Ben Goes to the Doctor

A famous Hollywood actor goes to the doctor with an embarrassing problem and receives an unexpected treatment!

Ben Goes to the Doctor
by Nico

Dr. Patterson shuffled the folders on his desk, looking for the file for his next patient. Unlike most of his patients, who had been seeing the doctor for many years, this was a new patient. His folder was almost empty, just the bare minimum of information — he was a male in his early forties, smoker, no prior medical history, suffering from an undisclosed urological complaint. It seemed like yet another boring case in a stream of boring cases that day. The doctor closed the file with a sigh.

“Doctor?” A soft female voice called out from the doorway. “Your next patient is ready in room two.”

“Thank you, nurse.” Dr. Patterson tucked the file under his arm and left his office. He paused momentarily in the hall to straighten his tie, adjust the thin, silver-rimmed glasses perched on his nose, then knocked on the door to room two and opened it. “Good afternoon,” he said, “I’m Dr. Patterson.”

His patient was seated in a chair by the desk. He didn’t look up as the doctor spoke, staying bent over in his chair, forearms resting on his knees.

“So,” the doctor continued, unperturbed, “What seems to be the problem today?” He crossed the small examining room to take a seat on his stool, dropping the patient’s file off on his desk.

“It’s… Look, doc, it’s not easy for me to talk about.” His patient kept his head down, eyes fixed on his expensive brown leather loafers.

Patterson offered a reassuring smile. “Don’t worry. Everything that happens in this room stays in this room… You have complete confidentiality.”

“Well, see. I’ve been having some problems lately.  In the bedroom. You know what I mean? And, well,” he hesitated a moment, seeming choked up. For the first time, he looked up at the doctor. Patterson was struck by his chiseled features, and the tenderness in his brown eyes as he spoke. “My wife. She spends her whole day around handsome men. I’m scared that… you know.”

The doctor nodded his head slightly. This was a problem he saw often. “Don’t worry, you’re quite a handsome man yourself… say,” he said, sliding a little closer on his wheeled doctor’s stool, “do I know you from somewhere? You look awfully familiar.”

The patient let out a small, dark laugh. “I guess you could say that.”

Dr. Patterson studied the man’s sculptured face. Then it struck him: “I knew I recognized you! You’re Ben Aff- “

“Please!” the man interjected raising his open palm. “Guilty. Now. About my problem.”

“Yes, yes, of course!” The doctor said with a smile. It looked like his boring day had taken a turn for the better. “If you would just undress and take a seat on the table, we can-“

“Is that necessary?”


“Do we really need to… Look, can you just give me a pill, doc?” Ben asked, sheepishly ruffling his brown hair with one hand. “I’d kind of like to just get this over with, you know?”

“Yes, we really need to,” Patterson replied, his expression turning suddenly serious at Ben’s reluctance. “What kind of doctor to you take me for, just shilling pills left and right?”

“Hey, sorry, man. Sorry,” Ben said, putting both hands up in a placating expression. “I didn’t mean anything by it. I’m just a little embarrassed, I guess.”

“I assure you, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. I have performed this examination a million times.” Just never on a Hollywood stud before. “Now if you would please, get undressed.”

The doctor watched as Ben’s hands slid under the thin material of his tee-shirt, pulling it over his head to reveal a broad chest and well-defined abs. He kicked off his loafers as he rose from the chair. His hands moved to the buckle of his belt, undoing it pulling the belt free from its loops. Ben seemed to be taking his sweet time, stalling taking his pants off. Watching the way his toned abs moved under the bright lights of the examining room, Dr. Patterson didn’t mind.

“She’s filming a new movie, you know,” Ben said.


“Jennifer. My wife.”

The doctor frowned. “Interesting. Now I must insist you remove your pants.”

“Right, right. Sorry.” Ben unbuttoned his designer jeans, giving them a small tug. To Dr. Patterson’s delight, as the denim slid off Ben’s hips, they revealed that he was wearing no boxers underneath. The doctor eyed the tight curve of his naked ass. Kicking his feet free of the pants and leaving them in a pile on the floor, Ben took a seat on the examination table.

The doctor took a moment to admire Ben’s athletic figure as he sat, legs spread slightly, on the table. His pecs were well-defined, his shoulders broad and masculine. He had hair on his chest, which led in a tempting trail down to slim hips and a long, beautiful cock that lay above two large balls. The shaft was light pink, the head large, begging to be kissed. 

The doctor cleared his throat. “So,” he said. “You say you’ve been having some difficulties in the bedroom. Could you please be more clear about what you mean?”

Ben shifted uncomfortably. He felt so vulnerable sitting naked under the gaze of the doctor’s icy blue eyes. “Well. Um. I guess you’d call it erectile dysfunction.”

“I am the doctor here, Mr. Affleck. I will ask that you leave the diagnosing to me,” Dr. Patterson said, pulling a small flashlight from the pocket of his white doctor’s coat. “Say ‘ah.'”

Ben obediently opened his mouth, letting his tongue slide from between his full, pink lips. The doctor shone the light in, admiring his pearly white teeth, watching as Ben’s mouth began to water, imagining how warm and wet that mouth would be wrapped around him. He clicked the flashlight off.

“Have you been having difficulty achieving an erection, or maintaining one? Please turn your head to the side.”

“Both,” Ben responded, doing as the doctor asked. “It’s killing me, doc… Can you please just give me some Viagra?”

“Once again,” the doctor said coldly, “I am not some cheap drug pusher. Now, if you would lay back-” Ben did as he was instructed, “and place your feet in those stirrups.”

Ben hesitated for a moment, eyeing the stirrups at the far end of the examination table by his feet. But he did as he was told, placing each ankle in a stirrup, so that his muscular legs were spread wide. The doctor moved silently to his ankles, quickly fastening leather straps around Ben’s legs, securing them with metal buckles. 

“Woah! What the fuck is this?” Ben exclaimed, trying to sit up. The motion was clumsy, as the straps held his legs securely in position. He pushed himself up onto his elbows. “Straps?”

The doctor slid two fingers underneath the strap on Ben’s left leg, checking to make sure it was properly tightened. “Yes,” he said calmly. “Straps.” He moved to the right leg, checking that one as well. He let his hand linger for just a brief second on Ben’s ankle. “It’s a requirement of the insurance company, you see. While I can ensure you that this examination will be completely painless, there can be some complications if the patient moves around too much. They might hurt themselves, you see. It’s all very simple, really, just an insurance procedure, nothing to worry about.” He busied himself with talk as he walked to the other side of the examining table, taking one of Ben’s large hands and guiding it above his head as he spoke. Ben was too caught up in the doctor’s rapid-fire explanation to notice as the doctor fastened first his right wrist, then his left, above his head with leather straps, same as his ankles. “This will be over before you know it.”

Ben frowned. “This doesn’t seem right.” He tugged against his bonds, softly at first, then, when he realized that they were holding tight, harder, with growing desperation. “Hey!” He growled. “Let me go! What the fuck is this, some kind of sick game?” He fought hard against the straps binding him feet and ankle, but with his legs in the air, he had little momentum. Dr. Patterson gave a small chuckle, watching him squirm.

“No game, Mr. Affleck. Just good medicine, I promise you.” He offered Ben a warm smile. “This will be quick and painless. You may even enjoy it,” he said with a wink. At this, Ben struggled harder in his bonds. The doctor chuckled. “See, and it is for exactly this reason we must strap you in. You’ll hurt yourself if you continue fighting like that. Be calm.” He placed a hand on Ben’s chest, softly caressing him, then let that hand slide down lower, across his chiseled abs, following the trail of hair down to the shaft of his penis. The doctor took it in his hand gently, studying it with a practiced gaze. “Now, there are several tests that can be performed to diagnose erectile dysfunction. There’s penile biothesiometry… tell me, how does the idea of a small electric shock sound?”

Ben went pale. He swallowed hard.

“No? And not a fan of needles, either, I suppose? We could always inject some fluid and see-“

“No,” Ben cut him off. “Um. What are the other tests?”

Dr. Patterson arched an eyebrow, regarding the movie star coolly. “Are you willing to cooperate, then?”

“Fuck. Fine.”

“That’s good. I detest a difficult patient.” The doctor cupped Ben’s balls with his free hand, feeling the weight of them in his palm. They were huge, begging for a release they hadn’t gotten in ages. Ben let out a soft moan as the doctor handled them. “Now, the most simple test is direct physical stimulation. If you would please, just relax, and allow me to perform the test.”

Ben closed his eyes, lying still in the stirrups finally, willing to do what the doctor said to avoid any worse treatment. He felt the doctor’s hand on his cock, his palms slightly rough from wear. The hand moved up and down the shaft slowly, working Ben’s flaccid cock in gentle, deliberate motions. “It’s not going to work,” Ben said. “If my wife can’t do it, you can’t do it.”

“If you would prefer a different test…”

“No! No. Sorry, doc.” Ben quickly quieted down, letting the doctor work his cock with his hand, methodically working up and down the shaft, up and down. For a moment, Ben’s cock remained soft. But then the doctor suddenly moved his hand to cup the head of Ben’s cock, giving a tug with gentle suction from his palm, and a twinge of electricity shot down Ben’s spine, making his hairs stand on end, his cock start to perk up in response. The doctor’s thin lips curved into a smile as the patient’s cock responded to his touch. He moved his other hand to the shaft, working with both hands as his erection grew, accompanied by soft groans escaping from Ben’s lips.

“Well,” said the doctor. “It would not seem that achieving an erection is your primary difficulty… I didn’t seem to have much trouble at all.” He laughed. “Now let us see how long you can maintain it.”

He continued to run his hand along the length of Ben’s shaft, feeling the thick veins as it engorged with blood at his touch, growing rock hard. Then he moved to position himself between Ben’s legs at the end of the table, grasping his erection with both hands, fingers intertwined as they ran along the sensitive shaft. After a minute of this, a small bead of precum formed on the dark pink cockhead. The doctor licked his lips, eyeing it thirstily, then lowered his head to lick it away with a small flick, just the very tip of his tongue, a barely imperceptible touch that made Ben’s body jerk with pleasure. He let out a low groan.

“Please let me know when you feel you are close to cumming,” The doctor said, continuing to work the cock with seasoned hands. It wasn’t long before Ben let him know: “I’m cumming I’m cumming I’m-“

The doctor quickly removed his hands, taking a step back from the examining table. Ben’s voice caught in his throat. His eyes went wide at the sudden lack of stimulation, and when he found his breath, it was a defeated groan he let out. “Ugh.”

“Very good,” The doctor said, watching the long, throbbing cock in front of him as it twitched, begging for attention. “We need to see, after all, how long you can maintain this erection. It wouldn’t do to have you come, that’s simply not good medicine. Not at all.” He ran one finger along the length of Ben’s shaft, up, then teasingly around the head, then back down again. “But I think you are ready to continue… Would you like to continue?”

“Yes,” Ben said softly, closing his eyes again. “Please.”

“Well. Since you said please.”


Dr. Patterson paused for a moment to appreciate the situation he’d found himself in, the Adonis of a figure strapped, ankle and wrist, to his examining table. Ben Affleck’s cock was exposed by his spread legs, fully erect. The doctor let his fingers trail softly along the shaft, his touch delicate, teasing. The cock throbbed at his touch, begging for a firmer grip. The doctor knelt so he was eye-level with the massive erection, the large balls in front of him. He admired the veins of the cock, its beautiful pink color. Then, sensing that Ben couldn’t take much more teasing, he wrapped his lips around the head, sucking gently. A low moan escaped Ben’s lips.

“Oh god doc,” he sighed. “That feels so good.” He lay back, his arms above his head, legs spread wide by stirrups, feeling the doctor’s warm lips on his cockhead. He tried to buck his hips slightly, wanting his cock deeper in the doctor’s mouth, but the leather straps binding him limited his motion. The doctor continued to suck just the very tip of his cock, swirling his tongue in small circles like over the tip of an ice cream cone, savoring Ben’s sweetness. Then, ever so slowly, he lowered his head further down, taking more of Ben’s erection in between his parted lips. He let the cock slide in, taking the entire length of the shaft along his warm, wet tongue, feeling the hard head of it press against the back of his throat. Then he raised his head, just as slowly, sliding his tongue up along the shaft, up to the head, and letting it circle again around the tip of Ben’s cock. Ben shuddered in ecstasy as the doctor took him all in.

The doctor pulled off just a little, leaving the smallest gap between his lips and the head of Ben’s erection, letting his warm breath tease him before again wrapping the cock with his lips, circling the ridge below the head with his tongue, lowering his head to again take in the entire length of Ben’s huge erection, feeling it long and hard in his throat. His hand moved to cup Ben’s balls, feeling them throbbing as he worked the cock in his mouth, filled with sweet warm cum begging to be freed. He continued sucking the huge cock until he felt Ben’s balls tighten, ready to come. Then he quickly pulled away, giving a quickly, playful kiss to the very tip of Ben’s cock as he did, making the man groan as if in pain the buildup was so much.

“Please,” Ben gasped, his full lips parted, his breathing heavy. Dr. Patterson watched his muscular chest rise and fall with each breath, the forest of brown hair on his torso gleaning with sweat. He was desperate with need. The doctor licked his lips.

“Now, now,” he chastised. “How many times must I tell you: I am the doctor here. I dictate what goes on in this examining room, not you.” He flicked Ben’s cock with one finger in warning. “We are not yet done with the test. You wouldn’t want to ruin the results, would you?”

“No, doc,” Ben said. “Sorry. Do your thing.” His voice was strained with unbridled desire.

“Thank you,” Dr. Patterson said, moving to the side of the examining table. He adjusted a few levers, and the stirrups holding Ben’s feet in place rose, forcing his hips up off the examining table. With his legs still spread, the position granted the doctor a delicious view of his full, pulsing balls, and the little pink puckered hole beneath them. The doctor felt his own cock grow quite hard at the sight of Ben’s tight little ass.

“Woah,” Ben said, feeling his hips hoisted up by the stirrups. “Alright.” He gave a nervous chuckle. “Uh, what now?”

“Now,” the doctor answered calmly, his voice low, “we will test your Osinski reflex. It’s a simple procedure, one tests the reaction of the patient’s sphincter while-“

“Hey now,” Ben said, his muscles visibly tensing. “Sphincter… that means ass, doc. What’s this got to do with my problems with Jennifer?” His deep brown eyes darted around the room, as if trying to plan his escape.

The doctor didn’t respond. He turned his back to walk over to his desk, pulling a pair of white rubber gloves out of the box that sat there. He slid one onto his right hand, letting the latex snap against his wrist with a satisfying smacking sound. He clenched and unclenched his gloved fist, watching the way the latex stretched around his hand, letting the anticipation build in Ben. Then he moved back over to the table, near Ben’s head. He ran his gloved hand over the actor’s lightly stubbled cheek, his strong, hard jawline. Then he put his index finger to Ben’s lips, and said, “Suck.”


“Suck,” the doctor repeated, running the tip of his finger along Ben’s full lips. “Or do you want this to hurt?”

Quickly, Ben parted his lips, letting the doctor’s finger slip between them. Patterson felt his cock grow stiff beneath his white lab coat as Ben’s tongue ran against his forefinger, getting it warm and wet with his spit. The doctor let Ben suck for a moment, staring into his piercing brown eyes, then withdrew his finger, pressing the tip to Ben’s little pink hole.

“Relax,” he instructed. “I’m a professional.” He made small circles with the tip of his finger against Ben’s ass, slowly working his finger in to the first knuckle. Ben’s eyes went wide, and an audible gasp escaped his lips. The doctor kept going, pushing his index finger into Ben’s tight, virgin butt, feeling the muscles clench on his finger. “Good, good,” he said softly, taking Ben’s hard cock in his free hand, gently cupping the head and letting the tips of his fingers gently skim along the top of the shaft. “Almost there.” With one final push, he thrust his finger in up to the fist, then gently curved it in a come-hither motion, making Ben moan.

“Oh god,” he gasped, feeling the doctor’s finger deep inside him. “It’s so good.”

The doctor nodded. “Yes, good. You’re doing fine.” He moved his hand lower down onto Ben’s cock, holding the shaft, stroking it with firm pumps. Up and down, he worked Ben’s erection, feeling his tight butt pulse in response. Then with a loud gasp, Ben came, his hot white cum exploding out of his cock in bursts. The doctor grabbed a beaker from nearby and held the cool, smooth glass rim to the head of Ben’s erection, watching as the slick, white cum shot out, dripping down its surface to collect at the bottom.

It took Ben a moment to catch his breath. He lay on the examining room table, panting, his handsome face flushed from exertion.

The doctor lifted the beaker of cum in front of his face, examining it. “Hmm,” he said with a frown.

“What?” Ben asked breathily.

“It’s not enough. You haven’t come enough, I require more in order to conduct my testing. We shall have to milk you.”

“M-milk??” Ben stammered, the muscles under his smooth, tan skin growing taught at the thought.

“Yes,” Dr. Patterson said simply. “Milked.” He dipped one gloved finger into the beaker, coating it in Ben’s steaming hot cum, then lifted it to his lips, running it over them, savoring Ben’s taste. “For a larger sample. We have to fill this beaker, or there won’t be enough semen to complete our testing.”

“Right, so… what do we do, doc?” Ben asked, hiding his nervousness with a slight chuckle. “I think it’s going to be a little while until I can… you know.” He raised his eyebrows meaningfully.

The doctor cleared his throat. “No, no. It won’t do. Won’t do at all. Just not good medicine, you see. The male refractory period after ejaculation is far too long, there’s too many variables, no, no, it simply won’t work. You must be milked, Mr. Affleck.”

“The fuck do you mean milked?”

In response, the doctor, without warning, slipped his gloved finger along the crack of Ben’s ass, plunging it deep inside his tight hole. He laughed as Ben’s eyes grew wide, his mouth falling open in a gasp. He held his finger still for a moment, feeling the walls of Ben’s sweet hole hug and squeeze his finger. Then he hooked it slightly, searching with a practiced, steady hand for that one spot that made Ben moan, his muscles melt into a helpless mass on the examining table. Finding it, he proceeded to make small thrusts with his finger, gently stretching and warming up Ben’s small, virgin hole. “Do you feel that?” The doctor asked, running the tip of his finger along that sweet, wonderful spot.

Ben, mouth wide and gasping for breath, nodded his head eagerly, his brown hair flopping in his face.

“That,” explained the doctor, “Is your prostate gland. Easily accessible through the anus, it is responsible for various things within the male reproductive system. And,” he added,” it is what allows us to milk you.” He withdrew his finger, peeling the rubber glove off his hand by the wrist, the latex sticking to his fingers and stretching until finally it released with a snapping sound, leaving the doctor’s hand bare. “It’s a painless procedure. In fact, I think you may even enjoy it.” He walked to his desk, pulling open the bottom drawer. He considered the collection of tools inside — speculums, stethoscopes, a variety of syringes — before finally spotting what he was looking for: a thick piece of silver metal, slightly curved, perhaps six inches long. The weight of it felt good in the doctor’s hand; solid, substantial. The cool, smooth metal slowly began to warm from the heat of his palm.

The doctor slowly drew closer to Ben; he could each of the doctor’s steps beat in his chest, his heart pounding, his balls aching with cum to be released. He arched his back on the examining table, his ankles still held tight in the leather stirrups. He felt the cold metal tip of the toy pressed against his little hole, could feel as it slowly made its way inside him, stretching him open further than he had ever been stretched. He balled his hands into fists above his head, feeling the tight leather straps around his wrist dig in as he pulled against them, unused to this level of sensation. The doctor ignored his soft groans and kept going, pushing the hard, smooth length of metal inside him.

He didn’t pause a moment, didn’t allow Ben to get used to the feeling of the big toy filling him up, before he began to work, thrusting it — softly at first, then growing steadily firmer — against that sensitive spot that made Ben moan with pleasure. He worked steadily, rhythmically, moving the metal toy in and out, in and out, pressing up against Ben’s prostate. The doctor chuckled softly, watching Ben’s brown eyes glaze over with lust, the muscles of his body spasm in their bonds as he jerked, unable to fight the pleasure the doctor inflicted upon him. “See,” the doctor said with a dark laugh, “This is why insurance insists I tie you down.”

Ben responded only with a moan, his toes curling, his nails digging into his clenched fists as the hard metal milked his prostate, making him come again, spurting beads of his sweet white juice into the glass beaker already waiting in the doctor’s free hand. “Oh god more,” he begged, “more.” His voice was raspy with need. He gasped for breath between words.

“Oh, you’ll get more,” the doctor said with a smirk, ramming him hard with the long metal toy, pounding away at his innocent little ass with a sudden ferocity. Ben’s eyes went wide, his mouth opened, lips struggling to form words that he couldn’t find the air to speak. “You’re going to come and come until you fill this beaker,” the doctor said, continuing to hammer his poor ass with the toy.

“Yes!” Ben cried, overcome by the waves of orgasms flowing over him. With each spasm of his huge cock, a long stream of white spurt out, endless streams of hot cum flowing down the clear glass walls of the beaker. The doctor worked the toy in and out, in and out, watching the beaker fill, watching Ben’s helpless body writhe on the examining table. His own cock pulsed with every sweet shot of Ben’s juice. He milked him until the beaker was full, and Ben lay panting, hair matted to his forehead by sweat, eyes closed.

The doctor placed the beaker carefully down on his desk. He undid the metal buckles at Ben’s wrists, then his ankles, although the actor didn’t move, to overwhelmed by the aftershock of orgasm. “Thank you, Mr. Affleck,” the doctor said, straightening his white coat. “The office should call you within the week with your results. You may get dressed now.”

Giving a final glance to the muscular figure of the actor reduced to a panting, passionate mess on his examining table, the doctor left the room to take care of some business of his own.

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