Cesare & the Harvester 2000 – Page 2

Straight college jock, Cesare, is hooked up to the “Harvester 2000” and milked of load after load of his specimen in the conclusion of the story.

Cesare & The Harvester 2000 – Page 2
by Matty Schmatty
Art by Franco


Without saying a word, Trevor knelt down beside the chair and grabbed Cesare’s dick, guiding it through the rails on the back of the chair. Cesare tried to pull his hips away, though he only succeeded in causing the ropes to tighten around his legs.

“What the hell are you doing? Get away from me!”

Unmoved by words, Trevor continued the task before him. In order to get Cesare’s dick in the tube, it had to be at least semi hard. If not, if would fold in on itself and wouldn’t fit right. In order to do this, Trevor would have to stimulate Cesare’s cock. He started rubbing the head of it, despite the repulsion Cesare expressed.

“Let go of me, fuck face!”

“This will go much smoother if you settle down and relax. Pretend I’m your blonde bimbo Stephanie and relax.”

“Fuck off!”

Trevor didn’t stop. It didn’t take long for Cesare’s dick to contradict his words. Despite his evil thoughts towards Trevor, he felt the all too familiar stirring in his dick and felt it start to harden. Trevor could feel the blood begin to flow through the two large veins running down the length of the shaft.

“There. That’s what we need. See. That wasn’t so bad, now, was it?”

“Shut up. What are you going to do me now?”

“We have to make sure that your phallus is secure in the tube. In order to do that, you have to be hard. I can tell you are still reluctant so I am going to help you along.”

Without waiting for a reply, Trevor stuck his finger in his mouth, made sure it was sufficiently lubricated, and guided it towards through a door on the bottom of the chair specifically designed for access to Cesare’s virgin ass. Not wanting to fully violate him, yet, he gently rimmed the inside edge of Cesare’s hole with his finger. Though Cesare tried raising his ass, he was unsuccessful, being restrained to the chair. Through all of his ranting and raving, his dick only grew harder. And before long, Trevor had turned those protest into moaning and groaning.

“See, it feels good, doesn’t it?”

“You better not speak a word of this to anybody. Do you understand me?”

“Of course. This study is strictly confidential.”

Satisfied that the cock was hard enough, Trevor grabbed it again and guided it through the tube that was attached to the wires, being controlled by the electrical box. Cesare felt the lube that Trevor had previously added in the tube envelope his cock as it was drawn inside. Though it was cold at first, the sensation was quite similar to that of an actual pussy.

As if he had been watching, the professor entered the office through the same outer door as before.

“Good, Trevor. I see you have our specimen already secured.”

“Yes, Sir, Professor. Though he was a little agitated at first, he has since gotten used to the idea.”

“Good, good. Then we should be able to get our sample. We need to get our data as soon as possible.”

The professor without acknowledging Cesare, strolled past and sat in the office chair behind the table. Glancing at the switches on the control panel, adjusting a few, he then looked up and acknowledged the Italian.

“Hello, Mr. Smith. Today, we will be milking a specimen from you.” He lifted up a beaker that had a tube attached to it. That small plastic tube ran from the tube around Cesare’s cock and into the beaker. “We must get enough sampling to fill this beaker. That is where you come in. You were picked for this study for three reasons. One, your youth, which means your stamina is high. Two, your Italian blood caused you to have huge penis’. Three, we were told by a recent lover of yours, Ms. Stephanie, that your sperm load was rather large. Therefore, we should be able to fill this beaker after four or five times.”

“Wait. You plan to do what exactly? Milk me?”

“That is correct. We are going to milk you.” With that, he flipped the switch to turn the machine on, causing air to flow through the tubes which, in turn, caused the tube around Cesare’s cock to suction tight against him. Immediately, beads inside the tube starting shaking against the sensitive part of his head while the tube moved ever so slightly up and down his shaft. The sensation caused by the two simultaneous movements sent Cesare into a bucking frenzy.

“Oh shit! Shit. Shit. Shit!” cried Cesare “What is that??”

“That, MR. Smith, is an artificial blowjob. Created by years of studying the art of sucking dick, I have created this machine to mimic it. This has proven to give us the best samples.”

“Oh, Damn, Professor. This is amazing!”

Cesare watched as the professor turned a single knob, increasing the amount of suction felt against his cock. The added suction sent him over the edge as he cried out “I’m cumming!”

“Good, good, Mr. Smith. Give me that sample.” With no other alternative, Cesare shot his load directly in to the tube. He watched, in wonder, as his spunk flowed through the smaller tube at the end and dripped into the beaker sitting on the professor’s table.

He saw the look on the professor’s face, the look you would see a father give his child in disappointment, as he turned the machine off. “Mr. Smith, it appears I was wrong about you. That wasn’t nearly long enough to give us good data. I’m afraid you won’t be able to continue.”

“Please, Professor. I need this credit. I can last longer next time. Please. It just felt to good. I’ve never shot my load that fast.”

The professor lifted the beaker, disappointed with the amount he had collected. “Ok, I will give you one more chance. I warn you, the second cycle is more intense.”

“I’m ready.” Cesare braced his arms against the back of his chair as he watched the professor turn the machine back on. “MMMMM.”

“Good. At least you are still erect. Trevor, get ready should he need stimulation.”

Cesare glanced at Trevor smiling as he stood next to him. Cesare didn’t know what the professor meant by stimulation but he knew it probably involved Trevor.

The professor let the machine work for a couple minutes, glad that Cesare was lasting longer this time. When he thought he was ready, he decided to increase the machine’s intensity.

“Ok, Mr. Smith. This next level is going to feel more like you are fucking instead of being sucked. This allows us to get more data.” Cesare watched in amazement as he felt the suction and vibrating increase, yet the sleeve was barely moving. As the beads rubbed the underside of his dick, it felt like electricity flowing through his cock which caused his whole body to jerk.

He began to thrust his hips as the suction continued to increase, imagining he was fucking a tight hole. “MMMMMMM Professor. You sure got this machine good. This is fucking awesome. I can feel it, I’m about to cum.”

To Cesare’s disappointment, the professor suddenly turned the suction back to low, causing the sensation to go away. “What are you doing? I told you I was about to cum?”

“Precisely, Mr. Smith. Premature ejaculation causes the data to be impure. Therefore, I need you to be able to control yourself. I heard you were better than this. I must say, you disappoint me.”

Trevor decided this was the perfect opportunity to chime in. “I would have thought a man carrying that size dick around would know how to use it better.” He was clearly trying to make Cesare mad. He and the professor had worked this way with many other “studs” before. And they were all the same….

“Are you ready for round three, yet, Mr. Smith?”

“Crank her up, Professor. As high as she’ll go.” The professor laughed; their mocking had worked.

He turned the machine back, gradually increasing the suction until it was in full mode. He watched as Cesare’s eyes rolled back to the back of his head and pictured what might be going through the young man’s mind. He didn’t have to wonder for long.

“Take that, you dirty slut.” Cesare began to imagine he was having sex with a woman. “You like that dick in your tight hole, don’t you?” His hips were gyrating back and forth, driving his cock into his imaginary lover. Both the professor and Trevor smiled at each other as they watched Cesare’s muscles flex and retract with each movement of his hips.

Trevor decided it was a good time to help himself, so he unzipped his pants and pulled his own dick out. Satisfied that their specimen was going to go the distance, the professor called Trevor over to him. Trevor was tall enough that the professor barely had to lean over to put his dick in his mouth.

Trevor wasn’t nearly as hung as Cesare, but still had a proud seven-inch dick. It felt heavenly as the older professor skillfully took his young assistant’s cock into his mouth and ran his tongue around the bottom portion of his head. The professor kept watch out of the corner of his eye and noticed Cesare staring at the two men going at it. The look, however, wasn’t of disgust; rather it was of amazement. It was as if seeing the two men like that unleashed an inner part of Cesare and caused him to go over the edge.

“UUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHH” was all he could muster as he exploded his load inside the tube. Just as before, the tubes carried the spunk to the beaker. Except this time, a considerable more was drawn out.

Lifting his mouth off his assistant’s cock, the professor picked up the beaker and smiled. “Mr. Smith, you have redeemed yourself.” He showed the beaker to Cesare and pointed at the line that needed to be reached. “But you aren’t quite there yet. In order to get full credit for this study, I need you to reach this line.”

Trevor stepped towards Cesare, cock in hand. He couldn’t help but be envious of the many drops of sweat that were cascading down the toned body of the Italian. His own precum oozed out of his cock.

“I need you to go one more round, Mr. Smith,” the professor proclaimed.

“I don’t think I can. I don’t have any more left in me.”

“Don’t worry. We have ways of getting more out. Are we ready, Trevor?” the professor asked.

“Whenever you are, Professor.” Trevor couldn’t help but smile.

The professor turned the machine back on, but the suction didn’t hold against Cesare’s limp cock. Trevor knew it was time for him to fulfill his role in the study. Instinctively, he knelt down on the floor, removed the suction cup, and placed the limp dick in his mouth.

“Wait! Hell no! get away.” Cesare tried to fight him, but still the restraints held him tight. “No one said anything about…..mmmmmmm.” His protest stopped as Trevor started working his mouth.

Trevor savored the taste as the cum-covered cock slid into his mouth. He was experienced in sucking massive dicks, able to get them to go in his mouth with ease. This one was no different as he felt it begin to harden as he massaged the big hairy balls of this Italian beauty. He allowed his spit to cover the cock before working his hands back and forth, getting the cock to stand at attention.

Satisfied with the hardness, he slipped the tube back on the cock and watched as the suction drew it into the sleeve. Once the suction motion kicked in, he heard the moans begin to escape out of Cesare’s mouth. Unbeknownst to Cesare, his two seducers had something even greater in store.

“Ok, Cesare,” Trevor started, preparing him for what was about to happen. “In order to get the most sample out of you, we need to milk every ounce of sperm we can. This might feel uncomfortable, at first, but I promise you it will be enjoyable. To milk you successfully, we need to get to your prostate gland. Do you remember learning where that is?

“Wait. What? My prostate gland? That’s my ass! What are you going to do to me?”

“Just relax. We don’t want to contaminate the sample. If you move, this may hurt you.”

Trevor picked up a metal object that was hidden beneath the chair. This was a long metal tube that was curved at the end and design to push on the gland inside a man’s ass.

Trevor reached his hand under the chair and located his target; the tight, pink hole of Cesare’s ass. Trevor spat in his hand and lubed the tube up then slowly inserted the tube into the entrance of Cesare’s hole.

‘UGGGGHHHHHH. That hurts, you bitch!”

Not wanting to play nice, Trevor slammed the tube into Cesare’s ass, causing inaudible grunts to come out of his mouth. “Who’s the bitch, now? I’m going to have you begging for more.”

Almost in tune, the professor turned the machine to full strength as Trevor worked the tube in and out of Cesare’s ass. Before long, his grunts of pain turned into moans of ecstasy as the pressure in his ass caused the pressure in his balls build up. He could barely hear Trevor as he was explaining the next step.

“Now comes the time where I’m going to milk you. You will feel like you are going to piss yourself. Trust me, it’s normal.” Before he could ask questions, he felt the metal tube twist in his ass and suddenly, the pressure that had built up came gushing out of his cock.

He felt an orgasm so strong rush through his body as stream after stream of cum spewed out. With each entrance of the tube, more cum would come gushing out. It felt like it went on forever as he watched the cum flow like a river into beaker. So much so, a second beaker had to be placed to keep any from spilling over.

Then, as if the day couldn’t get any stranger, he watched the professor dip his finger down into the beaker and then lick his finger clean. A look of satisfaction washed over his faced as the cum dripped down his throat. “Very good, Mr. Smith. We have some really good data here. Consider yourself passed.”

Cesare was spent, never in his life had he felt such things in his body. He felt every movement as Trevor removed the foreign tube from his ass. He felt his heartbeat against the chair as the machine was turned off. The rhythmic sound of the machine pumping suddenly cut off and the only sound that was heard was the raspy breathing of Cesare on the chair.

It was then, still tied to the chair with cum still dripping down his dick, that Cesare fell asleep. His headache long gone, the feeling of sexual satisfaction flowed through his veins.

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