The Wrestler

by Doctor Jackman

For most doctors, they get into the profession for the money, others for their own God-complex. For those few like me, who genuinely want to help people, being a doctor in a big hospital is not such a great fit. While completing my residency at Bellevue in New York City, I soon realized the big city life wasn’t for me.

When my colleagues discovered I was becoming a partner at a family doctor’s office in a small town in Kentucky, they nearly blew a gasket. They couldn’t understand how I could trade the wealth for small town living. But they would never understand. As I pulled out of NYC with my Mercedes loaded with everything I owned, I could feel the freedom flood over me.

Pulling in to Sturgis, Kentucky, I noticed a little gas station on the outskirts of town. Thinking It would be the perfect way to start getting a feel for my new home, I pulled my car up to the lone pump at the store. Surprisingly, soon after my car rolled to a stop, a young man stepped out of the station’s office and walked over to my car.

“Howdy there, Doc. Welcome to Sturgis.”

What?! How did he know I was a doctor? I was definitely not dressed as a doctor. Who would travel in those cloths?

“We don’t get many cars like that in town, Doc.”

The perplexed look on my face must have given me away. “Yea, I suppose not.”

As the young man drew closer, the sweat on his forehead was prominent as it ran down his strong cheek bones. His youth was evident as he gawked over my pristine car. “That’s a nice ride you have there, doc. Much nicer than the old ford pickup I got for my eighteenth birthday last year.”

We must have walked around my car twice before finally stopping next to my driver’s side window.

“Thank you….” I motioned for him to give me his name.

“Mark. Mark Stone.”

“Mark. My name is Don Jackson.” I reached my hand to meet his. His grip was perhaps the strongest handshake I had ever been a part of. So strong, in fact, if he hadn’t let go when he did, he would have no doubt seen me grimace.

“Sorry, Doc. Didn’t mean to squeeze so hard.”

“Not a problem, Mark. And maybe I can let you drive it some time.” I admired this young man’s body, hoping he didn’t catch on at how jealous I was of him. I was good looking, there was no doubt about that. And in my college days, I was definitely as toned as this young man was. But being an intern at one of the top hospitals in the country doesn’t leave much time for working out.

I admired how his chest was defined, even through his station uniform shirt.

“So, what will it be, doc?” His question broke my trance. I looked up at his face that was smiling, making it evident he had caught me.

“Fill her up, Mark.”

He walked to the pump and placed the nozzle in my tank. He caught me again as I glanced in my mirror, admiring the tone of his biceps flexing as he squeezed the nozzle. Once it was full, he replaced the nozzle and walked back to my window smiling.

“That’s 32.50, doc.” I handed him two twenties.

“Keep the change, bud.”

“Thanks, doc. Nobody ever tips around here.”

“My Pleasure.”

He turned and began to walk away as I went to start the car but then he turned back around.

“Say, Doc?” He walked back to my window and stuck his head in. “My coach has been on me to get my yearly physical for the team done. I was going to call and make an appointment tomorrow. You think you could squeeze me in?”

I smiled, unsure how tomorrow would work since it would be my first day in the office. But what kind of impression would it make if I said no the first day in town? “Sure, Mark. When works best for you?”

“Well, we close at 5 but I think the office closes then, too. Can I come by as soon as we close?”

Great. I’ll have to work late my first day in, I thought to myself. “Sure. That’ll be fine. Just come as soon as you can.”

“Will do, doc. I’ll see you then.” This time he walked back into the office and I drove off, hoping this wasn’t how all of the folks in this town made their appointments.

That next day went by without a hitch. Thankfully, the doctor I was taking over for had surrounded himself with beautiful nurses who, for the most part, were single and unattached. This, of course, led to tons of flirting and long glares. The tension that was built up by the end of the day was nearly unmanageable.  By the time that the office closed, I was ready to explode.

I watched as the last nurse left right at 5 o’clock, giving me a wink as she walked out of the door. Wanting to get back to my new home and unpack some more, I gathered my brief case and started towards the door. As I was just about to turn the lock on the door, that unmistakable voice called out to me.

“Hey doc,” that young but deep voice called out. “Did you forget about me?”

“Oh, hey Mark. I’m so sorry but yes, I did forget. But come on in.” I turned the key back to the unlock position and opened the door. I allowed my late patient to walk through the door first and I would follow so I could lock the door back. I couldn’t help but notice, again, that musky scent mixed with used motor oil. Maybe it was the built up tension from flirting with the nurses all day but it seemed to arouse me a little.

“Come on back, Mark. I’m so sorry I forgot about you.”

“Don’t worry about it, doc. It’s no problem.  Thanks for seeing me so late.”

“My pleasure.  We’ll be in Exam Room 2. Down the hall and to the right.” I guided him in before going back to my new office and dropping off my case while grabbing my doctors coat. “Mark,” I hollered down the hallway.  “There should be a gown there on the bed. Go ahead and put it on and I’ll be right there.”

He didn’t reply so I had to assume he heard me. I couldn’t get that smell out of my nose. It wasn’t that it stunk. Rather, it was doing funny things to me.

I walked back down the hallway to Exam Room 2, lightly knocked on the door and opened it, just like I had been doing all day. Habit had taken over, causing me not to wait for a reply before I opened the door. I immediately regretted it. There, bent over at his waist, was Mark in all of his glory. At least the back half of him, anyways.

His ass was exquisite. It didn’t appear to have any fat on it at all. Not to mention his thigh and calf muscles were perfect. Time seemed to stand still as I stood there admiring the specimen before me. I had never, in all of my life, been so mesmerized by another man before. Those stupid nurses teasing me all day must have really got my juices flowing more than I realized. Otherwise, why would I be feeling this way?

“Oh, hey doc. I didn’t hear you knock.”

Oh no. He must have caught me staring. “What? Oh, um, sorry. I had gotten used to just walking in all day and I didn’t wait. I can step out until you’re done.” I turned to go back out the door, hoping to hide the erection that was already forming in my pants.

“Oh. That’s ok. Don’t worry about it. We’re both guys. Come on in. Let’s get started.”

He didn’t seem phased by my staring at him. In fact, if I hadn’t known any better, I would say that he had even flexed his ass muscles a bit just before turning around.  It was only when he had completed his turn that I realized he hadn’t put on his gown. There, as naked as he was the day he came into this world, stood Mark. From head to toe, his body was nothing but pure muscle. I need to find out what he is doing to be so fit, I thought to myself. Even in my wrestling days in college I was never this fit.

“Something wrong, doc?” His voice broke my trance as my eyes caught his. That’s when a big smile formed on his mouth.

“No. I’m sorry. Yes, let’s get started. I’ll start by listening to your lungs and your chest.”

I tried my hardest not to glance at his cock. Just in the brief moment that I had looked when he first turned around, I could tell it was big. But I didn’t want him to get offended by me staring again. Staying focused on the task at hand, I placed my stethoscope to my ears and placed the end against the bare skin of his back.

“Oooh. It’s cold,” Mark proclaimed as his shivered a little.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s all good, doc.” His voice was so distracting, making it hard to concentrate on hearing his lungs. Moving my stethoscope to his chest, I was surprised to hear a very rapid heartbeat. Since he was in the sitting position, this caused me some concern.

“Are you feeling ok, Mark?”

“Yeah, Doc. Why?”

“Well, your heart is racing.”

“Oh. I get nervous at doctors. It’s nothing personal.”

“Oh, sure. I understand completely. Well, everything else sounds good. Let’s continue. Next, we need to check for hernias and things like that.”

“Alright, then. What do you need me to do?”

“I’ll have you go ahead and stand up.” It was getting more difficult not to stare at this young man’s body, especially knowing what I was about to do. “Now, my hands may be cold, so I apologize beforehand.” I snapped on a pair of latex gloves as I rolled the stool over to where Mark was standing.

On the stool, I was now at eye level with Mark’s impressive manhood. And here I thought mine was big. His reached the midway point on my forearm as I reached in to cup his ball. Focus, Don, I thought to myself. “Now turn your head and cough.” He done what I asked him without hesitancy.

“Good, now turn the other way and cough. Good. Everything seems to be in order there. So we will move on. Mark, do you have any troubles urinating?”


“Do you seem to have a problem during sex? Any pain or discomfort when you ejaculate?”

“No. Why?”

“Well, studies have shown that prostrate problems can manifest themselves at your age and become increasingly worse as you age. That’s why I would like to check your prostrate.”

“Whatever you say, doc. What do I need to do?”

“Just bend over the table. You may feel some discomfort but to check your prostrate, I must probe your anus.”

“UUUhhhh are you sure?”

“Yes, Mark. Trust me. I won’t hurt you.”

“Um, ok, doc.” Mark obeyed, putting his entire ass on view as he bent over. I grabbed a bottle of lube and poured a generous amount on my middle and pointer fingers.

“So, Mark,” I said, trying to ease his tension. “You had mentioned needing a physical for your team. What sport do you play?”

“Well, I wrestle for the college in the next town over.”

“Oh really?” I began probing my finger in his ass. “I wrestled when I was in college.”

Mark grunted as I twisted my finger. “Oh yea?” he said through grunts. “Were you any good?”

“I was all American my junior and senior years.” I was proud of my accomplishment. Not to mention, talking about something other than my hand in his ass eased my tension a little.

“Oh really? That’s awesome.”

“Yeah, I wrestled all through high school. Most days, I miss feeling that mat on my knees.”

“I’m sure you do.” His voice was higher as I continued assaulting his ass with my fingers. I then realized I had checked him enough. He sighed as I pulled my fingers from his ass. “Say, doc. I’m going to be at the gym tomorrow evening after work doing some training. Wanna come by? Feel the mat again?”

I didn’t know if I should accept his offer or not, with the tension I had been feeling. “Yeah, sure.” I didn’t want to seem rude.

“Great. Meet me at the gym at 7.”

“Alright. I’ll be there. Everything looks fine with you, Mark. You are definitely a healthy man. You can get dressed now.”

“Thanks again doc, for seeing me so late.”

“My pleasure.” I walked out the door, giving him his privacy again.

Once he was gone, I packed up my belongings again and headed to my house. All night, I thought on the next day and how I would be in the presence of some beautiful nurses. However, what kept coming into my thoughts was that I would also be seeing Mark again. I didn’t know what was going on with me. Needless to say, my night was not a restful one.

The whole day was a blur, as my mind thought on being on the mats again. When 5 pm hit, my staff shot out of the office like a gun. I was left alone to finish charts until time to meet Mark. 6:30 came and I headed towards the gym Mark had told me about.

When there, I noticed what could only be his truck in the parking lot. I walked in, duffle bag in hand, and immediately spotted Mark. He was already dressed in his spandex uniform. His uniform didn’t leave much to the imagination. You could plainly see the outline of every muscle on his body, including his monster of a dick pressed against his leg.

“Hey, Doc. Glad you could make it. The locker rooms are that way. I’ll meet you out here.”

“Awesome. Thank you Mark.” I hope he didn’t catch me staring again. I quickly went into the locker room to change.

Standing there naked, I couldn’t help but compare out two bodies. He was definitely more defined then me, seeing as though this was my first time in a gym in almost 4 years. Not saying I was fat, I just wasn’t as defined as him. Then there was our dicks.

His was definitely longer but, having seen the outline of his so recently, I could plainly see that mine was bigger around. This filled me with a sense of pride. I dressed in my shorts and t-shirt and went to meet my opponent.

“Hey there, Mark. Thanks for inviting me.” I shook his hand. His picked up on my hesitancy, seeing how his grip nearly crippled me before.

“No problem, Doc. So, you wanna show me some of those All-American moves?”

“Sure, let’s go.”

We stepped on to the mat and both of us assumed out stance. Slapping hands in the customary fashion, we both moved in at the same time. We locked arms over each other’s head as we spun around, each trying to gain a foothold on the other. Instinctively, I moved my arms to his waist in an effort to flip him. He was able to counter my move, slipping his arms around me and tossing me over his shoulder.

“Ump,” was the only sound I could make as my head bounced off the mat.

I regained my footing only to be reattacked my Mark. “Come on, Doc. Surely you’ve got better moves than that.”

I did. His spandex was just too slick to grab on to. Trying to gain momentum, I grabbed a handful of the material in each hand and pulled Mark above my head, trying to slam him down, not knowing that his uniform had a small rip inside. My grip on his suit caused the tear to grow until the entire top off of his uniform ripped off, exposing his toned chest again.

“Oh no, Mark. I’m so sorry.”

“It’s ok doc. Let’s keep going. I want to see more of those moves.”

We danced back and forth for a few moments, each unwilling to back down. It was Mark who made the first move this time, attempting to grab my waist. As he reached in, I fought back, smacking Mark’s hand away. However, it proved unsuccessful as I suddenly felt my body being lifted and dropped on the other side. As he dropped me, the fabric on my t-shirt gave way and there I was, my entire upper body exposed for him to see.

So there I was, laying on my back as he had me in what is called a “head in the hole” cradle; me on my back as he locked my head between his arm while laying across my body. I could feel the sweat from his body dripping onto mine and, ironically enough, it didn’t freak me out. Instead, I was getting turned on again as our skin touch for the first time. I wasn’t sure, but I thought he might be too.

The position he had me in provided me with a perfect view of his dick. It seemed to twitch slightly before he released me. I felt the pressure of the hold release as Mark stood up, smiling from ear to ear.

“You ok, Doc?”

“What? Yea, yea. Fine. Just been awhile since I’ve been tossed around that way.”

“You ready to give up?”

“Not a chance,” I laughed. “Assume the position.”

He knew what I meant because he immediately got down on his knees as I knelt beside him and wrapped my arms around his waist; the universal wrestling position once someone has been pinned. I was going to try and lift him up and place him on his back in one quick movement. But his strength, however, overtook mine and he was able to get out of my grip and stand up.

With both of us in our stance, moving from side to side, nothing was said. Nothing had to be said; I could see it in his eyes that he wanted to pin me again. That he wanted to have dominance over me. I couldn’t let that happen again; I had to be the one on top this time.

Planning my move, I quickly reached in and grabbed him by the bottom half of his uniform. He tried to stop me by grabbing onto mine but, this time, I overcame him and slammed him down on his back. What I hadn’t planned for, however, was that with me having his bottom half in my hand and him having my shorts in his, the movement of me slamming him caused us both to lose out uniform.

There, in the middle of the mat, with me laying on top of him, we were both completely naked. He smiled.

Again with that smile, I thought. I held him in that position, me on top with his knee bent forward, pinning him down.

“This is the first time I’ve had to get naked for a patient, Mark. I’m sorry about this.”

“Don’t be, doc. I’m not shy if you aren’t.” As if being naked against him wasn’t enough, I felt a movement down by my dick; it was the arm moving that was pinned beneath me. His hand ever so slightly glanced across my cock, causing an instant reaction. “Wow, doc. Is it warm in here or are you just happy to see me?”

“What do you mean?” we were still in the same position.

He quickly grabbed a hold of my dick and tugged on it. “This, doc. What’s this about?”

“I don’t know, Mark. You tell me?” I released his knee only to find that his dick was also hardening. Not to be out done, I grabbed his massive cock and tugged on it too.

There we were, two sweaty strangers, jerking each other off. I couldn’t get over the size of his cock. Though only about 3 inches wide, it had to be at least 9 inches long. Two huge veins ran up either side and I could feel the blood pumping as I moved my hand up and down.

I had touched many dicks in my life but always in a professional capacity. However, I had never had another man touch me there before. I didn’t know if I was his first or not, but he worked his hand expertly up and down mine. As in in sync, we started bucking our hips into the other’s hand, fucking our partner’s hand.

Moans filled the air as we never broke eye contact. His blue eyes seemed to stare into my soul as we shared this first intimate moment. I felt myself getting close, the tension still built up from the day before. Not wanting to blow too quickly, I hurriedly moved his hand away.

“I’m sorry, doc. I shouldn’t have?” he tried moving himself away from me.

“Don’t be, Mark,” I said, adjusting my body so that my head was above his dick, never stopping the movement of my hand. “I just needed to adjust.” I smiled before surprising him with my next move.

Instinct took over as I placed my mouth around the tip of his dick. This was truly a first, at least for giving one. I had received many blowjobs so I knew what made me happy; I would just do what I liked and go from there.

I must have been on the right track because as soon as my mouth made contact with his foreskin, he moaned audibly. I couldn’t fit much in my mouth but what I could fit tasted heavenly. Precum oozed onto my tongue as I worked my mouth up and down his shaft. I let my hands wander up his thighs and onto his dick, working in sync with my mouth, covering the rest of his dick that my moth couldn’t reach.

It wasn’t long before his hips were bucking and I felt him grab my hair and force my mouth further down. I fought the urge to gag as I fit more and more of his dick in my mouth. As soon as his dick reached the back of my throat, I felt his balls twitch and his warm juices spurt into my mouth. I couldn’t fight the urge to release his dick any more.

I swallowed what was in my mouth before taking a breath and placing the head of his dick in my mouth again, taking more of his juices. His cum hit the back of my throat and bounced down, not giving me an option of spitting it out. I swallowed each drop as it came, not letting any more leak out. Surprisingly, it tasted sweet and salty; a little strong but I couldn’t seem to get enough of it.

He came for nearly a whole minute, flooding my mouth with his juices. Satisfied he was done, I lifted my mouth of his cock and looked back up at his face. His eyes were still closed but a big smile has plastered itself on his face. “Man, Doc. Do you make house calls?”

We both laughed. “It can be arranged.”

“That was really good, doc.” Mark went to stand up. I stopped him and flipped his body over before pouncing on his back.

“Oh, we aren’t done yet, Mark.” I nestled my dick between his firm ass cheeks, leaving no doubt what my intent was. His only answer was to moan as he shook his ass, causing my dick to move closer to his hole.

I didn’t need any more encouragement. I knew from his exam yesterday that his ass was tight so I would probably be the first person to penetrate it. That didn’t stop me from forcing myself into him. My animal urges took over as I brought him up to his knees, spread his ass with my hands, and slammed my cock into his ass.

I definitely didn’t go balls deep at first, knowing he needed time to get accustomed to the feel. He showed no hesitancy as he pushed himself back on me and moaned. That was my cue to go further, pumping my hips back and forth.

His virgin ass was so tight against my dick I knew it wouldn’t be long before I busted my load. I heard him moaning as he worked to get my dick further in his ass. Maybe this wasn’t his first time I thought as my balls finally slapped against his.

As our hips moved in unison, our balls became our cheering squad, slapping against each other with each force of my dick. I grabbed his hips tight as I forced myself in him one last time before releasing my load in him. He could feel it coming, too, as he stopped his movement and let me fill his ass.

Screams came from my mouth as load after load of cum came out. I don’t believe I have ever came this much before. Must have been all of the built up tension causing my balls to be full. I didn’t think I would ever quit, not that I wanted to.

I collapsed on top of him, my dick still in his ass, as we both fell to the mat. I heard him moan as my cock slipped out of his ass. Feeling him rise and fall with his breath, I had never felt this way before.

“So, about that house call,” he finally broke the silence.

“I’d say I’m available tomorrow if you find yourself feeling sick.”

We both laughed. I had a feeling he would be coming down with a cold tomorrow.

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