My Doctor, My Master – Part 2

by Doctor Jackman

It had been three days since Dr. Jackson had put Brayden’s cock into that… thing. Male chastity device. That’s what the doctor had called it.

Brayden thought of it as a jail cell, but he had to admit it was working. Every time a girl in a short skirt walked past him, Brayden’s cock struggled against the device. His cock tried to jump to attention, but it wasn’t to be allowed. A few times, he’d automatically moved his hand to stroke himself. Only, of course, he couldn’t.

His balls ached more than usual, though. He desperately wanted to touch himself. When his next door neighbor came out of her apartment dressed in black fishnets and six-inch heels, Brayden thought he was going to explode. He ran back into his apartment and tried every way possible to free his cock from its device, but nothing worked.

Which was why Brayden was back at Dr. Jackson’s office. The tall, raven colored doctor stood staring at him, a scowl on his face.

“Three days!” he barked. “It’s been three days. You’re telling me that you can’t contain yourself this long?”

“Please…” Brayden begged. “Let my cock out. I need to touch it. I understand that now. It’s not a matter of want, it’s a matter of need.  It’s just who I am.”

“That’s bullshit,” Dr. Jackson said. “You get out when I say you get out. That’s the how this works.”

“Please… it hurts,” Brayden pleaded with him. He began to writhe on the exam table.

Slowly, Dr. Jackson smiled. “Okay. If you need it so badly… Don’t move.”

Brayden’s heart raced as Dr. Jackson went to his special cabinet. He removed the handcuffs and rope. To Brayden’s surprise, Dr. Jackson lifted the stirrups that were at the bottom of the exam table and placed Brayden’s feet in them. He breathed hard as the doctor cuffed Brayden’s ankles to the stirrups, securing them from even the slightest movement.

With the rope, Dr. Jackson tied Brayden’s wrists together. He then fastened the rope to a metal bar that was attached to the edge of the table behind Brayden’s head. Brayden squirmed but couldn’t move. Dr. Jackson pulled a key from his pocket. His dark skin glistened as he unlocked Brayden’s chastity device.

“Ohhh,” Brayden groaned when his cock was free.

Dr. Jackson reached out one charcoal colored hand and began to tease the tip of Brayden’s cock with feather-light fingertips. It was almost like the doctor was tickling the head of his cock The ache Brayden felt began to subside. The more Dr. Jackson touched him, the better he felt.

The doctor’s black skin stood out against Brayden’s snow white cock. As his blood began to flow, Brayden’s cock turned a light pink. Dr. Jackson moved his fingertips lower, stroking them lightly over Brayden’s growing shaft. Brayden tried to buck his hips but was quickly subdued by his restraints.

It felt like years since Brayden’s cock had been touched like this. Dr. Jackson’s hand was enormous and he managed to fit half of Brayden’s cock into his palm, stroking him faster and faster. With his other hand, he squeezed Brayden’s balls.

Dr. Jackson brought his fingertips to his lips and licked them. He returned the newly slickened fingers to Brayden’s cock and rubbed him harder. Faster. He stretched Brayden’s cock further than anyone had before. His thick thumb pad kept a continual circling motion over Brayden’s solid testicles.

Brayden could hardly contain himself. Dr. Jackson’s touch was so much better than his own. He was ready to erupt at any second. He felt the sensation filling his head. Making him high. He started to let go.

Then it all stopped.

Dr. Jackson suddenly pulled away. Brayden looked at him, thinking this was all part of the game.

“Our first session is over,” Dr. Jackson said. He went to wash his hands, leaving Brayden strapped to the table.

“What the fuck?” Brayden yelled.

Dr. Jackson dried his hands off and pulled a whip from his special cabinet. He hovered over Brayden.

“Every time you show displeasure for your treatment, you will be punished,” the doctor said. He snapped the whip. It cracked through the air and slapped against Brayden’s chest, leaving dark pink marks.

“What the—”

Dr. Jackson cracked the whip again. This time, the strands on the whip went lower. They smacked against the base of Brayden’s cock and Brayden shut his mouth.

“Remember, you cum when I say you cum. I am your Doctor. I am your Master. In this room, what I say goes. Which means you don’t get to cum until you can show some restraint.”

Dr. Jackson left Brayden alone in the room, strapped to the table, for a full hour. When he returned, he replaced the chastity device and told Brayden to come back in a week.

A week? Brayden thought to himself, dismayed. He didn’t think he could last that long. His cock still hungered for release. When he’d agreed to Dr. Jackson’s treatment, he hadn’t realized he’d have to earn his orgasm.

At home, Brayden spent his time Googling ways to free his cock from the device Dr. Jackson had tricked him into wearing. He soon learned that his attempts would be useless. These things were designed to keep him in place. To lock him in. Slowly, he began to accept that he was at Dr. Jackson’s mercy, but that didn’t mean he liked it. He wondered if there was a way he could trick Dr. Jackson into freeing him.

At his next appointment, Brayden was more prepared. He was naked on the exam table as usual. He waited patiently as Dr. Jackson asked his questions.

“How often have you felt the urge to touch yourself this last week?” the doctor asked.

“Oh, not very often at all,” Brayden replied. “Maybe once every other day.”

Dr. Jackson said nothing but scribbled in his notepad.

“And are you still being affected by pretty girls in short skirts?”

“Once in a while,” Brayden said. He thought he was being clever. If he’d said “never,” Dr. Jackson would know he was lying.

“So right now,” Dr. Jackson asked, “you’re telling me that your cock doesn’t hurt? Doesn’t itch for release?”

“Right now? No. Also, I’ve been having a much easier time at work.”

“Is that so?” Dr. Jackson asked.

“Yes. I haven’t been late once, and I hardly notice the women there anymore.” Brayden smiled. His lie was now complete.

“Excellent,” Dr. Jackson said. “Seeing the improvements you say you’ve made, I’d like to try something new today. Stand up.”

Brayden stood eagerly. This is it, he thought. Release.

“Stand just over here, with your back against the wall.”

Brayden stood next to the blood pressure pump that Dr. Jackson indicated. There was something on the wall he hadn’t noticed last time. It looked like a towel bar. The doctor handcuffed Brayden to it but left his feet unrestrained. He removed Brayden’s chastity device.

“Now then, how does this feel?” Dr. Jackson asked. He reached down and began slowly stroking Brayden’s cock.

“Mmm… good,” he said.

Dr. Jackson stroked him faster. “And this?” Dr. Jackson asked, rubbing his thumb over Brayden’s dark pink tip. His cock pulsed with excitement.

“Ohhh…” Brayden said, his eyes rolling around in his head. This was what he’d been waiting for.

Suddenly, Dr. Jackson pulled away. He removed the blood pressure pump from the wall and wrapped the cuff around Brayden’s cock.

“What are you doing?” Brayden asked.

“Teaching you not to lie,” Dr. Jackson said.

Brayden’s heart froze. Oh shit.  “You mean… you mean you knew I was lying about…”

“Everything. You lied about everything today. It’s impossible that someone with your problem could have recovered so quickly and so easily.”

“Wait! I-is this safe?” Brayden asked as Dr. Jackson began to pump the blood pressure machine.

Brayden’s cock tightened inside the cuff. The pressure was intense. It went slowly at first, then seemed to increase tenfold. Brayden had never felt anything like it. His whole cock was being squeezed at once. Dr. Jackson had even managed to get his testicles inside the cuff.

“Oh God,” he groaned. The feel of the tension surrounding his massive shaft made his knees wobble. It was better than Dr. Jackson’s hand stroking him. It was better than anything Brayden had ever done to himself.

Every nerve ending in Brayden’s cock came alive at once. As the tension deepened, so too did the tickle. It started in Brayden’s testicles, then climbed up his shaft. His cock continued to grow despite the pressure being put on it. The tickle soon encapsulated his entire shaft from balls to tip. It was like Dr. Jackson had sent a light electrical charge zipping through his penis. It was like a million feather-light fingertips touching him all at once.

Dr. Jackson let some of the pressure out, giving Brayden’s cock a chance to expand. It grew another foot and by the time the tension had been released, Brayden’ cock had a never before felt so much energy in it.

Dr. Jackson removed the blood pressure cuff and knelt down. He pulled Brayden into his mouth and began to suck. Brayden’s body shook. His hips bucked. Dr. Jackson sucked him harder. He ran his tongue up and down Brayden’s massive throbbing shaft. His tongue swirled around Brayden’s dark pink tip, teasing it. Tasting it.

Brayden thrust his hips forward and Dr. Jackson pulled Brayden deeper into his mouth. His cock was ready to erupt. Precum oozed from his tip. Dr. Jackson swallowed it.

Before he could finish, Dr. Jackson stood up. Brayden’s cock throbbed like never before. The ache he felt now was nothing compared to the pain he’d felt from his masturbation habit.

Dr. Jackson went to his special cabinet and returned with a paddle. “I’m going to release your hands,” he said. “You will turn and face the wall, or you will never earn your orgasm.”

Brayden readily agreed. He would have done anything Dr. Jackson said right now just so he could cum.

Dr. Jackson uncuffed his wrists and Brayden stared at the wall.

“Spread your legs,” the doctor ordered.

Brayden did as he was told. A moment later, he felt the hard smack of the paddle as it hit his tender ass. Brayden’s body shook. His cock was still tingling, and the pleasure began to mix with the pain of the paddle. It was an odd sensation.

“Who is Master in this room?” Dr. Jackson asked.

“You are,” Brayden said.

Dr. Jackson smacked his ass again.

“And should you lie to your Master?”

“No,” Brayden replied.

Dr. Jackson hit Brayden’s ass so hard he was sure it was bleeding. He hit Brayden again. And again. Brayden stood there and took every hit without question. He wanted to cum. He needed to cum.

When Dr. Jackson was done, Brayden stood there, breathing hard. The doctor spun him around and replaced his chastity device.

“Next time I ask you something, you answer me honestly. Remember, I am the Doctor. I am the Master. You cum when I say you cum.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Dr. Jackson smiled, pleased at Brayden’s response.

“Show me that you understand your lessons. Learn to look at a pretty girl and demonstrate restraint. Practice standing naked in the wind. Do not allow your body to become aroused. Next time you return to me, I expect a better report.”

Brayden nodded. Dr. Jackson ordered him back in two weeks and left him alone to dress.

Brayden spent the week doing as Dr. Jackson had told him to do. At his office, he did not avoid looking at his pretty co-workers in short skirts. In fact, he found that looking at them did not arouse the same level of excitement it once did. They could offer nothing for him that was better than what Dr. Jackson could give—his sable hands on Brayden’s balls; his thick rose colored lips wrapped around Brayden’s testicles; that magical cuff that had almost squeezed the cum right out of him. These were the things that aroused him now.

When he walked naked through his apartment, his cock gently rocking in the wind, he felt only the smallest inkling of arousal. The stimulation simply wasn’t what it used to be.

Brayden waited impatiently for the two weeks to pass. He longed to tell Dr. Jackson what he’d learned. What he’d felt… and what he’d avoided feeling. At night, he dreamt of Dr. Jackson’s jet black figure leaning over him. Sucking him. He’d wake up with his cock throbbing for release.

When the day finally arrived, Dr. Jackson ordered Brayden to strip in front of him and tied him to the exam table. This time, however, there was a small pillow the doctor placed beneath Brayden’s hips, so that his ass was a few inches off the table.

Brayden’s hands were bound with handcuffs but his feet remained unrestrained. Dr. Jackson would only consent to remove his chastity device when Brayden agreed to remain still, no matter what.

“Now then,” Dr. Jackson said, tracing the strands of the whip along Brayden’s inner thigh.

Brayden shivered. It took a full minute for his body to settle down. The strands kissed his skin like velveteen lips.

“Tell me how you’ve behaved,” Dr. Jackson commanded. “Did you look at pretty girls?”

“Yes,” Brayden said. “But I did not feel aroused by them. Not like I once was.”

Dr. Jackson lashed Brayden harshly with the whip. “Do not lie.”

“I’m not lying!” Brayden cried. Dr. Jackson whipped him again. Brayden did not move. His hips remained firmly in place and his arms refused to quiver.

“Good,” Dr. Jackson said when Brayden hadn’t moved. “You’re showing restraint.” He removed one of Brayden’s handcuffs.

Brayden did not dare move his hand. He laid exactly as Dr. Jackson had placed him. Slowly, Dr. Jackson’s gigantic palm swallowed up Brayden’s cock. He began stroking Brayden, moving his hand up and down. Brayden sighed but did not budge. His hand, though free, stayed exactly where it had been when cuffed.

Dr. Jackson jerked Brayden’s cock harder. Faster. Brayden sighed and bit his bottom lip until he tasted blood. The doctor had ordered him not to move, and Brayden would not move. He didn’t want to risk Dr. Jackson suddenly stopping and pulling away, as he’d done every time before.

Brayden’s cock was rock hard. Dr. Jackson enjoyed the feel of it as he moved his hand roughly up and over Brayden’s enormous shaft. He could feel Brayden’s pulse rising as he pumped his hand faster and faster. His dark pink tip turned a light purple and Dr. Jackson squeezed that much harder.

“Ohhh,” Brayden groaned. Dr. Jackson let go of Brayden’s cock. He released his other hand from the cuff. Brayden was free. Dr. Jackson stepped back and waited.

Brayden looked at the doctor, confused.

“Uh, Dr. Jackson…? Master….?”

Dr. Jackson smiled. He left the room without a word. Brayden lay on the table, unmoving. He had no idea where Dr. Jackson had gone but assumed it was to get a new toy. Perhaps a riding crop? His cock itched and urged him to touch himself, but Brayden told it to fuck off. The only one allowed to touch him now was Dr. Jackson.

A moment later Dr. Jackson burst back into the room. He expected to find Brayden rubbing his cock like it was a genie’s lamp. Instead, Brayden lay there, wide eyed and ready.

Dr. Jackson marched over to Brayden and lowered his mouth over Brayden’s cock. Braden’s body cried out in ecstasy as Dr. Jackson wrapped his soft thick lips around his shaft, sealing Brayden inside his mouth. He sucked hard, bobbing his head up and down as Brayden lay there.

Dr. Jackson’s hands moved smoothly over Brayden’s thighs, pinching and massaging them as he continued to suck Brayden’s cock. Brayden’s brain was reeling. He had never felt so much pleasure in his life. Dr. Jackson’s coral tongue traced the veins running up and down Brayden’s massive shaft. The doctor licked his enormous cock before moving to his balls.

Brayden’s testicles were hard as melons. Dr. Jackson lapped them up. He sucked them hard, inhaling him like a vacuum. Brayden gasped, crying out as Dr. Jackson’s right hand suddenly moved to Brayden’s ass.

Brayden had never had anyone touch him there. His virgin ass was ripe and ready for Dr. Jackson’s thick black fingers. He circled Brayden’s hole with his forefinger before bringing it out and pushing his finger into Brayden’s mouth.

“Lick it,” Dr. Jackson set. “Make it wet.”

Brayden sucked the doctor’s fingers like they were a popsicle. Dr. Jackson circled his hole again then pushed his finger inside. Brayden almost ejaculated right then, but he was glad he didn’t. Dr. Jackson began moving his finger deeper into Brayden’s ass while still sucking his cock.

Brayden’s heart was beating erratically. Dr. Jackson inserted another finger. There were now two thick black fingers pushing their way deeper inside his body. Dr. Jackson touched Brayden’s prostate and tickled it with is fingertips.

“Oh fuck oh my God!” Brayden cried out. No one had ever touched him there before.

Dr. Jackson ran the edge of his teeth along Brayden’s shaft, teasing him. Then he pulled Brayden all the way into his throat. Brayden’s cock was actually touching Dr. Jackson’s tonsils. Instead of choking, Dr. Jackson sucked Brayden harder. His fingers slipped in and out of Brayden’s ass like the doctor was finger fucking him. Brayden couldn’t take it any longer. He erupted into Dr. Jackson’s mouth. Dr. Jackson egged him on. He sucked him even harder, trying to get every last drop of juice from him.

When it was over, Brayden fell back, exhausted. He had never experienced so much pleasure in his life.

Dr. Jackson wiped his mouth and went to scrub his hands. He came back with a washcloth and gently cleaned Brayden’s cock before locking it back into its chastity device.

“You earned that reward,” Dr. Jackson said. “I want you to check in with me weekly from now on, until we can be certain your problem is under control. Frankly, as bad as you were, you may have to wear this device for months or even years.”

Brayden had no problem with weekly checkups with Dr. Jackson.

“Just remember,” Dr. Jackson said. “I’m the one in charge here. If you forget that, you will pay the price.”

“Understood. Sir.” Brayden nodded his head. He would do anything that Dr. Jackson asked of him from now on, so long as it meant he could have his reward.

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