Begging Big Daddy – Part 2

Big Daddy’s physical exam becomes much more intimate than his potential son-in-law could ever have imagined in Part 2 of the story!

Begging Big Daddy – Part 2
by Matty Schmatty
Art by Franco


Billy wondered exactly what Doc Thomas meant by “more intimate” but he was sure that if he didn’t comply that his hopes of marrying Betty would be crushed. He lifted his gown, tossed it on top of his pile of clothes and then stood up straight with his hands casually covering his genitals.

“Good.” said Doc Thomas handing Billy a clear cup. “Now, before we go any further, let’s take care of the piss test.”

“A piss test? Sir. Please! Why do I need to do that?”

“Son, how else can I be sure that you won’t giving my Baby Girl any of those sexually transmitted diseases. Or introducing her to the wrong influences like smoking the reefer??” The doctor stared intently into Billy’s eyes, refusing to give any ground.

“I’m not a drug user.” retorted Billy as he grabbed the cup out of the doctor’s hands. “Is there a bathroom I can use?”

“Well aren’t you the little princess?” the doctor laughed. “No, son. I’m gonna need to watch you provide the sample. Now piss.”

Left with no other choice, Billy inserted the tip of his cock into the rim of the cup and within a few moments began to release a stream of light yellow urine while the doctor watched on. Once the cup was full, he shook his cock and handed the warm cup back to the doctor.

“Good. Thank you. Now, Climb back on the table. Slide all the way up, Billy.”

Billy pushed himself all the way to the head of the exam table, feeling the paper sheet bunch up beneath his ass. He straightened it out beneath him before sliding the last couple of inches. The doctor watched intently smiling at the obedience of the young man.

“Good. Now bring both of your hands behind your head and lock them together.”

Billy hesitated. “What test is this, sir?”

“It would take me longer to explain the test than to administer the test itself, son. Now put your hands behind your head.”

Billy complied, raising his hands behind his head exposing his hairy armpits. Suddenly, he felt the doctor’s hands grab him firmly by the wrists and tie a thick strap around them , securing both of his hands together. In one move, he then raised a bar above Billy’s head and tied the other end of the strap to the bar, effectively rendering Billy unable to move his hands.

“What the Hell? Doc! What does tying me up have to do with checking if I’m healthy??” Billy screamed.

“Well, that’s a very good question, Billy.” The doctor walked toward the other end of the bed. “Part of being a healthy husband is being able to satisfy my Baby Girl.” He released the stirrups from the side of the bed and raised them. “Now, put your feet in these.”

Defeated, Billy hesitantly raised each leg and placed his feet in the stirrups. Without giving Billy time to resist, the doctor tightened a strap down around each of his ankles.

“The exam I’ll be administering may cause you some, um, discomfort. I don’t want you fighting against me and hurting yourself. So just relax and let me work.” The doctor stood directly beside Billy. The anxious patient felt a cool sensation across his skin as the doctor ran his hands over his chest, hardening his nipples. “You’re pectoral muscles are well developed.” said the doctor. Then he leaned over Billy and flicked his tongue across his stiff nipple.

“What the hell!?” Billy screamed as he struggled against the bindings that held him tight.

“Easy, son, or you’ll hurt yourself.”

“You’re freaking me out, sir! Why did you do that?”

“To be honest, just for the fun of it.” The doctor smiled as a look of utter confusion formed on Billy’s face. The doctor moved his hands down from Billy’s chest to his chiseled abs, feeling the definition of each line of Billy’s six-pack. “Not an ounce of fat on you, boy.” He slowly moved his hands lower and, with permission, Billy’s cock immediately reacted to the sensual touching. “You and Baby Girl have been dating for how long now?”

“Uh, 9 months, sir. Sir-”

“And you’re telling me that for 9 months this big guy hasn’t been touched by another person?”

“Yes, sir.” Billy took in a deep breath as he felt the doctor firmly grab his dick.

“Impressive, son. I must say.” The doctor moved his hand up and down Billy’s shaft, which was hardening with each passing stroke.
“Why are you doing this to me, sir?”

“Like I said, I want to be sure you are healthy in every way for my little girl. And that means satisfying her in bed. How much satisfaction would she have if you weren’t able to control yourself?”

“What does that mean, exactly?”

“Well, this last examination will test whether or not your able to control your orgasms. We don’t want you shooting off too early, do we?”

Billy looked down and was astonished that his dick had reached full hardness by the touch of his future father-in-law. He tried to squirm out of the doctor’s grasp but was only successful in making the straps feel tighter. He watched as the doctor went to the cabinet and retrieved a bottle of KY jelly, bringing it to the table. He globed a little of it in the palm of his hand and then wringed his hands together, evenly coating them with the lube.

Billy closed his eyes and gasped for air as he felt the smooth, lubed hands of the doctor slide softly all the way up the length of his hard cock from the base of his balls to his wet piss slit. He opened his eyes to watch the doctor using both hands to work down his shaft, alternating which hand was on top. Occasionally, he would encircle the engorged head of Billy’s cock and twirl his hands around it, causing Billy to buck his hips into the doctor’s hands.

Billy glanced past his cock, past the table, and gazed at his reflection in the mirror from across the room. He watched his balls bounce up and down in time to the rhythm of the doctor’s strokes. Then he felt the familiar sensation building up in his balls, signaling him that he was about to cum.

“Now, you let me know when you are about to cum. I want to be prepared for it.”

“I’m close, Doc,” Billy moaned as his breathing grew more rapid. “I’m about to cum!”

Suddenly, the doctor released his hold on Billy’s dick, stifling his impending orgasm. The doctor looked up at Billy with a smile and Billy shot him the look of a boy that had just had his favorite toy stolen away. “Ugh. Why did you stop?”

“Remember, it’s about control, Billy. It hasn’t even five minutes and you’re already ready to shoot your load. I can’t be allowing my Baby Girl to marry a man who doesn’t have the capability to satisfy her! I’m going to teach you some control, my boy.”

The doctor took Billy’s cock again into his hand again and began to stroke. Soon he picked up his pace causing his potential son-in-law to moan in pleasure. “MMMMMMM Damn. Why does this feel so good, doc?” he said, closing his eyes again.

“I’m a professional, son.” said the doctor as lowered his head and encircled the head of Billy’s cock with his lips. Billy’s eyes shot wide open as the doctor opened wider and his mouth engulfed more of Billy’s cock. The doctor could feel the major vein bulging out of the side of the cock so hard that he could almost feel Billy’s pulse flowing through it.

“Shit. It’s been so long, Doc!”

The doctor raised his mouth off the cock and smiled. He wiped a little stream of saliva that was running down his mouth off with his hand and rubbed it into the now purple head of Billy’s cock. The while working his hands up and down, he lowered his mouth back down the engorged cock, this time taking more of it in until the head of the cock literally touched the back of his throat. Without gagging, he worked his head up and down while Billy starting bucking his hips.

Satisfied that his mouth was doing a fine job on Billy’s cock, freeing up his hands, the doctor began to gently squeeze Billy’s hairy balls. He applied just enough pressure to send pleasure up Billy’s spine and send his hips into over drive. Then the doctor raised his mouth off the cock but continued his assault on Billy’s balls. “Don’t you cum yet. If you cum, I could never give you my blessing to marry my Baby Girl.”

Billy stopped thrusting his hips.

“There. It’s all about timing.” The doctor ceased playing with his balls and walked back towards the cabinet. Billy watched as the doctor pulled out a strange-looking instrument made completely of metal. It was a long tubular object that curved of into a rounded point on one end.

“Wh-what are you going to do with that, Doc?”

“I’m going to check your prostate, son. You are still young but you could still have early onset prostate issues.”

“Please, sir. Don’t do this. Could I just cum now? Please??”

The doctor smiled and squeezed the bottle of lube, squirting some in his hand and running the tube through it.

“You need to relax, son. If you fight against it, it will hurt. And we don’t want to cause you any permanent damage in bedroom, do we?”

The doctor went back stroking Billy’s still rock hard cock and it wasn’t long before the patient was once again putty in the doctor’s hands. He brought the tube down and lined it up with Billy’s hairy asshole. Billy opened his eyes and watched in the mirror as the tip of the tube pressed against his opening then poked through his sphincter muscle and began to disappear into his ass. Much to Billy’s astonishment, once the tube was half-way in, the doctor leaned down and began to lick the area between his balls and asshole, all while still maintaining his grip on Billy’s hard cock. The movement of the instrument shot a new type of feeling through Billy’s body, sending jolts of electricity to his head and back down through is body and out through his cock.

The doctor began to pump the tube in and out of Billy’s ass, erasing any pain and replacing it with pure pleasure. He allowed his tongue to travel slightly south until it came into contact with Billy’s asshole. As he pumped the tube in and out, he licked the rim of orifice, feeling his own dick twitching and begging to be let out.

“DAMN!” Billy began to scream. “I’m going to cum!”

The doctor brought all movements to a quick halt. “You don’t get to cum until I say so. And you’re gonna have to beg me for that son.”

“Please, sir. I’ll do anything.”


“Yes, sir. My balls are starting to ache. Please!?”

The doctor continued his stroke Billy’s cock and pump the tube in and out of his ass. Satisfied that his rhythm was good, he leaned back down and used his teeth to bite at the skin between his cock and ass. He couldn’t help but smile listening to the frantic moans coming from Billy’s mouth.

“Uuugggghhhhhhh, sir! Please!”

“Beg me boy. Beg me to let you cum!”

“Please, sir. Please let me cum! I beg you! Please!!” he begged, tears rolling down his face.

The doctor turned the tube in Billy’s ass and began to apply pressure on his prostate glands.

“UUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHGHHHHHHHHH!” Instantly, Billy’s cock started pulsing and releasing steady stream after stream of hot white spunk. The doctor grabbed a beaker and began collecting Billy’s jizz. For what seemed like several minutes, the doctor continued milking Billy’s glands, each pump causing another stream of his pent up cum to shoot out. When the collection cup was full, the doctor leaned down and sucked up the excess cum that was still shooting from Billy cock.

Satisfied that he had retrieved every drop out of Billy, the doctor wiped his mouth with a smile and released his grip on the boy’s cock then pulled the tube from his ass. Billy opened his eyes in time to catch sight of the doctor swiping his finger across the slit of his cock and lift the last glob of cum to his mouth. The doctor smiled at Billy, noticing himself being watched, and licked his lips.

“Good, son.”

“So,” Billy started, struggling to catch his breath and talk at the same time. “Did I pass the exam? Can I marry Betty?”

“Well let’s wait for the results of your tests.” He untied Billy’s hands from the bar and helped him lean up. “And let’s just keep this our little secret. No?”

“Yes, sir.” Billy replied.

With that, the doctor walked out of the examination room, leaving Billy in a daze. He wasn’t sure what had just happened. He was, however, sure that he didn’t want to tell a soul. Especially not Betty. But at the same time, had to admit that it was perhaps the hardest orgasm he’d ever experienced.

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