Begging Big Daddy – Part 1

A young man in love yearns to marry his “Southern Belle” sweetheart but her dominating doctor father isn’t so sure in this hot medically-themed cum control story by author Matty Schmatty with an art piece by Franco.

Begging Big Daddy – Part 1
by Matty Schmatty
Art by Franco

Billy Bailey never believed in love at first sight until the day that Betty walked into his branch of the Bank of Dallas. She was every bit the Southern Belle; long blond hair, a Coke bottle figure and a smile that gave him heart palpitations. By the end of their first date, he knew three things about her. 1. That her favorite color was passion pink. 2. That she dreamed of one day becoming a pediatric nurse. And 3. That she loved her “Big Daddy” who was otherwise known to the rest of the Dallas area as Doc Thomas, a highly respected physician and the progeny of a family name with a long history of prominence in the Dallas.

Over a period of months, as batted eyelashes and flirtatious kisses turned to heavy petting and exchanged selfies grew increasingly scandalous, Billy waited patiently for the right moment to consummate the thing only to be rebuffed.

“Oh no, Billy Baby” said Betty. “I love you but Big Daddy would never, never approve of me letting you dip your stinger into my honey. At least not until we’re married that is.” She gestured to the ring on her pinky finger. “Do you see this ring? This ring represents my promise to my Big Daddy that I shall remain chaste and pure until my wedding night. Only on my wedding day, with my Big Daddy walking me down the aisle, can the ring be removed and replaced with my wedding ring. Of course, my gentlemen caller will need to ask Big Daddy’s permission to marry first.” She gave him a pouty look a disappointment that quickly melted into a flirtatious smile as she pressed her breasts together in a way that she knew full well drove the boy wild and said “Oh will you Billy Baby? Will you ask Big Daddy?”

“Yea, of course baby. I’ll talk to Big Daddy.”

Of course Billy knew that saying so and doing so were two different things. Billy had spent many evenings with the Thomas family in the doctor’s old plantation-style mansion where Betty still lived. Betty’s five older sisters were just like his sweetheart, flirtatious and carefree knock-outs. Each one of them. And each of them married to successful, handsome young men. Betty’s mother, Mary, was a gracious and doting host, always going out of her way to make sure that Billy felt comfortable. But Billy’s relationship with old Doc Thomas was as chummy. In fact, he found his potential father-in-law down right intimidating as hell.

Standing at a little over six feet tall with a stocky build, Doc Thomas’ physical appearance already called out for attention in every room he walked into but once he opened his mouth and spoke, his deep powerful voice demanded it. Billy remembered the first time he shook the doc’s hand; it’s firmness forced Billy to hold back a grimace fearing he’d appear to be weak. It wasn’t that Billy was small by any standard either; he stood a good five feet, ten inches tall and still boasted as an impressive physique as his years playing ‘ball in college. But standing next to Doc Thomson, he felt like a half-pint.

Finally one night after a family dinner with the entire clan, Billy worked up the nerve to approach “Big Daddy” and pop the question. “Doc Thomas,” he started, trying to hide the nervousness in his voice. “May we speak privately for a moment, sir?”

“Sure, son,” Doc Thomas smiled, seeing how nervous Billy was. “Let’s go in here by the fire in the living room.”

Billy followed him down the hallway, putting his hands deep in his pockets as he searched for the words to say.

“So, what’s on your mind, son?”

“Well, sir,” he swallowed hard again as he tried not to stutter. “I, uh, I would, uh…”

“Just spit it out, son. I don’t bite.”

“Alright. I would like your blessing to ask Betty to marry me.”

Doc Thomas smiled, rose from his chair and walked over to the fire place, placing another log on the fire. All the while remaining silent.

“I really love her, sir. And, uh, I know she loves me. And it would mean the world to me- to both of us- to have your blessing.”

“Is that right?” Doc Thomas said, turning back just as a bead of sweat ran down Billy’s face. “Are you hot, son?” he chuckled.

“Uh, no, sir.” Billy wiped the sweat away. “Maybe a little nervous.” Both men laughed as Doc Thomas walked back to his seat.

“So when were you planning to ask her, son?”

“As soon as possible, sir. I’d really like to surprise her for Valentine’s Day next week.”

“Is that right? How romantic.” He leaned in toward Billy. “Let me ask you a question. Do you think I would let just anyone marry my Baby Girl?”

“Oh no sir. Of course not. I-I think I would make a great husband for Betty. I just received a promotion to Assistant Manager at the bank and I know- I just know that I could make her happy, sir.”

“Let’s get right down to it, son. Are you a virgin?”

“Um, no sir. I’m 26.”

“I see. Can’t be having a 26 year old virgin marrying my Baby Girl.” the doctor chuckled. Then his face turned serious. “Considering I don’t know nor care for that matter, how many girls you have slept with, how do I know that you haven’t picked up any of those social diseases from your fornicating?”

“Uh oh god no, sir. All good here. I’m clean as a whistle.”

“Are you sure? When was the last time you were tested?”

“Well, I-I think maybe two years ago? When I started at the bank so yeah, two years ago.”

“And you haven’t had sex with anyone since then?”

Billy hung his head, fearing the answer may cinch a negative response. “Well yes, of course sir. I mean – NOT your daughter!! Of course not.”

“I see. So who’s to say you didn’t pick up something from one of these more recent whores of yours?” Billy didn’t really have an answer. “Son, I can’t rightly let you marry my Baby Girl without knowing for myself that you are in fact clean and healthy.”

“I understand sir,” Billy said hanging his head in defeat.

“Let’s do this. Tomorrow, you call my office and set up an appointment. I will examine you myself. And if I find you to be clean and disease free, I will give you my blessing.”

“Uh, Ok.” Billy thought it was an odd request, but went along with it. “I can do that.”

“Alright. And it’ll stay our little secret.”

“Yes, sir.” They shook hands and rejoined the rest of the family sitting around the table.

The rest of the evening was uneventful. The girls giggled away while playing Rummy with a deck of cards. But Billy remained quiet as he contemplated the doctor’s request. Billy understood his concern. After all, he is a doctor; health is his top concern. And after all, this was his “Baby Girl”.

The next day, Billy called Doc Thomas’ office and set up an appointment for that afternoon. He figured he would go ahead and get it over. He knew he was healthy so how bad could it be? He arrived at impressively lavish office, checked in at the marble reception desk and waited until an attractive young nurse opened the door and called his name.

“Follow me please, Mr. Jenkins.” She gave him a pretty smile. He puffed up his chest.

“Please, call me Billy. And I’d gladly follow you anywhere.” She gave him another, more seductive smile then guided him down the hallway toward an exam room at the far end. He watched as her ass bounced in front of him. It had been so long since he had been with a woman. Of course, that was Betty’s choice, not his. So, as he watched the sexy nurse lead him down the hallway, he felt his cock stirring against his jeans.

“Before I take you into the exam room, let’s get your weight.” He stood on the scale, trying to not let her see the boner that was forming in his crotch. “185. You must have a lot muscle under there! Now Let’s check your height.” She had to stand on her tippy toes in order to get the measuring stick to touch the crown of his head. He couldn’t help but notice her boob brush his arm. He wondered if it was accidental or deliberate. Regardless, she was practically leaning on him before she was able to reach high enough and this only inflated his problem.

“Good. We are done here. Now, if you’ll just follow me.” She winked at him, causing him to lean more towards her doing it on purpose. “Here you are, Mr. Jenkins.” He gave her a playful glare. “I mean, Billy. There’s a gown on the bed for you. Go ahead and change. The doctor will be in briefly.”

“Thank you for all your help,” he leaned in to her to get a closer look at her name badge. “Nikki. I appreciate it.” She only smiled as she walked out.

Billy glanced briefly around the room and noticed a couple things he had never seen before in a doctor’s office before. For example, there were straps at all four corners of the examination table, as well as what appeared to be stirrups towards the feet. He didn’t think that Betty’s father was an OBGYN. Maybe he had to use those on women occasionally for checkups?

He brushed off his thoughts and looked around some more. There was also a full length mirror on the wall opposite the examination table. It was positioned in such a way that if one were lying on the table, they could look at the mirror and see their reflection. Curious he thought.

He noticed the gown on the table and decided he had better change before Doc Thomas came in. He wanted this to go as easy as possible. He started with his buttoned-down shirt, undoing each button while watching himself in the mirror. He began to fantasize that Nikki the sexy nurse was still in the room with him and doing this for but him then remembered his surroundings and quickly decided it best to try to nip it in the bud.

Billy slid the shirt off, revealing his toned, mostly smooth chest and hairier six pack abs in the mirror. He tried thinking about something other than that beautiful nurse as he unfastened his jeans and slid them, along with his boxers, down to the floor. He kicked off his shoes and socks at the same time as his jeans and then stood back up. He wasn’t fully hard, yet, but his 8-inch cock was clearly started to thicken. He was proud of his cock and it was complemented by a beautiful pair of balls he thought. It had been so long since someone other than himself had touched them.

Billy was lost in thought when he heard a heavy knock followed by the door swinging wide open. In a moment of shock, he turned to hide his dick while reaching to grab the gown off the table.

“Oh I’m sorry, son. I thought I had given you plenty of time to change.” Doc Thomas’ southern accent filled the room, followed by his giant frame that seemed filled the entire doorway.

“It’s, uh, alright, sir. I was just about done.”

Doc Thomas couldn’t help but take note of Billy’s tight, firm ass as his slipped the gown over his tanned body. He even caught a glimpse of Billy’s cock before he turned around and knew he was in for a treat.

“Good. Once you’re done, jump up on the exam table and we will get started.”

Billy did as the doctor instructed and climbed on the edge of the table still trying to hide his half hard cock which was, to his relief, seemingly going down. Doc Thomas realized what Billy was doing and gave him a smile.

“It’s alright, son. We are both adults, here. I know Nikki is a sexy nurse. A lot of men have that problem.”

“Good,” Billy shyly smiled, suddenly feeling sick that he had been caught. “I mean alright. Not good that a lot of men do that. I mean, uh. I’m sorry sir.” Billy hung his head.

“Don’t worry, son. I won’t tell anybody. It happens to the best of us.” Doc Thomas gave Billy a pat on the back. Though the pat was meant to let Billy know it was alright, the doctor apparently didn’t seem to know his own strength as it sent the top half of Billy’s body recoiling forward.

“So let’s get started, shall we? Like I said, I want to be sure that my Baby Girl is getting herself a healthy and clean husband. If you pass this exam today well you might just have my permission to marry my daughter. Understood?”

“Yes, sir. Whatever I need to do to make you happy, sir.” Doc Thomas gave Billy another smile. If only you knew what that meant, he thought.

“Good, son. We will start with just the routine stuff.” The doctor walked to the cabinet that was above the sink and pulled out his stethoscope and blood pressure cuff then walked back over to Billy, placed the stethoscope around his neck and wrapped the blood pressure cuff around Billy’s arm. “Nice arms, son. You must work out.”

“Yes, sir. At least I used to. I haven’t in a few months.” Billy felt the rough hands of the doctor stretch the cuff over his bicep. He thought his hands may have lingered a little longer than needed but didn’t give it much thought.

“Why not?”

“Just been too busy with the promotion at work and spending time with Betty, I guess. I plan on getting back into it soon.”

“You should, since you sit behind a desk all day at work, you need to be active.”

“I know. I promise I will.”

“Good,” The doctor grinned as he pumped up the pressure. He was silent as he listened to the beep in his ear telling what the pressure was. “Perfect.”

He unstrapped the cuff and put it to the side. “Now, let’s check your pulse.” The doctor held Billy’s left hand with his right and used the index and middle fingers of his left hand to check his pulse. He didn’t think it was necessary to have his hand held, but he just went along, hoping they may soon be done.

“Don’t worry, son. I can feel that you’re tense. Are you nervous?”

“Uh, a little, I guess. I always get nervous at the doctor.”

The doctor released Billy’s hand, stood up and grabbed Billy roughly by the shoulders. “You need to calm down and relax, son, in order for me to accurately read your pulse.” Billy felt the strong hands push at the right spots along his shoulders, causing him to relax back into the arms of his girlfriend’s father. Billy loudly sighed as his muscles began to soften. “There. That’s better. Let’s try this again.”

The doctor grabbed his hand in the same fashion as before and searched for his pulse. This time he was satisfied with the results and smiled as he released Billy’s sweaty hand.

“Perfect. Now, I’m going to listen to your breathing.”

Without warning, the doctor raised up the back of Billy’s gown and placed the cold stethoscope against his back eliciting a yelp from the boy. While he listened to Billy breath, the doctor couldn’t help but notice the top portion of Billy’s ass resting against the white sheet. His own cock stirred a little at the anticipation of what only he knew was to come.

“Alright. Your lungs sound good. Now, I need you to stand up. Since you said you work out a lot, I would like to check to see if you have a hernia.”

“Um I’m certain I don’t, sir. There’s no need in that.”

“Now I said this would be a thorough exam, young man. You do want my blessing, don’t you?”

“Uh, yes sir. Of course.”

“I need to be sure that you are healthy and that my Baby Girl won’t be forced to spend her days holed up in some hospital because you need to have a hernia fixed. Now stand up, son!”

The doctor’s voice left no question that resistance was futile so Billy stood up while the doctor grabbed a pair of latex gloves from his pocket. “Good. Now raise your gown.”

“But sir..” The doctor glared down at Billy, letting his impatience show through his look.

“Ok.” Billy did as instructed and lifted the front of his gown revealing his cock and balls as the doctor sat down on his stool and wheeled himself over.


Billy felt the latex against his balls as the doctor lightly squeezed them. It seemed like an eternity before the doctor instructed him further.

“Now turn your head and cough for me.”

Billy again obeyed and coughed, causing the pressure from the doctor’s grip to increase. This was perhaps the longest he had been examined down there by any doctor.

“I must say, son, my Baby Girl will be one lucky lady.” he chuckled.

Billy felt the doctor lift up his cock and move it from side to side. “I will also add, the doctor who circumcised you did a top notch job.”

Billy turned red in embarrassment from having his genitals discussed. He felt the other hand re-cup his balls and lift them for further inspection.

“Your testicles are quite plump and heavy. That’s a terrific indication for fertility. And on the surface, I do not see any indication of disease. However, we will be more thorough. Now, tell me. What did Baby Girl say about this impressive organ?”

What a weird question, Billy thought unsure of how to answer. After all, the doctor literally had him by the balls. “We haven’t had sex yet, sir if that’s what you’re asking. We decided to, uh, wait.”

“Good answer.” The doctor finally released his grip on his cock and balls and stood up. “Now, before I am able to examine you further, you will remove your gown.”


“Yes. In order for me to examine you completely, it needs to be gone.”

Billy hesitated.

“Now’s not the time to get shy boy. Remember, I’m a doctor. Not to mention your potential Father-In-Law. And we’re all men here, aren’t we?”

Billy relented and began removing his robe.

“Besides, son, this exam is about to get a lot more intimate.”

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