Physical with my Stepdad Jeff

A police academy recruit enjoys a joint physical exam with his hot cop stepdad Jeff that brings step father and son closer together.

My stepdad Jeff is the strong silent type. You know the kind—rough around the edges. A little messy. A little dirty. I grew up thinking that’s what all cops were like. I still do. A lot of my friends thought he was a movie star when they first met him. I didn’t blame them. I hoped I looked half as good as my stepdad when I was forty-five. His uniform was a perfect fit. Despite the scruff he liked to sport across his face and the shaggy, unkempt hair he somehow got away with at work, I never saw one muscle lose the toned, tight build that he took pride in sculpting with his workouts.

He’d been my idol since I could talk, right around the time Mom split. I don’t even remember her. It’s never mattered to me though, because Jeff was always there for me. He worked long shifts but always made time for me. He taught me how to tie my shoes, how to ride a bike, and got me a math tutor when I couldn’t get through algebra. I was eighteen now and newly graduated from high school. For my graduation present he’d given me the only thing I’d ever really wanted—the police academy!

I still remember being five years old and waiting for my stepfather to come home from the job. My babysitter would gently try to tuck me into bed, but I would always refuse. I wanted to see my stepdad come through the door in his dark blue uniform and matching cap, his badge and gun shining in my nightlight as he poked his head into my room say goodnight. I knew one day I’d have the same uniform and badge… the same gleaming metal gun that would sit on my hips like the badass I knew my stepdad was.

When it was finally time for me to join the academy, my stepdad helped me write my personal qualifications essay and got me through all the interviews. I hoped one day I could actually work beside him. Some of my friends scoffed, saying that I was too skinny to be a policeman. Richard and Christopher even said I was too good a dresser and too… sensitive. But now, thanks to my stepdad, I was in!

The only part I wasn’t thrilled about was the physical exam. I hated doctors, I always had. Was there any reason I shouldn’t? Doctors liked to poke and prod, draw blood and stick you with sharp objects. So it was with some reluctance that I agreed to the necessary physical for my cadet training. The only bright spot was that my stepdad would be with me. He needed his annual exam, and knowing how much I disliked doctors, he’d made sure to schedule our exams together.  

“Hop in,” he said when we stepped out of the house one morning in the middle of the week. His police cruiser was my favorite thing in the world. Since the time I was eight my stepdad would always let me run the sirens and play with the radio. I still loved doing that ten years later. My heart raced as I thought that one day soon, I’d have my own car and my own radio. Maybe my stepdad and I could even be partners! I looked over at him to see if he was nervous about the exam, but he just stared at the road, saying nothing. He wouldn’t though. Like I said, the strong silent type.

When we got to the doctor’s my stepfather gave them our names and we took a seat in the lobby. I started fidgeting in the chair like I was still twelve years old. I didn’t know what to expect. Thorough medical exam. Those were the words the sergeant in charge had used when he’d told me about the physical.

Did that mean blood? Did that mean a prostate exam? I didn’t even know where my prostate was. I snuck a peek at my stepdad but he just sat there, calm and cool, like always. His blue eyes darted around the room, looking for anything suspicious. It was habit. It came with twenty years on the job. I rounded my shoulders back and tried to sit more like him. If he wasn’t nervous, then I shouldn’t be either.

“Jeffrey and Michael Danvers,” a large nurse in a standard white uniform called out, stifling a yawn. Her eyes perked up when she saw my stepdad. We stood up and followed her into a hallway. My father’s dark blue uniform drew stares as we walked, it always did. The uniform, especially combined with his muscles and good looks, was like a magnet for women. He’d never been able to settle down after my mother, but that didn’t stop the girls from trying. Even the nurse we were following snuck a glance at him as we walked.

“Stop right there.” The nurse said. She pointed to my stepdad and smiled. “Stand on the scale please.” She sounded sickly sweet and blinked her eyes too much trying to flirt. He got on I saw her check out his ass. I watched the scale race to 236 pounds. The nurse made a note.

“Now you, skinny,” she said, pointing at me and chuckling. I didn’t know what she was laughing at. She probably weighed at least as much as my dad and was a lot shorter. I stepped on the scale and the needle bumped to 160. “You’re a skinny Minnie,” the nurse chuckled and I felt myself blush.

“Now stand right here please,” the nurse purred, talking to my stepdad again.

She placed my Jeff against the wall—the muscles in her back twitched when she touched his shoulder—and measured his height—6’5″. She nodded her approval. I stood in the same place and when the nurse measured me her eyebrows raised—5’8″. She chuckled again. My stepdad just stood there, arms folded over his chest, watching.

The exam room was the size of a really big walk in closet. Inside were a couple of chairs and two mid-size exam tables. “Since you’re doing this together, we gave you fellas the big room.” She winked at my stepdad. I looked around, wondering what the small room must look like. The nurse just chuckled again and tossed two dressing gowns onto the table. “Doctor Miller will be with you in a minute.” She wiggled her ass as she left the room, but my stepdad barely seemed to notice. He never revealed the slightest sexual thought around me.

We stood in the room, silent, staring at the gowns. They were the old school paper kind most doctors had abandoned. My stepdad showed no reaction, but his cheeks turned a little pink.

“I’m not putting that on,” I told him, feeling the gown between my fingers. “It’s like a cheap paper towel.”

My stepdad picked one up too. “The nurse never said to put them on. Let’s just wait.” His voice was so much richer than mine. I wished I had the gruffness and sensuality that oozed out of him with every tone and inflection. My voice sounded a little too high to me. A little too young. I supposed that given a few more years and some late nights roughing up bad guys, I might sound a little more like my stepdad. At least I hoped so.

There was a light knock on the door and a head poked in. “Ready?” a man asked, then stepped inside without waiting for an answer. “I’m Dr. Miller.”

The doctor wasn’t old like I’d imagined. He was about my stepdad’s age, maybe just a little older. His dark hair was cropped short but fit his face nicely. He wore freshly pressed pants and a white lab coat. My stepdad offered his hand and Dr. Miller shook it, offering a wide smile with lots of teeth. I stuck out my hand too. The doctor shook it reluctantly, giving me a thin, tight smile.

“Didn’t put on your gowns?” Dr. Miller asked, frowning.

“The nurse didn’t say we had to,” my stepdad told him.

“Well she should have. No matter. We have to do the little stuff first anyways.” He grabbed one of those Velcro arm cuffs they use to check your blood pressure and summoned my stepdad to sit beside him. My stepdad’s arm was so thick the cuff almost wouldn’t close. When Dr. Miller finally got it tightened, he pumped the ball and monitored the pressure.

“Excellent.” He removed the cuff and turned to me. “You’re turn.” I went through the same procedure, only Dr. Miller made little tsk tsk noises when the cuff was still too loose on my arm after pulling it as tight as it could go. He finally decided to hold it closed with one hand and pump the ball with the other. “Alright,” he said, releasing me. “Good enough.”

I looked at my stepdad, hoping for a look that said “job well done,” but his expression never changed.

Dr. Miller set his clipboard on the counter. “Off with your shirts. Both of you.”

My stepdad unbuttoned his navy blue policeman’s shirt and removed it. I was wearing a T-shirt and pulled it over my head. My stepdad’s chest was huge! I hadn’t realized it till just now, but I wasn’t sure I’d ever seen him with his shirt off. He was always working, and so always dressed for work. Even when he exercised he didn’t take his shirt off. Sure, I’d noticed the arm muscles, but this was more than just his arms.

Muscles rippled out of him in every direction. Coarse black hair curled in a thick, even spread over his chest. Something stirred inside me as I looked at the hard plane of his abdomen and wondered what the women he dated—there weren’t a lot, but there’d been a few over the years—thought about the rolling hills and valleys that made up my stepfather’s chest. My stepdad’s nipples stood like proud soldiers, pink and perfect against the golden backdrop of his skin.

I looked down at my own chest. It was pale and small in comparison. My nipples sunk into my body, nonexistent. I looked like a white, hairless mouse. Tiny, uneven patches of hair stood out against my skin in two or three awkward groupings. My skin puckered in places, it wasn’t tight like my stepdad’s. I wasn’t sure if it was jealousy or a new appreciation for his body that made me wonder how long it would take before I looked like that if I started working out today.

“Who’s going first?” Dr. Miller asked.

I looked to my stepdad with wide, pleading eyes. “I will,” he said.

“Good, up on the table. You,” Dr. Miller pointed at me, “on the other one.” My stepdad sat on the edge of the exam table, and I followed suit.

“Open your mouth,” Dr. Miller told my stepdad. He did as requested. I guess things looked okay, because next Dr. Miller put his stethoscope against my stepfather’s chest and told him to breathe. I watched his ribcage rise and fall as he took deep breaths. I wanted to reach out and touch his chest. I wanted to know if it would feel as hard as it looked if I put my hands to it. I actually had one finger stretched towards him before I realized what I was doing and pulled my hand back.

“Good, sounds good,” Dr. Miller said. “Nice clear lungs.” He turned to me and made a face. “Open your mouth.” I opened it and almost choked on the tongue depressor Dr. Miller shoved inside me. He put the stethoscope first against my chest, then my back. It felt like ice. “Good enough,” he said again. I was afraid to ask exactly what that meant.

“Is that it?” I asked, jumping off the table. “Do I pass?” The doctor and my stepdad exchanged a look, then Doctor Miller laughed and shook his head. “We’re not quite done yet.”

My face must’ve fallen because my stepdad chimed in. “There’s just a few more things son. It’s not too bad. Don’t worry.”

For my stepdad, that was a quite an expression of sentiment. He didn’t like to acknowledge fear or nerves, choosing instead to barrel right through them like they didn’t exist. Maybe for him they didn’t.

“Okay,” Dr. Miller said. “Bend over, let me check your spines.”

My stepdad stood straight, then slowly rounded his back towards the floor, letting his arms dangle. His fingers were long and scraped against the tile. His bronze skin was perfect. I followed the line of his spine with my eyes as it flowed from his neck to just under the waist of his pants. I didn’t think my spine was nearly that straight. Muscles bulged around his back, giving him an almost animalistic appearance from behind. It made me think of a lion prowling through the jungle.

Dr. Miller tapped his shoulder and my stepdad straightened up. “Perfect,” he told him. The doctor turned to me and I tried to imitate my stepdad. My back rounded towards the floor, but my shoulders seemed uneven. One hand scraped the tile, the other dangled an inch over it. Dr. Miller traced my spine with his fingers, but it felt crooked. I felt a rush of energy in my abdomen when Dr. Miller got to my waistband.

“Good enough,” he said.

I straightened back up, hoping I looked one tenth as stoic as my stepfather. I squared my shoulders and folded my arms across my chest, just like him.

“Now the pants.”

“What?” I felt my eyes bug out of my head and looked at my stepdad.

“Off,” the doctor said.

My stepdad looked at me for a second before nodding and unbuckling his belt. He slid his pants to the floor. I took a deep breath. If he was doing it, I had no choice. I couldn’t let him down. I’d already passed the interview panel. This exam was the last thing standing in my way of being a cadet.

I dropped my jeans and tried to avert my eyes away from my stepdad. He didn’t seem uncomfortable, but I knew he had to be. I’d never seen him in his boxers before.

“The underwear too,” Dr. Miller said, sounding exasperated.

“My underwear!” I couldn’t stop myself from blurting it out.

“How do you expect me to conduct a prostate exam with your underwear on?” Dr. Miller asked, flapping his hands in the air like a bird.

“It’s okay son, it’s a normal part of the exam,” my stepdad told me. I looked over at him as he pushed his boxers to the ground and stepped out of them. I tried to fight it, but I was pretty sure my eyes widened with shock. His cock was huge! I’d never seen it out before. An old phrase I’d sometimes heard in movies came to mind—hung like a horse.

I looked down at my tighty whities. They looked old and shabby. I took them off and placed them on the chair next to my pants. My own cock wasn’t nearly as big as my stepdad’s. The shaft of his cock was thick like a beer can, ending in a smooth dark pink tip that made me think of a strawberry lollipop. Even though his dick wasn’t hard, it looked like it could get that way in two seconds flat. His balls were just so round and firm. His cock was so full. My own body tingled just looking at him.

My own cock was smaller. Not tiny, I was happy to say, but not nearly as huge as my stepdad’s. It hung limp between my legs, sort of pale. Every inch of my stepdad was tanned to a golden bronze, including his cock. I wondered if he sun bathed or if he was just naturally that color. My stepfather’s golden skin and the dark pink tip that matched his tongue added a licentious energy to the room that made my own cock jump up before falling flat again.

I looked to see if Dr. Miller or my stepdad had noticed, but they hadn’t. Dr. Miller was too busy examining my stepfather’s balls. My stepdad was standing now. The doctor had one had on my father’s abdomen, and the other on the hard golf ball sized testicles hanging between my stepdad’s firm, tanned thighs. Even his legs showed the muscular definition of an animal who stalked the jungles. My own legs looked pasty and bird-like.

“I’m just checking for hernias,” Dr. Miller explained when he saw me watching. I nodded and tried to pretend my prick wasn’t beginning to buzz. Dr. Miller held my stepfather’s cock in one gloved hand. With his other hand, he cupped my stepdad’s left testicle and gently began rolling it around in his hand, massaging it. My stepdad shuffled his feet for a second and took a breath.

“It’s okay,” Dr. Miller told him, “I do this all the time.” When he let go of my stepdad’s left testicle he wrapped his hand around the right one and massaged it too. My stepdad’s cock started to grow. Not a lot, but it was no longer hanging softly between his thighs. It stood at half-mast, the shaft thickening so that the whole thing looked like a thick tree branch.

“Don’t worry about it,” Dr. Miller told my stepdad when he looked embarrassed. “Happens all the time.”

When Dr. Miller finished checking my stepdad’s cock, he walked over to me. “You’re turn.” He smiled reassuringly as he reached down and grabbed my cock. He held it aside as he began massaging my balls. His hands were thick but soft, and it felt good when he rolled my balls around his palms.  First the right, then the left. My cock responded the same way my stepdad’s had. It grew an inch or so and stood at half-mast as the doctor continued rubbing my balls back and forth between his fingers. I was actually a little disappointed when he finished.

I looked over at my stepdad and he was watching us. His cock was still full, but not engorged, though I thought it had a grown another inch during my exam. I looked back down at my cock and realized it looked a lot more like my stepdad’s now, though his was still bigger. At least my balls were pink like his and the tip of my prick was turning a darker pink now too.

“I still need to check your prostates,” Dr. Miller said. He stepped over to my father and told him to turn and face the exam table. “Now bend over,” he said.

Jeff did as the doctor ordered. The way he stood reminded me of a person getting frisked—naked. I’d never seen his bare ass before. It was just as firm and tan as the rest of him. His legs spread wide apart as Dr. Miller grabbed some lube off the table and spurted it onto his gloved fingertips. Then he spread my stepdad’s ass cheeks apart. The pink opening that stared out at me was lighter than the tip of his cock. More like bubblegum.

Jeff stiffened as Dr. Miller rubbed his thick thumb over my stepdad’s rosebud and slipped it inside him. “Just prepping you,” the doctor said. My cock stiffened under me, thickening and popping into the air. The doctor looked over at me and smiled. “That’s okay,” he told me, “that happens sometimes.” Then Dr. Miller pulled his thumb out of Jeff’s ass and massaged his rosy hole with it before spreading some more lube on his fingertips. Then he slipped two large fingers into my stepdad. I saw Jeff’s back straighten, but Dr. Miller pushed him back down.

From my angle I couldn’t see enough of what was happening with Jeff’s cock, and I felt a burning curiosity to see if his was responding like mine. I took two steps to my right and got a side view of Jeff. His cock was at full attention now. Dr. Miller reached one hand around his waist and placed it on my stepdad’s abdomen. My own cock started to throb. I reached down and cupped my balls, stroking the hard shaft of my throbbing cock before realizing this probably wasn’t the place. I let my hand drop to my side again but watched with increasing desire as Jeff’s cock grew harder and thicker the more Dr. Miller massaged that pink little rosebud between his ass cheeks.

When Dr. Miller finally pulled his fingers out and Jeff turned around, his cock was massive. I’d never realized how enormous his cock was and now I couldn’t stop staring. He seemed a little embarrassed. His cheeks were flushed and a small bead of sweat was running down his forehead.

“Your turn,” Dr. Miller said to me.

He removed his gloves and put on clean ones. He came up behind me and spun me around towards the exam table, bending me over so that my palms were flat on the table. I was embarrassed when he spread my ass wide for my stepdad to see, but the thought of Dr. Miller massaging me from inside trumped any embarrassment I might have felt. I longed to know if my opening was as pink and perfect as my stepdad’s. He lubed himself up and stuck two thick fingers inside my hole.

His fingers massaged me, running around my ass in a circle. He slipped his fingers out and massaged my outer rosebud before slipping them back in and circling them around again. My cock grew massive. I couldn’t help it. I shot a glance to Jeff and saw him watching intently, his enormous cock filling the gap between his legs. His cheeks were still red but his eyes were shining.

Dr. Miller reached around and placed one hand on my abdomen like he’d done with my Jeff. He pushed his hand against me, and the combination of his hand on my stomach and his fingers in my ass sent my cock into an upward surge of energy. It shot straight into the air as Dr. Miller moved his fingers deeper inside me. When he finally withdrew them it was like I’d just had my birthday cake taken away.

He smacked my ass and gave me a grin. “Good enough,” he said. “I just need a urine sample.” He handed us each a plastic cup.

My stepdad turned to me and said, “It’s routine. All part of being a cop.” He was smiling, but looked embarrassed.

“Alright,” I said. “Where’s the bathroom?”

“No bathroom,” Dr. Miller said. “Afraid I have to see it. Gotta make sure you’re not sneaking in someone else’s sample.”

“Oh.” My cock was still hard but shrank ever so slightly at the thought of peeing in front of my stepdad and Dr. Miller. Even in the men’s room at a restaurant I used the stall. Jeff always used the urinals, but I knew he didn’t watch the other guys pee.

“Go on,” Dr. Miller said, exasperated. “For God’s sake it’s just a piss test.” He squinted his eyes at me. “Unless you’ve got something to hide. Do you smoke the reefer son?”

My stepdad looked at me with interest now too. “No!” I exclaimed. “No! Here, I’m peeing.”

I placed the cup in front of me. Jeff did the same. What if I miss? I didn’t want Dr. Miller yelling at me for peeing on his floor, and I definitely didn’t want it dribbling all over my hands. I held the cup as close as I could. Jeff’s cock was still enormous, and I saw it pulse and grow another half inch as he handled it, adjusting it so that it was close to the cup too. The sight of him growing larger turned me on and my cock responded by gorging itself, growing another inch in my hands as the cup rubbed against the pink tip of my head.

I took a deep breath and let the piss out. Dr. Miller coughed in the background and I almost jerked my hand towards him. I tried not to watch my stepdad but couldn’t stop myself from returning my gaze to his cock over and over again. The sweet yellow drizzle flowed out of him and landed perfectly centered in the plastic cup. I finished, shook off my prick, and handed the cup to Dr. Miller, who placed them both on the counter.

I turned and faced Jeff. He averted his eyes and reached for his pants.

“One more thing,” Dr. Miller said, holding up a hand to stop him. “I need a sperm sample.”

Jeff’s eyes widened slightly, then shrunk back down to normal. “That’s not usual, is it?”

The doctor shook his head, “No, but this is his first exam,” he nodded towards me, “and you’ve just turned forty-five not long ago. I need to be thorough.” My stepdad reluctantly dropped his pants back on the chair and got up on the table. It was the first time I remember seeing him look this uncomfortable. But as uncomfortable as I think he felt, his cock still swelled between his legs. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t stop staring at it.

“Here,” Dr. Miller said, handing Jeff and I each a fresh cup. I looked at the plastic cup and wondered how much I had to fill.

“Er…” Jeff said, looking around the room. “Right here?”

The doctor sighed. “We’re very busy. Every room is booked.” Jeff held the cup, looking flustered. He stared at Dr. Miller. I’d never seen him so disconcerted before. “Yes,” Dr. Miller snapped. “In this room. Now. I don’t have all day.”

I stared at the cup in my hands, not sure what to do.

“Haven’t you two ever jerked off before?” Dr. Miller asked. “It’s perfectly normal. Just picture a woman with big tits,” he eyed me, “or maybe a man with a big cock if you’d rather. You’re both already hard as rocks, so this should be easy.”

I looked at my stepdad and saw his face burning now. He sat on the table, not moving. I’d never seen him look so uncertain in all my life. Not even when I was five and I fell off the bed I’d been jumping on, cracking my head open. Even then, with blood gushing all around me, I still remember him being the picture of calm and surety. Now his hand shook as he placed the cup in front of him, then pulled it back. I didn’t even make a move towards my own cock.

“For crying out loud,” Dr. Miller said to my stepdad.  “Here, I’ll get you started. My wife does a little trick that works on me every time.” He moved towards Jeff and shot a look my way. “You’re very young,” he said. “You shouldn’t need my help.”

Dr. Miller stood in front of my stepfather. His eyes moved towards the floor as Dr. Miller reached out and grabbed hold of his cock. “Wait a minute,” he said, retracting his hand. “Almost forgot something.” Jeff looked relieved as Dr. Miller moved towards the box of gloves on the counter. “It’s really not very comfortable with these on,” he said, indicating the gloves and discarding them. He picked up the lube that sat beside them, spreading a generous amount in his hand, and returned his attention to Jeff.

My own body was heating up. The anticipation of Dr. Miller touching my stepdad’s cock was making me throb. When Dr. Miller finally took Jeff’s shaft in his hand and began stroking it up and down, my own cock swelled. I watched my stepdad’s cock throb as Dr. Miller moved his hands over the thick golden shaft, rubbing the strawberry tip with his wide fingers like he was polishing a vase. He worked slow at first, then sped up as Jeff’s cock began to respond.

Dr. Miller must’ve really known what he was doing. I watched as Jeff slowly lost the aloof and dispassionate façade that I’d grown up with. His body convulsed as Dr. Miller moved his thick, creamy hand up and over his thick, golden cock. The opposing colors of their skin blurred together as Dr. Miller raced his hand back and forth, up and down, adding more lube as necessary to Jeff’s swollen erection.

Jeff let out a small moan and I watched as his eyes rolled back slightly. My cock throbbed in my hands as I stroked it faster. “See how this feels,” Dr. Miller said. He bent his head towards Jeff’s rock hard chest and licked his right nipple then pinched it between two fingers. My stepdad’s body shook slightly and his rose colored nipple turned the shade of Rudolph’s nose.

“More,” I was shocked to hear Jeff whisper.

“Yeah, thought you’d like that,” Dr. Miller said. “When my wife does it to me my cock swells up like a balloon.” He quickly bent back down and licked Jeff’s other nipple. The hard rows of muscle that spread across my stepfather’s abdomen bulged as his breath increased and his heart raced. His cock was rock hard and more than filled Dr. Miller’s enormous hand. Dr. Miller moved his free hand to Jeff’s inner thigh, tracing the tight curve of his muscle up to his balls. He cupped the balls, cradling them like an egg. Dr. Miller pulled and tugged at my stepdad’s balls, and I reached out to do the same with mine.

I cupped my balls with my left hand while my right hand stroked my cock, trying to keep up with Dr. Miller as he maneuvered his palm faster and faster over Jeff. My balls stiffened. They were hard and firm, like tennis balls. I massaged them between my hands and they swelled another size. My cock throbbed against me, begging me to touch it harder. I pinched the tip of my cock and got a taste of what Dr. Miller was doing to my stepdad. It electrified my cock and sent shivers over my body.

My heart pounded in my chest. My cock had grown almost as enormous as Jeff’s, and it throbbed between my thighs as I watched Dr. Miller run his hand up and down my stepdad’s thick shaft. The bud between my ass cheeks, where Dr. Miller had gone exploring before, tingled as I tugged at my balls. I wondered if I could reach around and finger my hole but was afraid I’d drop my cup if I tried to do that, so settled for tightening my ass muscles and circling the tip of my cock with one wet finger.

Precum drizzled over my hands, making my cock sticky. Somehow I thought if I tasted myself now I’d be sweet. My stepdad was having a hard time sitting still as Dr. Miller continued to up his speed and intensity. His ass bounced off the exam table as he made small thrusts towards Dr. Miller, fucking his hand like it was the most erotic piece of ass ever.

Dr. Miller’s hands worked faster. He stroked Jeff’s thick shaft and the golden color of his cock grew into a deep caramel as his shaft filled with blood and the heat of friction. Precum spilled from him now too, creating a pearl luminescence that shined under the exam room lights. His massive cock almost glowed as Dr. Miller used his thick fingers to trace his cock from balls to tip.

I pulled harder at my own cock now, feeling the pulse under my skin, which was still paler than Jeff’s but resembled more of a light gold now rather than the pasty white it had been. I moved my hand up and down, feeling the buzz of sexual energy that filled the room. I licked my fingers and made an “O” with my thumb and index finger, placing them over my shaft. I’d swelled so much my fingers couldn’t wrap all the way around my cock. I made a half circle with the two fingers, sliding them up and down my thick, throbbing shaft.

My breath was uneven and my chest swelled. Jeff’s chest was like a brick as Dr. Miller continued to pinch and pull his nipples. He smacked my stepfather’s chest with his hand, making a loud slapping noise like two lips smacking together. It looked like it must’ve hurt, but Jeff seemed to like it. I never would have thought he’d be into the rough stuff. Every time Dr. Miller pinched or slapped his chest, Jeff’s cock swelled another size. It was as big as his forearm now and thicker than his biceps. Another pearl of precum oozed out of his head.

I pulled faster and harder on my cock, feeling it grow in my hands. The growth turned me on. I pictured my cock as big as my stepdad’s, bigger even, swelling and thickening to the size of a tree trunk. My back arched and I moaned. My stepdad’s head snapped towards me and I locked eyes with him. I saw the orgasm about to blossom. His head tilted back slightly but his eyes never left mine. I stroked my cock faster and faster. It throbbed in my hand. Jeff’s eyes widened. I felt my heart race. My cock bulged. Seeing my stepdad be so free with himself was the biggest turn on for me. He sucked in a giant breath and I followed suit, knowing what was coming. Jeff and I let out two giant wails that merged into one loud moan as we completely let ourselves go. Cum flew from his cock into the cup Dr. Miller had waiting. I looked down to make sure my own cum flowed into my cup. I think I filled even more of it than Jeff.

We laid back on our exam tables, breathless.

“Well now,” Dr. Miller said, “that wasn’t so difficult, was it?”


Jeff and I drove home with the radio on and the windows down. I was worried that things might seem weird between us, but the opposite seemed to happen. The next day I woke up to a big breakfast, prepared by my stepfather who rarely, if ever, cooked. We ate till we thought our stomachs would explode, then he took me down to the station with him for a ride along. I’d always wanted to do a ride along with Jeff, but he’d said not until I was eighteen.

Jeff was a lot more open with me about stuff after that day at Dr. Miller’s. He was still the strong silent type, but now he expressed himself a bit more. He smiled and joked around a little. My first day of cadet training I arrived home to find two porno DVDs and a six pack. He tossed a beer to me and gave me a wink. We watched the movies, one after the other, and when I slipped my cock out of my pants and started stroking it, Jeff followed suit. It was great being so relaxed around each other. I still thank Dr. Miller for making that possible.

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