My Doctor, My Master – Part 1

by Doctor Jackman

Brayden sat in the waiting area with his hands shaking. He hated going to doctors, but he was at the end of his rope. If he didn’t take care of his problem soon, he was afraid his cock might fall off.

“Brayden Mitchell,” a nurse called. Brayden rose from his seat and made his way towards the nurse. She was full figured and eyed him like he was a candy bar as he walked towards her. Her name tag said “Elise.”

“Hello,” Elise purred. She batted her long lashes at him.

Brayden smiled breezily, never betraying the pain that he felt below his waist. The way she was looking at him certainly didn’t help. Thank God she wasn’t any prettier or he’d be in real trouble.

His cock shifted in his pants and he took a deep breath. Every nerve ending in his glans was on fire. He knew he was walking funny and tried to brush it off as though he’d had a tough workout at the gym the day before.

“Damn leg presses,” he said as she led him down a hall.  “They get my calves bunched every time I up the weight. But no pain, no gain.” He smiled and shrugged. Elise laughed.

“On the scale, please,” Elise said.

Brayden stepped up on the scale.

“One hundred ninety pounds,” Elise said, running her tongue over her lips. “Do you know your height?”

“Six feet.”

“Excellent. I’d guess most of your weight is pure muscle.” She laughed uneasily, trying to flirt. Brayden said nothing. His cock was starting to twitch and his balls were swelling uncomfortably inside his jeans.

“Follow me,” Elise said, leading him down another hallway. “Right in here, Mr. Mitchell.” She held a door open for him.

Brayden walked into the tiny exam room and sat on the table, grateful to be off his feet. Sitting took off some of the pressure. His cock felt ready to explode and he knew there was just one thing that could fix it. But that was what had gotten him into this mess to begin with. He noticed stirrups at the end of the table and wondered just what type of exam room this was.

“Here’s a gown for you,” Elise said. She handed him a blue exam gown. It was cloth, not paper. Thank God. He hated those paper gowns with a passion.

“Do I have to put this on?” Brayden asked.

“Yes. Doctor Jackson needs easy access to everything or it will only make his job that much harder. Harder for him means harder for you.”

Hearing Elise say ‘harder’ over and over again turned on some sort of switch inside his scrotum. A bonfire was growing in his pants. If she didn’t shut up, he was going to have to handle things right there with her in the room.

“Okay,” Brayden quickly said. “I’ll change. No problem.” He wanted to get her out of there.

“Good.” Elise looked at her clipboard and scrunched her face. She looked like a prune. It did nothing to quench the inferno blazing below his waist. “Can you tell me more about what brought you in today? All we have written down is ‘stomach issues.’ “

“No,” Brayden snapped.

When he’d made the appointment, he’d been too embarrassed to disclose the true nature of his problem. He figured his cock was near his hips, which was near his stomach, so that was close enough.

“I see,” Elise said.

She had stopped looking at him like he was dessert. Brayden supposed that when he wasn’t being his charming self, even his six-pack and tanned skin wasn’t enough to satisfy a woman like Elise.

“Dr. Jackson will be in with you shortly,” she said. She set her clipboard in a bin beside the door and left, closing the door behind her.

Once out of the room, Brayden quickly undressed. His hulking leg muscles were nothing compared to the massive shaft that dangled between his thighs. Even when he wasn’t fully erect, his was still feet bigger than most men.

Brayden touched the tip of his penis, rubbing it gently with the pad of his thumb. His cock began to swell. It ached for him to touch it more. His hand automatically moved to squeeze his testicles. To tease them until they swelled to the size of oranges.

“No,” he said to himself. “Not here. Not now.”

He pulled his hand away and took a breath. Brayden started doing deep knee bends. Anything to take his mind off the problem. His thighs flexed. The V-cut of his abdomen undulated with each inhale and exhale. Finally, his cock began to go back down. The feeling to touch himself, however, refused to subside.

There was a knock on the door. Brayden quickly threw his gown on as Dr. Jackson came into the room. Brayden saw the doctor check out his body before he could get the gown closed all the way up. Dr. Jackson’s mouth fell open in a small, silent “O” that Brayden knew had to do with the size of his cock. It always startled men and women alike. It was just that massive. He was used to it and rather proud it could evoke such a strong reaction in people.

“Mr. Mitchell,” the doctor said, extending his hand. “I’m Dr. Tyler Jackson.”

Brayden took a deep breath and shook the man’s hand. Dr. Jackson wasn’t what he’d been expecting. Somehow, Brayden had pictured an old white guy, not a brawny thirty-something with skin the color of coal.

“What’s up, Doc?” Brayden said, trying to be funny. He often did that when he was nervous. And right now, he was petrified.

Brayden felt all of Dr. Jackson’s authority as he stood opposite Brayden, his arms crossed. His white doctor’s coat contrasted nicely against his smooth ebony skin. A shiny silver stethoscope hung around his neck. Both were symbols of the doctor’s total dominance inside the exam room.

Brayden gulped. Dr. Jackson picked up the clipboard the nurse had left behind and began scanning it.

“Why don’t you start by telling me why you’re here?” Dr. Jackson said.

“Sure, uh…”

Brayden had rehearsed this a thousand times on the ride over. He knew he was gonna have to tell Dr. Jackson what the problem was, otherwise what was the point of coming in? But now that the moment had arrived, Brayden had no idea what to say.

“You see… I have this… problem,” Brayden said, staring at the floor.

“Which is?” Dr. Jackson asked patiently.

“Uh… I… uh.”

Dr. Jackson waited. The silence in the room made everything worse. Brayden wished he could just spit it out.

“Are you going to tell me why you’re here, or should I just leave you to get dressed?” Dr. Jackson asked.

“No!” Brayden cried. He couldn’t let the doctor leave without getting some help.

“Then be a man! Tell me what it is that brought you here.” Dr. Jackson’s voice was deep and forceful. Brayden wasn’t used to being spoken to in such a way. He couldn’t decide whether or not he liked it.

“I, uh…”

“For God’s sake,” Dr. Jackson growled, hitting the counter beside him with the clipboard. “Tell me now.  Say it!”

“I can’t stop masturbating!” Brayden cried.

The words were out of his mouth before he’d even realized that he’d said them. He waited for Dr. Jackson to laugh. To belittle him. Something. But Dr. Jackson just stood back appraisingly. He licked his thick pink lips. They looked soft and moist. He licked them again and began to speak.

“How often do you touch yourself?” Dr. Jackson asked.

“One or two times a day.”

“I’d wager that it’s far more than that,” Dr. Jackson said seriously.

Brayden’s eyes widened.

“Men like you don’t go to the doctor for masturbating once a day. Once a day isn’t a problem.”

Brayden’s cheeks colored. “Five…” he said. “Maybe six.” He was having trouble meeting the doctor’s eyes. “It… it’s affected my work.”

“How so?”

“I have a hard time leaving my apartment. My cock… it’s restless. If I don’t touch myself, I start to… hurt.”

“You mean you have physical pain?” Dr. Jackson asked.

Brayden nodded.

“Does this pain always accompany the desire to masturbate?”

Brayden thought about it. “I guess so. It’s like I feel the urge come over me, then the ache starts. If I try to ignore it, the ache turns to pain. I even have a hard time walking.”

Dr. Jackson was scribbling furiously. “Do you have a girlfriend?”

“No.” Brayden shook his head.

“I see. A boyfriend?”

“No!” Brayden yelled, shaking his head more forcefully. “I had a girlfriend, but we broke up like six months ago.”

“And you haven’t been able to get laid since then. Is that it?”

“I can get laid!” Brayden said defensively. He didn’t like the tone this doctor had suddenly developed.

“I’m just trying to understand,” Dr. Jackson said. “What causes a man in his late twenties to masturbate like a teenager?”

Brayden shrugged.

“Stand up. Remove your gown. I need to see precisely what we’re dealing with here.”

Brayden stood. He hesitated before removing the gown and Dr. Jackson jumped on him.

“I am the doctor in this room. Not you. Me.  That means I am in charge. Remove the gown now!” Dr. Jackson barked.

Brayden let the gown fall to the floor. His cock chilled without the cover of the cloth, but not enough to stop the burning ache that lay deep inside him. His fingers itched to move along his shaft. He longed to feel his length fill the palm of his hand.

“Thank you. You would do best to remember that when you’re in this room with me, what I say goes. When I tell you to do something, you do it. This is a doctor’s office, not a bar. What happens in here could save your life.”

Brayden didn’t see how his masturbating was life threatening, but he admired the way that Dr. Jackson’s nostrils flared and his cheekbones colored when he spoke. Beneath the white lab coat, he wore a fitted navy dress shirt. When his temper flared, Brayden could see his muscles rolling beneath the fabric.

Dr. Jackson stepped forward and began to examine Brayden’s cock. He started with the testicles, squeezing them first lightly and then hard.

“Are your testicles always this plump?” Dr. Jackson asked.

Brayden looked down at the way Dr. Jackson was holding his cock. It looked like his shaft was covered in thick, unsulphured molasses. He wasn’t gay, but it couldn’t help excite him a little.

“Not always, no. Only when I… get the urge,” Brayden said.

Dr. Jackson nodded and continued his exam. “And what about the length of your shaft? Would you say you grow another inch or two when you are fully erect?” He yanked on Brayden’s cock as if testing it out.

Brayden groaned. “Oh no, Doctor. When I’m hard– really hard—my cock grows at least another foot.”

Dr. Jackson’s eyes widened. Blood began pumping into Brayden’s massive shaft and he felt like he was about to explode.

Finally, Dr. Jackson let Brayden’s cock go and stepped back. Brayden expelled a breath. He couldn’t take much more of this exam. Brayden’s cock lay thick and heavy, waiting for his touch.

“What makes you so horny you feel you have to touch yourself so often?” Dr. Jackson asked. He had picked his clipboard back up and waited with pen poised for Brayden’s answer.

“Well,” Brayden said. His throat was dry. “It could be anything, really.”

“Give me specific examples,” Dr. Jackson said.

“Uh, well, a pretty girl.”

Dr. Jackson began to write on his clipboard.

“Sometimes, a warm breeze,” Brayden said. “Or a cool breeze.”

“Do you walk around naked outside? In your backyard?”

“No, I live in an apartment. But I do walk around naked. I like seeing myself in the mirror. And I like looking down at my cock and knowing it’s…”

“Enormous? Magnificent? The biggest damned cock I’ve ever seen?” Dr. Jackson asked. He was staring intently at Brayden.

“Yes,” Brayden answered honestly. The more he spoke, the more he felt the urge to touch himself. It was coming on like a wildfire. “I like to leave the windows open during the day. And when the breeze hits me just right, it feels like it’s cradling my balls.”

He absent-mindedly began to touch his testicles. Dr. Jackson said nothing, just observed.

“What about other men? Do they excite you as well as women?”

“No,” Brayden said. “Although, I supposed, sometimes at the gym, when I’m in the locker room… I see the other men looking at me. It gets me hard. I’m not gay, but I like knowing that they can’t take their eyes off me. Off my cock.”

Brayden was stroking himself now. He’d started out intensely aware of his nakedness. Every time Dr. Jackson’s deep brown eyes looked towards him, Brayden had wanted to cover himself up. Now, though, his cock was twitching. He moved his hand faster and faster as his shaft began to grow.

“Does my looking at you excite you?” Dr. Jackson asked.

“Yes,” Brayden said. His hand was flying over his massive shaft now. His balls were rock hard and growing harder. Soon, his cock would be hard enough to cut a diamond.

“Are you aware of what you’re doing right now?” Dr. Jackson asked.

Brayden opened his eyes and looked down.

“Oh shit,” he said, and let go of himself.

“That’s what I thought,” Dr. Jackson said. “You have become so accustomed to pleasuring yourself that you are not even aware when you’re doing it anymore. I’m surprised this hasn’t become a problem for you in public.”

Brayden’s cheeks colored.

“Or has it?” Dr. Jackson asked.

“I… almost got caught in a men’s room at the football stadium,” he said, his face burning brightly. “The game was going well. The cheerleaders were doing splits and I… got excited.”

Dr. Jackson set the clipboard down. “There’s only one option I can recommend to you. It may be difficult, but I see no other recourse.”

“I’ll try anything!” Brayden cried.

Dr. Jackson smiled. “I was hoping you’d say that. What I want to try might be considered unorthodox by some, but believe me, it’s the only thing that may help.”

Brayden nodded, eager to try whatever Dr. Jackson had in mind. Anything to stop this thing that was taking over his life.

“First, we need to get your cock back down to its normal size. What I have in mind will never work when you’re this hard.” He pulled out a chair that had been pushed against the wall. “Sit.” It was a command.

Brayden sat. It was an ordinary chair. A black cushioned backrest and padded seat, four legs, and two arm rests.

“Now close your eyes.”

Brayden hesitated.

“I said close them.” Dr. Jackson’s voice indicated he was not to be trifled with. Brayden closed his eyes.

A moment later, he felt something hard and cold wrap around his left wrist. He heard a click. He opened his eyes and saw a pair of handcuffs connecting his left arm to the chair’s armrest.

“What the fuck?” Brayden cried.

Dr. Jackson grabbed Brayden’s other arm and pushed it down. Brayden struggled, but with his left arm incapacitated, it was hard to get any leverage against the doctor. A second later and Brayden’s right arm was cuffed to the chair.

“What the hell are you doing?” Brayden asked.

“I’ll be right back.”

Dr. Jackson left the room and Brayden sat there feeling like a mad idiot. What had he been thinking coming here? He thought about calling out for help, but he had no idea what he’d tell the nurse when she came in. How could he explain this?

When the door opened again a few minutes later, Dr. Jackson walked in carrying a small box that said “Jail Bird” on the side.

“You better start explaining yourself,” Brayden said.

Dr. Jackson smiled. He didn’t the least put off by Brayden’s sudden attitude. “Are you familiar with male chastity devices?” the doctor asked.

Brayden pictured those metal panties women in Renaissance porn were always wearing. He didn’t think that was what the doctor meant. He shrugged.

“Not really.”

Dr. Jackson opened the box. He removed a metal thing that looked like a cage.

“What is that?” Brayden asked.

“That,” Dr. Jackson said, “is how I am going to cure you of your problem.”

Brayden looked from the cage to Dr. Jackson and a lightbulb went off over his head.

“Oh hell no,” Brayden said. He started struggling against his cuffs. He kicked out, almost getting Dr. Jackson in his groin. “You can’t do this without my permission!”

“I can and I will. You are a chronic masturbator, Mr. Mitchell. You admitted to me that you have masturbated in public. At a football stadium, no less, where you could have been seen by anyone, including children.”

Dr. Jackson moved towards him.

“Please…” Brayden said. His cock had finally shrunk back to normal.

“Stop struggling and do as I say, or I will refer your case to the county’s mental health department. They will not be so lenient with you. They will consider you a public menace and lock you up.”

Brayden stopped struggling. More than anything, he didn’t want to go to jail or an institution or wherever the mental health department might send him.

Dr. Jackson was satisfied that Brayden had settled down. He moved forward once again and knelt down. He threaded Brayden’s penis and testicles through the cock and ball ring, then slipped the cage over his shaft. He locked it all into place and stood back.

“There!” Dr. Jackson declared, proud of himself. “This is your first step on your road to recovery. From now on, you cum when I say you cum.”

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