been naked in a room this full of men and I wasn’t eager to expose myself to everyone in the prison, especially with the talk you hear about what goes on behind cell walls. But everyone around me who’d been through this before started pulling their clothes off, and I felt Jensen’s eyes fall on me.

“Problem Carlisle?” he asked.

“No Sir,” I said and pulled my shirt over my head. I snuck a look around and realized how chiseled all the bodies in here were. I’d had this image that jail birds would let themselves go but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Which so much time on our hands, most of the people here worked out regularly. And it really showed too, as the clothes came off. Flat, hard ab with six packs and well-developed chests dominated the line of men around me. Thankfully my own chest was rock hard and fit in nicely.

When the pants started to come off around me, I tried to lower my eyes. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to see 60 cocks dangling all over the place. But when Johnny started to pull his pants off, my eyes couldn’t help but turn towards him. I’d never really seen a black cock in person before. And the rumor is true—it was fucking huge! Johnny caught me staring and smiled. I quickly turned my head away.

“Alright fellas,” one of the doctors shouted. “We’re gonna go up and down the line, listening to your hearts and checking you for hernias. If we see anything to indicate a sexually transmitted disease, you will be pulled aside for further tests.”

Sexually transmitted disease? Shit, it had never occurred to me that I might need to worry about that in here. At least after this exam I’d know who had what, not that I needed to worry about that sort of thing, I hoped.

My eyes turned back to Johnny. His cock was just so enormous. His black skin glistened under the harsh overhead lights. I felt an awkward stirring deep within myself but looked away before he could notice.

It wasn’t much better to the other side of me. I couldn’t remember his name. He was white and had a giant tattoo of an eagle spread across his chest. His muscles were tight and rose up and over him like he was carved out of plaster. Even as a straight man I couldn’t help admiring the rise and fall of those hard muscles. I felt heat rise in my abdomen and my cock tried to move. I willed it back down with my mind and hoped no one noticed the way it had jumped.

All up and down the aisle was wide assortment of cocks. Different sizes and shapes. I saw some of the other guys looking around too. Some tried to hide it, others were very obvious.  

“It’s okay,” Johnny whispered to me. “It’s hard not to look. Especially the first time.”

My cheeks burned red and I looked down, trying to hide my embarrassment. My own cock was creamy except for the pink tip. I glanced back to Johnny’s. His cock had a lighter black tip that reminded me of chocolate milk. There were other black men in the room, Asians too. I started looking more freely around the room, especially as the doctors started going down the line. The other black cocks were pretty big too, though no one’s seemed as big as Johnny’s. He seemed fully aware of that fact.

I heard men coughing up and down the line, and wondered if maybe there was some infectious outbreak going on they didn’t want us to know about. Warden Jensen stood watching us, patrolling the line with his guards. I felt his eyes pause on me. It almost looked like he was checking me out, and I felt myself blush. Then he continued roving his eyes down the rest of the men. There must be some truth to those rumors.

One of the doctors moved to work on Johnny. I watched, apprehensive, as the doctor felt my cellmate up with his stethoscope. Then he did something that freaked me out. The doctor reached down, grabbed Johnny’s balls and gave them a good tug. I watched to see if Johnny would punch him for that and get thrown in solitary, but he just stood there. In fact, his prick actually moved a little, like he liked it. Then the doctor told him to cough. Johnny’s chest rose and fell, his rock-hard abdomen tightened accentuating the muscles hidden beneath his skin, and he expelled a strong cough.

The doctor finished with him and turned to me next. “Hi,” I said, which was pretty stupid of me. It’s not like the doctor was there to chat with me or something. The doctor, a balding man with smooth skin, didn’t respond. He simply leaned towards me and placed his stethoscope on my chest. I shivered.

“Cold?” the prisoner to my right asked. I gave him a quick nervous look.

The doctor placed the stethoscope back around his neck and reached between my thighs. I jumped back as his hand scraped my cock. He looked at me, irritated, and said, “We don’t have time for this. Haven’t you ever had a hernia check before?”

I shook my head.

“It’s okay,” Johnny said, reaching out a hand and briefly putting it on my shoulder. It was hot and the contrast of his dark skin against my own made me tingle uncomfortably. There was just something so horny about the whole damn scene. I could smell the heat rolling off the other men, reminding me of sweat and sex.

“You fine, bud” said the tattooed guy on my right. He reached out a hand too and for a moment grabbed the ball of my shoulder. I wasn’t sure if he was trying to comfort me or just wanted to feel my skin but I noticed his eyes fall on my cock which was obviously fuller than it had been a few minutes ago.

I was intensely aware of the men around me, and it seemed that they were all aware of each other too. I looked around and some of the men were awkwardly touching other men, disguising it as comfort. Some weren’t trying to disguise anything at all. A little further down the line, another black guy reached out and grabbed a hairy white guy’s cock. The white guy moaned and stepped towards him before one of the guards broke it up.

The doctor in front me shook his head. I’d almost forgotten he was there, I was so transfixed with what was going on around me. “I have to check for hernias,” he said, exasperated. “Please uncover yourself.”

I looked down and realized my hands had moved over my cock, shielding it from view. My cheeks burned again as I slowly removed my hands to reveal my engorged cock that had grown thicker and firmer. The doctor roughly pushed it to the side as he reached down and grabbed my balls. I could feel the heat of my balls in his hand as he massaged them with his fingers, rolling them back and forth.

“Does this hurt at all?” The doctor asked. I shook my head. “Cough for me.”

I coughed as directed, a tiny bit of spit flying from my mouth when I did so.

“Not on me,” the doctor shouted, wiping his face. “Turn your head and cough.” His eyes bugged out of his head and I felt like an idiot.

“Hey man lay off,” Johnny said. “Can’t you see he’s scared?”

“I’m not scared,” I stammered. And I wasn’t. I was mortified that my cock would go into full spring.  A bead of sweat broke across my forehead as the doctor grabbed me again. My cock throbbed as he pressed his palm against it, feeling for whatever he was looking for.

“You’re fine,” he said, dropping my cock. I relaxed. “Hold tight for the prostate exam. Someone else is coming around for that shortly.”

I looked to Johnny with a questioning expression. “How old are you man?” Johnny asked.


“Shit man, you got no worries. You ain’t got no prostate trouble. Just let ’em check you so you can get out of here.”

“How do they check?” I asked, a little worried after the hernia exam. I had a good idea of where my prostate was and wasn’t sure how they could possibly look at it unless…

Johnny pointed down the row and I looked over to see men bending forward. A couple doctors walked behind them, poking a finger into each ass at they passed by. I gasped.

Johnny and Eagle Tattoo laughed. “It don’t hurt,” Johnny said.

The guy on the other side of Johnny, a thirty-something guy with basketball sized muscles, had been listening to us, and now he chimed in too. “No man, it feels kind of good.” He wiggled his eyebrows up and down at me in a lascivious manner that made my heart jump.

“Just relax,” Johnny said. “You’ll be fine.”

Moments later, one of doctors stepped behind Johnny. Without waiting for instruction, Johnny leaned forward and put his hands on the ground. His ass was tight and round, and I couldn’t look away as the doctor spread his cheeks and revealed a pinkish nub that looked too delicate for the doctor’s chubby fingers. The doctor applied some lube and his fingers disappeared into Johnny’s hole. Johnny moaned a little and leaned forward. I saw his cock quickly swell up. It was enormous and looked like a giant Fudgesicle just waiting for someone to lick it. It looked like the doctor was wiggling his fingers around inside him with a soft smile playing across his face. Then he withdrew his hand and gave Johnny a quick firm slap to the ass.

“Your fine,” he said. Then he turned to me.

I wanted to run but the idea of solitary scared me more than the thought of someone putting their fingers inside me. The doctor came up behind me and when I didn’t move his hand immediately shot forward and pushed my head towards the floor. I tried to relax my muscles. I stared at the legs and feet around me, and noticed how chiseled they all were. I felt the cool air as the doctor spread my cheeks wide and I tensed.

“First time?” he asked, suppressing a laugh.

I grunted.

“I like first timers.”

I had no idea what that meant but my body stiffened. Johnny and a few others laughed. I could see a row of cocks hanging around me. Most were hard now and I felt my own cock standing at attention pushing against my abs.

The doctor massaged the outside of my hole with his thick fingers with cool lube. Then he slowly slid two fingers inside of me. I held my breath and tried to act like this was no big deal. He pulled them back out and my body stirred in disappointment. I was shocked at my desire to have him inside of me.

The doctor slid his fingers back into asshole and began to move them around in a circle while pushing himself in and out, massaging against and stretching my firm opening like he was just trying to warm me up. My cock immediately swelled to even fuller and I heard a few guys laugh and whistle. Even Warden Jensen stopped in front of me, watching the show. His shoes were shiny and under his pants I saw a giant bulge reach towards me, growing even bigger the longer the doctor played with my ass.

Then suddenly, the doctor pulled out. I took a deep breath and straightened myself up, embarrassed by my hard-as-nails erection. Then I noticed that everyone around me had an erection. It was like an erotic sea of hard-ons that all pulsed together with sexual tension. The doctor slapped my ass and continued down the line.

“Now what?” I asked Johnny.  

“Now,” Johnny said. “We go back and play with ourselves till the job is done. Unless you got a cellmate you want to play with?”

His eyes questioned me. I blushed and turned my head, trying to hide my smile. Prison was sure a whole lot different from my little hometown. If I was going to fit in, I might have to open myself up to trying new things.

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