Gym Doctor

A patient hooks up with a hung doctor he’s seen at the gym for some hot doctor patient sex!

Gym Doctor
by Doctor Jackman

His cock was flaccid, yet massive. Long and thick, it swayed like an elephant’s trunk. My initial thought was that he must have undergone some kind of surgical procedure to lengthen and thicken it–a steel rod inserted or something. I had been in many gyms throughout my life having played college baseball, a lifelong gym rat, and current triathlete, but I had never seen a cock even approaching this size. Not even “Tri-pod Todd,” the center fielder from college.

I did not notice him until I entered the gym shower stall across from his. He turned around to face me just as I finished turning my shower knob to on, and I was stunned at how big he was. I could not help but stare as he lathered his cock over and over. He was really making sure it was clean! Recently divorced, having only dated women to this point, I was surprised by my fascination with his cock. Staring at his long, thick phallus, I started lathering my body with soap, feeling my own cock start to harden. I was mesmerized. Washing my ass, I began to finger my very tight hole, and suddenly I had an overwhelming desire to taste his cock, to feel it harden in my mouth. I wondered how a cock that huge might feel in my hands. I even thought about how it would feel inside my ass, immediately dismissing the idea as I could barely fit just one finger into my hole. I watched him stroking his massive soapy cock, and then looked up at his face to find him staring right at me. His look said, “I know you want this.” I felt almost embarrassed, shocked even, caught in a secret fantasy world. I quickly rinsed, turned off the water, and towel dried as I returned to my locker. I dressed quickly and left the gym.

Driving to work, his cock was etched in my brain, seared permanently into my mind’s eye. I just could not believe how big it was, and I was surprised at how much I wanted to play with it. All day at work I fantasized about that guy’s cock, and wondered if I would have the courage to talk to him next time I saw him. Many of my friends worked out at the same gym along with most of my ex-wife’s friends. It was a fantasy that I would not attempt to act out, I was sure.

The next morning before work, I found myself at the gym hoping to spot that well hung guy, and maybe timing my shower with his so I could gaze at his cock some more. I vowed not to hurry away this time. But as luck would have it, I did not see him.

At work, once again, I thought about what it would be like to suck and stroke a giant cock like that. During a bathroom break, I started stroking my cock thinking maybe if I came, I could get his cock off my mind and get some work done. As I stroked my hard cock, I felt a sharp pain, almost like a stomach cramp. A little over a year ago I had a vasectomy, and suffered this kind of sharp pain before. It turned out I had an infection from the surgery. This time, however, it seemed much more painful. I returned to my desk without ejaculating. Still hard, my stomach pain increased in intensity. It grew so painful, I was sure that my appendix burst.

I called my healthcare provider to find out what I should do. It didn’t seem like an emergency, even though I was in pain. I had my doctor’s number somewhere, but this seemed more like an urgent care deal. The online nurse set an immediate appointment for me and gave me directions to an urgent care location across the street from my gym. When I arrived, the nurse met me right away, escorted me to a patient room, asked a few questions about my medical history and current symptoms, took some vitals, then asked me to get undressed, handed me a hospital gown, and let me know Dr. Henry would see me shortly.

Stacking my clothes neatly, with gown on, I hopped onto to the wax paper covered examining table. The door opened, and Dr. Henry walked it. He was wearing a white lab coat over blue surgical fatigues. I didn’t recognize him at first as he was now wearing glasses, and perhaps because it was now dry, his hair seemed much more grey. But after close scrutiny, I was sure that Dr. Henry and the monster cock man from the shower gym were one and the same. Suddenly, I felt a little nervous.

He smiled and said, “so, you think your appendix burst?”

“I’m not sure. My stomach started hurting and the pain intensified to the point where I was sure something is wrong. Appendicitis was the only thing that came to mind.”

“You mentioned that you had a vasectomy over a year ago and experienced similar type of pain which was caused by an infection?”

“Yes, though it was not nearly as painful.”

“You also mentioned that the pain seems to come on with an erection?”

“Yes, though it seems like the pain comes on before ejaculation.”

“I see.”

He studied a chart. I expected him to ask me about nearly ejaculating. I began thinking about his cock.

He continued, “Well, it could be anything from appendicitis, to an infection. Possibly even kidney stones or prostate issues. There are other possibilities. Lay back, I am going to apply some gentle pressure to your abdomen. Let me know if you experience any increased pain or discomfort?”


He began to almost massage my stomach. As he massaged me, I thought about his massive cock, and wondered if he recognized me. He must.

“Any difference?”

“No, the pain seems deeper.”

“Well, I don’t think it’s appendicitis. I am going take a blood sample to check for infection, and will also get from you a urine sample to check for kidney stones. Maybe even conduct a prostate exam. I will take a blood sample now, and give you a cup for a urine sample. You can use the bathroom there [pointing to a closed door].”

He took a blood sample, handed me a cup with a cap, told me to wait, and left the room.

15 minutes later, he returned. His lab coat was gone, and I could see the large outline of his cock through his thin surgical pants. I looked back up to his face, and he was smiling at me. Caught again. My face flushed.

“As I suspected, you have an infection. Though I can’t say for certain that the infection is responsible for all your pain, I am fairly certain that it is. I will check for kidney stones just in case. Have you ever had a prostate exam?”


“What I would like to perform is a digital rectal exam, a DRE, to check the health of your prostate. We can do PSA blood test later depending on what the DRE tells us. 40 is the recommended age for a prostate exam, so you are 5 years short of that, but some of the symptoms you are describing could be one of any number of prostate related issues. I recommend the prostate exam just to be safe.”


“Hop down, remove your gown, and bend over the examining table.”

I got off of the examining table, and bent over as instructed. I felt him spread my ass cheeks apart. He had them open, and I felt his thumbs sort of massaging and opening up my asshole.

“I am going to insert a finger into your rectum. Let me know if you experience any discomfort”

I then felt a lubed finger entering my ass. He seemed to twirl it around feeling his way around my inner cavity. I thought about his cock as he probed my ass with his finger, and I felt like I was becoming aroused.

“Your prostate appears very healthy. I don’t see any reason to order a PSA. I have written up a prescription for antibiotics, and for Motrin. The antibiotics will take care of the infection, and the Motrin will take of the pain.”

“Thank you.”

“How is the pain now?”

“Almost nothing at the moment.”

“Well, I don’t see any reason why you cannot maintain your normal workout routine.”

“Ok, good.”

He then said, “I recognize you from the gym.”

“Oh, yeah, I recognize you too.”

He then said, “you have an amazing body. You told the nurse you were training for a triathlon. You seem a little more muscular than a triathlete.”

“Yes, well Marathoners are very thin, triathletes are generally a little bigger. I am a little bigger than most triathletes.”

“You have a very youthful looking body. In the shower yesterday, I thought you could be a model for one those understanding the male physique posters, or an article in a medical journal. I enjoyed the view.” He said it matter of factly, so I could not really tell if he was flirting with me

“Thank you. I enjoyed the view, too. Wow.”

“Haha, well, I noticed you looking, but then you ran off.”

“I regret that. I got really nervous or something. But I really did enjoy the view. I had never seen one so big before.”

“Would you like to see it again?”



“What if someone walks in?”

“I locked the door. Get on your knees. I’ll let you have a closer look.”

I followed his orders and got to my knees.

“Take off your gown.”

On my knees, I took off my gown. He stood over me, untying the draw strings of his fatigue bottoms. I expected him to pull down his pants, but he just stood there expectantly. I took the cue. I pulled down his pants, and his massive semi-hard cock sprung out. My face and mouth just inches from the head of his cock, I stroked him with one hand. His cock appeared to be about the same size as my forearm. I soon had two hands stroking his cock, now rock hard. There was room for at least one more hand. I pumped on it vigorously. Still pumping two handed, I brought his cock to my lips. I hesitated for a moment, then licked a circle around the head of his cock. He moaned. Pumping his cock, licking his head, I tasted pre-cum for the first time. It tasted salty. I then opened my mouth wide, and attempted in vain to swallow his cock. His cock filled up my mouth, and I pumped and sucked as best I could. He moaned, and lifted my face up to meet his eyes. His cock felt so hard in my hands. I tried to deep-throat his cock, and I don’t think I even got him in before the gag reflex kicked in.

“That’s it. Take it deep. Let me fuck your mouth.”

He held my head with both his hands, and started pumping my mouth fast. I gagged every once in awhile, but I was enjoying being used like this.

“I’m about to cum.”

Expecting to taste his cum, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and said, “bend over the table.”

I did as I was told, and bent over the table. In an instant, I felt his hands spread my ass cheeks apart. I felt his tongue lick my hole up and down before making its way to the base balls before coming back up. His tongue once more licked my asshole up and down, mixed in with some circular motion. Then I felt his tongue enter me deeply. He began tongue fucking my ass in and out deeply. It felt unbelievable, and I started stroking my cock. My ass spread apart in his hands, his tongue darted in and out of my hole powerfully.

Then I felt a finger slide in me. He fingered me quickly in and out a few times before I felt a second finger enter me. This time slowly. He slowly finger fucked me in and out. I was surprised how easy the second finger went in. It felt so good. He started stroking my cock as he fingered my hole with two, maybe even 3 fingers. It was hard to tell, but whatever it was, it felt amazing.

“You’re opening up nicely,” he said.

Removing his fingers, placing one hand on each cheek, he spread my ass apart. Suddenly, his massive rock hard cock started to slide up and down between my ass cheeks. He squeezed my cheeks together with his cock sliding between them. I wanted him to fuck me so badly, but the thought of him tearing my ass apart scared me.

Perhaps sensing my apprehension, he said, “just relax. Just concentrate on your breath. Take deep breaths and hold it in, then exhale slowly.”

Inhaling deeply, and holding the breath in, exhaling slowly, I felt his cock continue to slide up and down between my cheeks. Euphoric and nervous, I wanted to feel his cock inside me. Suddenly, the head of his cock entered me, as if it caught on my opening hole. It was just the tip of his cock and it felt amazing. He fucked me ever so gently with just the massive head of his giant cock. His rhythm seemed to move faster and faster, and it felt like he was going deeper and deeper. Thinking he was much deeper than he actually was, it surprised me that I felt only pleasure and absolutely no pain. Then the rhythmical fucking stopped, and his cock moved deeper inside. It felt as if my insides were tearing, and I let out some kind of squeal.

“Relax. Breathe,” he said as his cock stopped somewhere deeper inside me. It was difficult for me to tell just how deep his cock was, but I could not imagine him going any deeper. He just held his cock at whatever depth he managed to get to and I concentrated on breathing. He still had his hands on my ass and he began squeezing and massaging me.

“God you have a nice ass. Perfectly round. Thick and firm,” he said.

“How deep is your cock?” I asked.

“Almost halfway.”

“Really? It feels so deep.”

“You are really tight. I’m just going to hold it here until I feel you open up. Just concentrate on breathing. Inhale, counting to 4, then hold your breath counting to 8, then exhale counting to 8. Really count. Concentrate on counting your breaths. You are super tight, but you will open. Just breathe and that will….See? Did you feel that? That was your second sphincter, or internal sphincter relaxing. I’m going to push my cock in a little further. Do you feel that?”

“Yesss,” I said. The pain I felt subsided, and a warm pleasure enveloped me.

I could feel his cock going deeper and deeper. His pelvis was pressed tightly against my ass cheeks, and he held his cock deep inside me. There was a little pain, but mostly it felt good. Slowly he pulled out. It felt like I was taking a shit as he pulled his cock almost all the way out. Before I could say anything, his cock entered back in me slowly. I moaned. His cock felt a mile long as he pulled in and out. He fucked me like this for at least 10 minutes. Just slowly going in and out, his cock never quite leaving my tight (maybe not so tight anymore) ass.

Then I noticed his pace increase. He started fucking me faster and faster, harder and harder. I heard his body slap against my ass. He grabbed me by the hips as he pounded my hole over and over. His cocked seemed to swell up inside me. It was like I could feel his cock veins sliding against the inside walls of my ass. He started to moan louder and louder, as he fucked me faster and harder. Suddenly, he pulled me tight against him, his cock deep inside me. He held his cock there, and moaned loudly. I felt a warming sensation inside me, more like in my belly than my ass. It took me a second to realize he was cumming. I could feel his cock pulsing, shooting load after load inside me. When the pulsing stopped, he started to fuck me again. I felt his body shiver. He pulled his cock all the way out of my ass, rubbing it against my sweaty ass cheeks, before plunging back inside me. He repeated this several times. Then he pulled out one last time, and I waited expectantly before I realized he was done. He dressed quickly.

“Sorry to rush, but I have a patient waiting. Check in with the front desk to make an appointment in two weeks. We will check the results of the urinalysis, and see how effective the antibiotics worked. I hope we can continue where we left off.”

“Yes, sure,” I said. And he left.

I was not expecting him to leave so suddenly, but at the same time I was thankful for the lack of small talk.

I got dressed quickly, and went to the front desk. Making my appointment for two weeks out, I felt his cum spilling out of my ass.

“See you on the 12th,” said the receptionist, smiling.

“Maybe sooner,” I said.

“Well, I hope not,” she said.

I wondered if I could wait two weeks. Feeling his cum drip from my ass, I thought, I might need two weeks to recover.

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