The Basketball Team – Part 2

by Doctor Jackman

I heard a few gasps as Coach’s cock, bigger and thicker than any other in this room, hung full and free for all to see. Slowly, the rest of the guys removed their clothes. The laughter had stopped now. Everyone looked a lot more serious. Most of the guys were still trying to cover themselves.

“Hey, what about him?” someone shouted. 

“Yeah,” someone else called out. “Why does he get to keep his clothes on?”

“Because he’s white, that’s why,” someone called back.

“NO!” Coach Brown shouted. “Because he’s the damned doctor, and the doctor gets to give orders, not take them.” 

This explanation was met with sighs and groans. I looked around the room at all the shades and sizes of cocks around me and felt my body tingle. 

“Hey,” someone shouted. “Where are the scissors?”

“Oh hell no! Like hell you will,” Coach said. “The first person to touch this man, his car, his lunch, his shoes, or his hair will be suspended from the team!”

My hair? I reached up and touched the back of my head. My hair was still intact, as far as I could tell. “It’s okay Coach,” I said, finally realizing the only way I was going to earn any respect here was if I acted and behaved like one of guys. 

I removed my suit coat and folded it, placing it on a chair. My hands tried to shake but I refused to let them. If Coach could do it, I could do it too. One by one, I removed each article of clothing until finally just my briefs remained. I took a deep breath and tried to stop the hammering in my heart, then dropped my underwear to the ground. 

There were 50 gasps. 51 if you counted Coach Brown. My cock was a magnet for their eyes. White and creamy with a perfect pink tip, it hung wide and long, beating even Coach’s cock in the size department. Terrell’s eyes went wide, and Jamal covered his own dick, ashamed at how much smaller it was. I strutted proudly up and down the line, letting them all see what I had to offer. 

“That’s an implant!” someone shouted. There were a few cries and murmurs but they died out.

“Now,” I said. “Let’s continue with the exam, shall we?” I think I did a pretty good job of hiding my embarrassment. I was proud the mass between my legs, but that didn’t mean I wanted to show it off to a bunch of school students. 

I moved up and down the line easily now, checking each man’s heart and lungs. No problems there. It was when I got to the hernia exam things got a little weird. I tried to feel Terrell’s testicles and he kept jumping away from me. 

“I’m not trying to touch you like that I said. I need to feel your testicles to see if you have a hernia.” Terrell just shook his head and the rest of the team followed suit. 

“You idiots,” Coach Brown shouted. “This man is trying to help you.” But they all covered their cocks with their hands and took a step back. 

Coach motioned to me. “Hey Doc, why don’t you do me first? Then they can see that it’s okay, you know?”

That actually made a lot of sense, I thought, so I went ahead and turned to Coach. I had to get close to him for the exam and my dick accidentally brushed his leg. I saw his cock stiffen a second before going back down. 

“Sorry,” I muttered low enough that only he could hear it. Coach just stared ahead. I think he was concentrating. A lot of men found testicular exams to be very erotic. Didn’t matter if they were gay or straight. When someone was handling your most sensitive areas, you were bound to feel a little something.

I grabbed his right testicle first and gave it a soft squeeze, followed by his left. “Whenever I do a testicular exam,” I shouted to the students. “I also like to check for testicular cancer. It’s a good habit to get into when you’re still young. All you have to do is massage each testicle, one at a time, and feel for bumps or lumps that shouldn’t be there. See how I’m caressing Coach Brown right now?”

The basketball team started to uncover their cocks, and I watched as they each stroked their balls, feeling for anything unusual. Everyone in the room was doing it, even the teams that didn’t need exams today. One guy’s cock jumped in his hand and he released it, looking embarrassed. A few of the guys got thicker the longer they held their pricks. 

Coach Brown’s shaft was thick and luscious. I ran my fingers over him, making sure to squeeze tight enough that I would feel any abnormalities. His balls grew, turning into golden brown tennis balls. His cock advanced towards midnight, then he closed his eyes and forced it back to six o’clock. 

“Cough please,” I said. He coughed and his ass tightened up as his cock jumped the clock again. 

I could see his cheeks going red. Even his caramel skin couldn’t hide that. “It’s okay if your cock moves a little during the exam,” I said to the group. “It’s perfectly normal. Happens all the time.” The teams looked relieved. A saw several people sigh and wipe their brows. Coach Brown shot me a grateful smile. 

“Now, it’s good that you all know how to check yourselves, but I still need to check you myself today. I need to know what’s normal for all of you so that I’ll be able to detect any sign of a problem in the future. Alright?” 

Slowly, I saw their heads nod. I went back to Terrell. This time, he didn’t jump when I grabbed his balls. I gently squeezed each testicle between my fingers, rubbing him in my palm. His cock was smooth and a beautiful brown with blue undertones. It reminded me of chocolate covered blueberries. My own cock tried to raise itself up and I reminded myself that these were teenagers. That thought only made it worse though. My cheeks burned slightly as I moved my hand up and down Terrell’s thick shaft, feeling it throb as I massaged the tip of his head. His lips turned up, then his eyes moved directly into my own. He smiled and my breath caught in my throat. “Now cough,” I said. Terrell coughed. 

“Good,” I said, backing away from him before my boner got even more noticeable. I saw a sliver of precum ooze from Terrell’s opening but didn’t say anything. I walked up and down the row, checking each athlete for hernias. I didn’t mention it specifically, but knowing how athletes were, I also kept an eye out for any sign of STD. 

Massaging the balls and cocks of 18 years olds was tantalizing in a way I hadn’t anticipated. My lower body buzzed again and again with each new cock I stroked my fingers over. The students seemed much more accepting of me now, and by the time I got to the end of the long line a pearl was oozing from my own cherry tip. I wiped it away and hoped no one saw. 

I stepped back in front of the group. A lot of the guys were at half-mast and some even looked like they were about to explode all over the place. My own cock was thicker and fuller than when we’d started and there was no way to hide it. 

“I think you guys are all too young for a prostate exam, but I bet Coach Brown hasn’t had one yet this year.” 

Coach Brown’s eyes went wide and he shook his head slightly. 

“Come on Coach,” I said. “This is something every man has to go through at some point, and I think it will really benefit them to see how it’s done.”

“Yeah Coach,” Terrell shouted.

“Come on Coach Brown,” someone else called. 

There were loud shouts and a general clamoring from everyone in the room. Finally, Coach relented. 

“Now keep in mind,” I told them all, “that this might look strange, but it’s for your own good that you get it done once you hit a certain age. Prostate cancer is one of the easiest to detect, yet it often goes undiagnosed.”

I turned back to Coach Brown who was already turning his backside to me. I pulled some lube from my bag and a fresh set of gloves. There were soft gasps as I separated Coach Brown’s ass cheeks and rubbed his pink crown with lube. “There,” I said, dipping my long, skinny fingers inside him. He bent over, a little more, his hands touching the ground.

I moved my fingers in and out of him, caressing his hole over and over again as his cock grew and thickened between his sweet, tight thighs. His ass was as perfect as the rest of him. It was round and muscular and every time I dipped my fingers into him his back tightened up, giving me a perfect display of the crests and valleys of his body. 

I could tell he was trying to fight the erection that was forming, so I leaned over him and whispered, “it’s okay.” When I leaned over him, my cock slapped his ass and he almost jumped out of my reach. The veins in his cock bulged slightly under the strain of staying no more than half-full, and finally I rubbed his strawberry crown one last time before letting him up.

“And that’s how you do a prostate exam,” I said. 

The guys looked at their coach with wide eyes and at me with new respect. If Coach let me do all that to him, they figured I must really know my stuff. “Go ahead and dress,” I told them. “We’re done for today. I’ll see you all tomorrow.”

Coach glared at me, and when only a handful of guys still lingered around he grabbed my arm and pushed me towards his office. “Get in there now,” he said. 

Oh crap. I thought he was pissed, but when he closed the door his cock popped to midnight. Everything he’d been fighting back during his exam came out. “You gotta finish me Doc, before I explode.” 

My own cock responded to his, growing to match and even overtake Coach Brown’s in size. I reached out my hand and pulled his shaft across my palm. It tensed and expanded. My fingers couldn’t wrap all the way around him. He licked his lips. “On the couch,” he murmured. 

I sat beside him and he reached over, caressing my dick with his thick, strong fingers. His hand was twice the size of mine and despite the enormity of my cock Coach Brown’s hand was able to close around it. He began stroking my shaft up and down, slow at first, then faster as I moved my own hand up and over his enormous mass. 

My hand slid easily over the chocolate Creamsicle that was his skin, stretching his cock out even more as I massaged his balls with my hand. I moaned and closed my eyes, feeling his sensual fingers as they glided over my throbbing shaft. He stopped at the tip of my cock, licking his fingers before replacing them and massaging my perfect pink head. 

The contrast of color between us gave my hard-on enormous energy, and precum oozed from my tip as Coach Brown jerked me faster and faster with his hands. I slid my hand up and down his shaft, circling his tip, which wasn’t pink but a light chocolate milk, until I saw that beautiful pearl seep out of him. The world began to swim around us and Coach Brown finally let out a low, musical groan that told me the end was near. I inhaled the smell of his sex and let it overtake me, my blood boiling with the heat of our bodies as our hands moved faster and faster over each other, stroking each other’s cocks until finally the explosion happened and Coach Brown and I fell back against the couch, our cocks glistening as cum rolled over them like a river. 

We breathed heavily for a minute before Coach Brown finally said. “You coming back tomorrow?”

I nodded. “But hey, tell me something. What exactly did the students do to the last doctor?” 

Coach Brown laughed. “Oh him? He was a turd. The students, they…” but he shook his head. “It’s better you can still sleep nights. Don’t worry about it. You’re one of us now. If they were gonna do something, they’d have done it already.” He stood up and looked back at me. “Only tomorrow… Don’t bring a lunch. Just in case.”

I went back to my office and looked in the corner where my lunch from today still sat, uneaten. It looked untouched. But when I opened the lunch bag up a note sat on top.

Dear Doc,

Don’t eat this. We fixed it before we knew you.


The sandwich looked perfectly fine, but I threw it in the trash like it was poison. From now on, nothing in from this school was going in my mouth. I looked back towards Coach Brown’s office. Well, almost nothing. 

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